How to Recover Deleted Files from Hard Drive

Check If You Can Recover Deleted Files from Hard Drive

Have you deleted one of your essential files from your computer? Do you want to restore it? Read here to get your data back into the system with Recoverit Data Recovery Software.

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While deleting some of the unnecessary files, I lost one my important folder permanently as I pressed Shift + Delete. Does anyone know how to recover deleted files from hard drive? I will appreciate the help.

Are you also in the same situation? You saved your critical files and documents on the computer’s hard drive. But one simple wrong click left you regretting. Don’t worry as the data that you have deleted is not lost forever. Although you are unable to see the deleted data, it is somewhere in your drive and is still recoverable. Here you will learn the different situations under which files are deleted and the various ways to recover them.

Did you really delete the files from your hard drive? Before searching for a way of recovering them, try performing a search in File Explorer. Hopefully, you just misplaced the file and you can find it again.

Can Deleted Files Be Recovered?

Once you click “Shift + Delete” the files gets permanently deleted from the system. It is not possible to restore them on own or by pressing “CTRL+ Z.” Wondering if the files are recoverable? Yes! You can get it back in your system. Before learning the different ways to recover deleted files from HDD, let’s first understand a few things.

Situations under Which You Can Delete and Lose Your Files from Hard Drive

The data stored on your computer is fragile. You can lose it in numerous ways. Most common situations are:

Recover From Local Backup

With a backup of data on an external device, you can quickly restore it in the following ways:

Step 1- Connect the backup drive to your computer

Step 2- Search for the deleted files and folder

Step 3- Copy or drag the deleted data to the computer

The Bottom Line

The situation is very frustrating whenever you lose any of your important files, or some of your contents get deleted. At that moment, it seems like everything is crashing down. Take a sigh of relief; it’s not the end of the world. There is always a solution to a problem. By the end of this article, you must have understood the various ways of restoring data.

If restoring is not possible through recycle bin, previous version and backup, the reliable data recovery software- Recoverit will never let you down. With the highest recovery rate, the software is sure to give back access to your lost data.

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