How to Recover Data and Files from Fujitsu Hard Drive

How to Recover Data from Fujitsu Hard Drive

Working on an important document and couldn’t save changes on your fujitsu hard drive? Here is this article about everything that you should know about the fujitsu hdd and method to recover data from fujitsu hard drive.

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Hello, I am new to this hard disk recovery. I had a dead Fujitsu 320 GB hard disk with model no MJA2320BH, made in Thailand to be recovered. Kindly guide me to try out different steps to recover data from this hard disk. The disk seems to be scratch-free. Thanks for the support.

Just like other high-end storage media, Fujitsu hard drive is best known for storing the data with top-notch efficiency up to 80 gigabytes. Being compatible with notebook computers and other mobile computing devices, this storage HDD works with a spindle speed of 5400rpm. It comes in 2.5” serial ATA interface. But as it is an external device which sometimes can also face failure in functionality, you can happen to lose your precious data from Fujitsu HDD. Ranging from formatting, partitioning, and crashing issues of the drive, several reasons can lead to data loss from Fujitsu hard drive. Once the data is lost, you then need a recovery solution.

In this article, you will get to know about the possible reasons that lead to the loss of data from the Fujitsu hard drive and then a potential solution that can facilitate for the apt data recovery.

  • Part 1: What Can Cause Your Hard Drive to Fail?
  • Part 2: How to Recover Deleted or Formatted Data from Fujitsu Hard Drive?

Additional insights about Fujitsu Hard Drive:

The devices come with an Ultra-portable design that is apt to be used at offices and homes. Being an external hard drive, it comes with a 2.0 integrated cable that never fails on connection. It is compatible with both PC and Mac. It is excellent with its synchronizing function between notebook devices and computers. Plug and play drivers are not required for the Windows XP, 2000, Vista, or Mac OS.

Part 1: What Can Cause Your Hard Drive to Fail?

Before heading towards the main cause behind the failure of Fujitsu hard drive, let’s just have some insights about the types of hard disk failures. The majority, here are two primary forms of failure. The physical failure and logical crash. Being a mechanical component, 60% of the hard disk failures are physical ones while the rest 40% is contributed by the logical failures. But the question is why this failure occurs? Here are some of the reason that leads to failure.

  1. Sudden bumping of computer while running
  2. Bad bearings impede the smooth run of electric motor
  3. Increased heat due to faulty electronic circuits
  4. Air filter is clogged or not working properly
  5. Sudden power failure can also contribute to this issue
  6. Some of the logical failure reasons would be improper installation or deletion of any file or partition

Once, your Fujitsu HDD faces failure, it will show the following symptoms that should be considered seriously and needs a quick fix to keep things going smoothly.

Some of the other reasons that may contribute to the failure of Fujitsu hard drive are as follows:

1. Formatting / reformatting

While formatting and reformatting any hard drive partition, some of the files if deleted or they are corrupted, you are going to face the data loss on your Fujitsu hard drive.

2. Partition related

Partition on the hard drive is an important factor that should be kept care of. In any case, if the partition is deleted or corrupted, data loss is the result you have to bear.

3. System restore

Restoring, downloading or reinstallation of the OS can also cause the data loss on Fujitsu hard drive. Restoring with disk management can also aggravate the problem.

4. System crash

File corruption or virus and malware threats can cause the system to crash and result in data loss. You need a powerful anti-virus program to exclude the threats of malware.

5. Hard disk errors

Physical or logical damage caused to the hard drive is going to affect the integrity and security of data.

6. Head crashes

Physical damage to the controller or processor part of the hard drive will threaten the data security and ends up losing the data.

7- Excessive heat, human errors, and power issues are further points that lead to Fujitsu hard drive failure and results in data loss from the drive.

Part 2: How to Recover Deleted or Formatted Data from Fujitsu Hard Drive?

Once you know the exact reason behind Fujitsu hard drive failure and data loss, the next step is to check for the appropriate solution. Most appropriate solutions are using a third-party application software i.e. the Recoverit data recovery.

Recoverit data recovery is one of the best software in this regime that facilitates the process of data recovery. Following is the list of features of the software that actively solves the problem of data recovery.

Recoverit Data Recovery:

Here is the stepwise procedure that shows the usage of software to retrieve the data from Fujitsu hard drive.

Steps for data recovery with Recoverit:

Step 1: Initiate the recovery process by downloading the software and then running the install compatible with your device.

Step 2: Once the software is installed and ready to use, open the software, and from the main menu, select the option of External Device Recovery. Make sure the Fujitsu hard drive is properly connected to the device.

External device recovery

Step 3: Next step is to start the scanning process. In the option of external device recovery, select the Fujitsu hard drive and run a deep scan by clicking the option of Start. Once initiated, a quick scan is going to show all the deleted or lost data on the screen.

external partition recovery

Step 4: Once the process of scanning is completed, all the lost data will appear under various categories like videos, graphics, images, or documents.

Scanning lost files

Step 5: A preview of the data will appear on the screen. Now select the desired files that need to be recovered. Click Recover to finish the process of data recovery.

Preview recovered file

Step 6: Save the recovered data on the desired location.

Recoverit data recovery is the fast and all-time all-rounder solution for data recovery from the Fujitsu hard drive. All you need is to follow the stepwise procedure and you will recover the data once you lost from the Fujitsu HDD.

Hence, whatever is the reason for the data loss from Fujitsu hard drive, be it logical or physical, your only potential solution to get it back with original names and properties is with Recoverit data recovery. This article gave clear insights into the reasons why the Fujitsu hard drive faces failure and ultimately lose the data long with the method of recovering it by using the third-party application software.

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