M1 Pro Vs. M1 Max: Which One Comes Out on Top

It’s no secret that Apple’s M1 chip has taken the tech world by storm. The M1 chip is designed for Apple’s MacBook Pro laptops and offers incredible performance and efficiency. However, there’s a lot of debate over M1 Pro vs. M1 Max chips.

In comparison, M1 Pro vs. M1 Max, the former is more affordable and has a faster CPU than M1 chip. However, the latter is more powerful with a 24-core GPU and more SSD space, but is more expensive.

In this blog post, we’ll compare M1 Pro vs. M1 Max and see which one comes out on top. We’ll compare their similarities, dissimilarities, performance, and price to help you make an informed buying decision for your needs.

Part 1. Apple M1 Pro Vs. M1 Max

As technology advances, the capabilities of devices continue to increase. The new Apple M1 Pro and M1 Max chips are no exception. Both chips are designed on Arm architecture, offering the same core functionalities.

m1 pro chip vs. m1 max chip comparision


Here are some of the similarities between M1 Pro and M1 Max:

  • Both chips offer a 10-core CPU with 8 performance cores and 2 efficiency cores. 
  • Includes a Video decode engine.
  • M1 Pro and M1 Max both have a 16-core Neural Engine for machine learning acceleration.
  • Offers a Media engine for RAWProRes, and ProRes for hardware acceleration.


Following are the differences between M1 Pro and M1 Max chips:

M1 Pro
M1 Max
GPU 14 core and 16 core GPU options 24 core and 32 core GPU options
Memory Bandwidth 200GBs 400GBs
Unified Memory Support up to 32GB memory Support up to 64GB memory
Encode/Decode Engine 1 ProRes engine 2 ProRes engines
Multiscreen Display Support up to two screens Support up to four screens

Part 2. Apple M1 Pro Vs. M1 Max Performance

The release of the new Apple M1 Max has been met with much fanfare as it is the most powerful laptop that Apple has ever released, and comes with a slew of features making it a more than worthy contender in the world of laptops. But how does it come out when compared to the already existing Apple M1 Pro?

m1 max chip performance graph

In terms of performance, the M1 Max is in a league of its own as has a faster GPU and more RAM than the M1 Pro, making it better equipped to handle demanding tasks. The M1 Pro is no slouch when it comes to performance, but it can't quite match the M1 Max.

As compared to the M1 chip, if you upgrade to M1 Pro, you will get up to 9.7 times faster, and with M1 Max, you will get 13 times faster 4K renders while working on Final Cut Pro.

If you use Xcode for web development, you will be able to build your project 3.7x faster with both M1 Pro and M1 Max.

Moreover, when both processors' memory is tested, the results show that you will experience zero performance hiccups even if you are working on multiple apps simultaneously.

Part 3. Apple M1 Pro Vs. M1 Max Pricing

When it comes to pricing, the M1 Pro 14-inch MacBook Pro is available for $1,999 and features an 8-core CPU, a 14-core GPU, 16 GB RAM, and a 512 GB SSD.

On the other hand, a 16-inch MacBook Pro with ‌an M1 Max‌ chip will cost you $3,999, having a 10-core CPU, 32-core GPU, 32 GB RAM, and up to 1 TB SSD.

Part 4. Should I Buy MacBook Pro with M1 Pro Or With M1 Max?

The new MacBook Pro with M1 is available in two configurations: the Pro and the Max. Both models have the same design, but the MacBook with M1 Pro has a smaller screen while the MacBook Pro with M1 Max has a larger screen. So, which one should you buy?

You Should Buy A MacBook Pro With M1 Pro If…

The new MacBook Pro with M1 Pro is a powerful computer that can handle any task you throw at it. If you're a creative professional, a student or just someone who needs a reliable and powerful laptop, the MacBook Pro with M1 Pro is a perfect choice. Here’re four reasons why you should buy it:

apple m1 max chip features
  1. The M1 Pro chip is incredibly powerful and efficient.
  2. The MacBook Pro with M1 Pro has a stunning Retina display.
  3. The laptop is lightweight and portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go.
  4. The M1 Pro is faster than the previous generation of MacBook Pro processors.

You Should Buy A MacBook Pro With M1 Max If...

If you're looking for a new MacBook Pro, you may wonder if you should buy the model with the M1 Max processor. Here're a few things to consider that may help you make your decision:

  1. If you're a professional photographer or videographer, the M1 Max processor will give you the speed and power you need to edit large files quickly.
  2. MacBook Pro with M1 Max offers more SSD space to store your data and files.
  3. If you need a faster processor than MacBook Pro with an M1 Pro chip.
  4. MacBook Pro with M1 Max allows you to connect more than 4 external screens to your laptop.

So, should you buy a MacBook Pro with M1 Max? Only you can decide, but we think it's a great laptop.

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The Bottom Line

In this article, we’ve compared the Apple M1 Pro vs. M1 Max and discussed their similarities and differences. We’ve also compared the performance of the two chips with the M1 chip and their prices.

The data collected shows that the Apple M1 Max is a better overall investment than the Apple M1 Pro. The M1 Pro does have some similarities with M1 Max, with a lower starting price. However, the M1 Max is a better choice for those who need more power, speed & space and can afford to pay a higher starting price.