Unformat NTFS Drive - Recover Formatted Files from NTFS Drive

How to Unformat NTFS Drive?

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Can I Restore Formatted NTFS Partition?

I just formatted a partition with NTFS file system. I didn’t mean to do it. But now my files on that partition are all lost because I was carelessly to make a backup. I need help to unformat my NTFS partition. Does anybody know how to do it? Many thanks.

Nowadays, most drives and partitions on Windows computers are NTFS partitions. Intentionally or accidentally formatting of your NTFS drive will wipe all files on it. But the truth is that you can still unformat NTFS drive, which means you can recover all lost files back from that unformatted partition. The formatted data will be lost forever only when new data on your partition overwrites it. That is, you can stop putting new data to your formatted NTFS drive and look for a formatted NTFS partition data recovery program on the Internet to help you.

Unformat NTFS Drive Recovery Program

I would like to recommend Recoverit, or Recoverit for Mac for you. This impressive utility enables you to unformat NTFS drive with an extraordinarily easy way, as well as a risk-free solution. Almost all formatted files, such as photos, audio files, document files, videos, etc, can be easily restored from your NTFS partition with it.

How to Unformat NTFS Drive

Free download Recoverit Hard Drive Data Recovery on your computer. please do not install Recoverit data recovery on your formatted NTFS partition.

1. Select "Formatted Disk Recovery" to restore formatted NTFS partition

To recover data NTFS partition, select the option "Formatted Disk Recovery" mode to start to perform partition recovery.

2. Scan your formatted NTFS partition

Now the program will display all physical drives on your computer. Please select the one you want to restore formatted NTFS partition from and click "Start" to continue.

ntfs drive data recovery

Here you need to select your formatted NTFS partition and click "Start" to begin scanning. If a quick scan can't find your lost files, go to the "All-Around Recovery" mode to start a deep scan.

ntfs drive data recovery

Note: If you are going to unformat a NTFS external hard drive, please make sure it can be recognized by your computer.

When the scan finishes, all recoverable files on your formatted NTFS partition will be displayed. You just need to mark files you are going to unformat and click "Recover" to save them back to your computer.

Note: Please do not keep the files to your formatted NTFS partition to avoid data overwritten.

recover data from unformat drive

Unformat NTFS Drive Tips:

Remember that you must refrain from saving new files or adding software to a drive if you think it may have to be unformatted. If this happens the data that you want to keep might be overwritten and there will then be no chance of unformatting the hard drive in the future.

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