How Do I Find SSD Not Showing up or Detected in Windows 10?

Errors can tamper with your Windows and prevent you from seeing the SSD in your PC.This post helps you determine where these errors lie and fix SSD not showing up in Windows 10.

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When you open up Windows and go to “This PC”, the drives displayed there are the first things you see, right? What sets them apart? Each drive has a drive letter. These letters help you identify your SSD from other drives; they also help your Windows recognize and access the SSD.

So, what happens when errors hide the SSD from Windows? Problems abound, of course: Running applications in your Windows becomes an issue while moving files between your drives are next to impossible. These occur because the drive letters that guide your OS in executing the actions are missing. Use the solutions below to fix this.

Part 1: Why SSD Is Not Recognized

Since it’s already been established that SSDs can fall victim to errors, the obvious step to take is to determine what those errors are. Don’t worry about fixing them for now. That will be delved into a little later. Know the errors so you can identify them when you see them, alright?

It’s ok to defragment mechanical hard disks but definitely not SSDs. For one, it can spawn more extra writes that eat away at the lifespan of the SSD.

Closing Words

SSDs are justifiably more expensive than HDDs, but you still have to take care of them to extend their lifespan even further. Just because they are very capable and efficient pieces of hardware doesn’t mean you should subject them to anything which can damage them. If this happens, in the end, your files will suffer more than anything else.

If, for some unavoidable reason, you do end up losing your files from your SSD, make use of Recoverit Data Recovery and get everything back. The more time you waste, the more your files remain in jeopardy, so be quick about it, yeah?

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