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How to Recover Data from Fujitsu Hard Drive?

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Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: Answer Hard Drive Problems • Proven solutions

Hello, I am new to this hard disk recovery. I had a failed Fujitsu 320 GB hard disk with model NO. MJA2320BH, made in Thailand. And now I can't access my files. Who can kindly help me with it? Thanks for the support.

Just like other high-end storage media, Fujitsu hard drive is best known for top-notch efficiency up to 80 gigabytes. Compatible with notebooks and other mobile devices, the storage HDD works with a spindle speed of 5400rpm.

Besides, Fujitsu HDD comes with an Ultra-portable design aimed at office and home users. its 2.0 integrated cable has a relatively low connection failure rate. At the same time, It is applicable in both Windows and Mac OS, plug and plays drivers are not required for Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, or Mac OS.

Though Fujitsu is very powerful, it also faces failure and data loss.

In this article, you will get to know about the possible reasons that lead to the data loss from the Fujitsu hard drive and then a potential solution that can facilitate the Fujitsu Hard Drive data recovery.

What Can Cause Your Fujitsu Hard Drive Failure?

Before heading towards the main cause behind the failure of the Fujitsu hard drive, let’s just have some insights about the types of hard disk failures. The majority, here are two primary forms of failure. The physical failure and logical crash. Being a mechanical component, 60% of the hard disk failures are physical ones while the rest 40% is contributed by logical failures. But the question is why this failure occurs? Here are some of the reason that leads to failure.

  1. Sudden bumping of computer while running
  2. Bad bearings impede the smooth run of the electric motor
  3. Increased heat due to faulty electronic circuits
  4. The air filter is clogged or not working properly
  5. Sudden power failure can also contribute to this issue
  6. Some of the logical failure reasons would be improper installation or deletion of any file or partition

Once, your Fujitsu HDD faces failure, it will show the following symptoms that should be considered seriously and needs a quick fix to keep things going smoothly.

  • Clicking noise
  • Disappearing of files from the saved locations
  • Locking up frequently while the boot process is in progress
  • Computer freezes again and again
  • Standard functions like saving and deleting files take a long while
  • Increment in the number of bad sectors in the hard drive
  • The decrease in the efficiency of computer
  • The temperature of the device increase which in turn causes issues with other computer components.

How to Recover Deleted or Formatted Data from Fujitsu Hard Drive?

Once you know the exact reason behind Fujitsu hard drive failure and data loss, the next step is to check for the appropriate solution. The most appropriate solutions are using third-party application software i.e. the Wondershare Recoverit.

How to Recover Data from Damaged/Failed/Crashed Hard Drive?

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Recoverit is one of the best software in this regime that facilitates the data recovery process. The following is a list of features:

Wondershare Recoverit - Your Loyal Hard Drive Recovery Partner

Here is the stepwise procedure that shows the usage of software to retrieve the data from the Fujitsu hard drive.

Steps for data recovery with Recoverit:

Step 1 Initiate the recovery process by downloading the software and then running the install compatible with your device.

Step 2 Once the software is installed and ready to use, open the software, and from the main menu, select the option of External Device Recovery. Make sure the Fujitsu hard drive is properly connected to the device.

select fujitsu hard drive

Step 3 Next step is to start the scanning process. In the option of external device recovery, select the Fujitsu hard drive and run a deep scan by clicking the option of Start. Once initiated, a quick scan is going to show all the deleted or lost data on the screen.

scan the fujistu hard drive

Step 4 Once the process of scanning is completed, all the lost data will appear under various categories like videos, graphics, images, or documents.

Step 5 A preview of the data will appear on the screen. Now select the desired files that need to be recovered. Click Recover to finish the process of data recovery.

recover the fujitsu hard drive

Step 6 Save the recovered data on the desired location.

Recoverit data recovery is the fast and all-time all-rounder solution for data recovery from the Fujitsu hard drive. All you need is to follow the stepwise procedure and you will recover the data once you lost it from the Fujitsu HDD.

Hence, whatever is the reason for the data loss from Fujitsu hard drive, be it logical or physical, your only potential solution to get it back with original names and properties is with Recoverit data recovery. This article gave clear insights into the reasons why the Fujitsu hard drive faces failure and ultimately loses the data long with the method of recovering it by using the third-party application software.

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