Top 5 Free Recuva Alternatives on Windows

Get to know about Recuva free and its paid versions, and learn how to perform Recuva data recovery. The guide also includes the best Recuva alternatives to try.

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Recuva by CCleaner is a highly popular data recovery tool that offers a wide range of features. Users can download Recuva free version from its website or even upgrade to a premium paid version. If you want to recover your deleted or lost data files, then you might consider doing Recuva download as well. Though, the question is how efficient is the Recuva freeware or should you be looking for an alternative to Recuva.

In this post, we will explore the functioning of Recuva file recovery and also make you familiar with Recuva alternatives as well.

Part 1. What is Recuva Files Recovery?

Recuva Data Recovery is a freely available and powerful file recovery software for Windows, which is owned by CCleaner. It can be used to look for any deleted or lost content on your Windows computer. Though, Recuva freeware also supports data recovery from numerous other sources and external devices too.

Since Recuva free comes with restricted options, users are encouraged to buy its premium version that costs $19.95.


Currently, the Recuva free version supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 as well as Windows Server 2003 and 2008


Part 2. How to Use Recuva on Windows 10?

The Recuva free application is available for every major Windows version and can easily be used. Firstly, you need to perform Recuva software download by visiting its official website. Once the Recuva software download for PC is done, install the application and follow these steps:

Step 1: Select a file type to scan

As you would launch the Recuva application on Windows, you would be asked to pick the kind of data you need to look for. Select the relevant data type, or mark "All Files" if you are not sure what you need to look for.


Step 2: Choose a location to scan

On the next step, you need to pick where you wish the Recuva freeware to scan for the lost data. It can be a connected external media, an internal folder, etc. You can locate the folder manually as well and proceed.


Step 3: Let the application scan the location

As Recoverit would start scanning the selected location, you can just sit back and wait for a while for the process to be completed. The recovery results would indicate different options. Files marked in green are safe and can be restored entirely while yellow-marked files are partially damaged. On the other hand, red files are severely damaged and might not be recovered.


In the end, the Recuva application will display the retrieved results in three different colors. Green marked files are safe and can entirely be restored. The files marked in yellow are partially damaged while files in red are severely damaged and might not be restored.


Step 4: Restore your lost data

You can simply preview the retrieved data like photos and videos on Recuva's interface. From here, you can select the data you wish to get back and click on the "Recover" button to save it.


Part 3. Why You Might Need Recuva Alternatives?

While the Recuva free version does a decent job for data recovery, it has numerous shortcomings as well. Here are some of the reasons why users look for an alternative to Recuva.

Part 4. Top 5 Free Alternatives to Recuva Recovery Software

Due to the above-listed reasons, people often look for Recuva alternatives that can yield far better results. We would recommend trying the following options as they would make an ideal alternative to Recuva.

1. Recoverit Free Data Recovery

Wondershare Recoverit Data Recovery software is certainly the best alternative to Recuva that you can try. No matter what could have caused the loss or deletion of data, Recoverit can help you retrieve it all. What makes it an ideal Recuva Mac alternative is that it supports macOS as well as leading Windows versions. The tool is known for the highest data recovery rate (96%) in the industry. There are free as well as premium versions of Recoverit that one can try from its website.

Recoverit - The Best Word File Recovery Software

  • Recover Word documents from all storage devices like Mac.
  • Recover 1000+ types and formats of files in different situations.
  • Scan and preview the files before you recover them from MacBook hard drive.
Download | Mac Mac Version Download | Win Windows Version



Using this Recoverit Data Recovery to get back your lost content is quite easy as it follows a simple click-through process.

Step 1: Select the Recycle Bin Recovery mode

At first, you need to connect your phone's SD card to your computer and launch Recoverit. From its home, choose to perform recovery from an external drive. To proceed, you need to select the kind of device you have attached. In this case, it will be an SD card. Also, select a location to perform data recovery. That is the drive depicting the connected SD card.


Step 2: Scan the Location

Recoverit will start scanning the selected location and look for any accessible data on your SD card. Just wait for a few minutes for the process to be completed.


Step 3: Preview and Recover

Once the results are displayed, you can just preview the recovered media files and select the content of your choice. In the end, just click on the "Recover" button to save your files.


2. TestDisk

TestDisk is a freely available data recovery application that works efficiently on all kinds of operating systems. You can run it on Linux, SunOS, macOS, Windows, and even DOS. While the user interface is not that friendly, the free application will do the needed job.



3. DiskDigger

DiskDigger is another alternative to Recuva that you can try. It supports leading Windows and Linux versions but is not available for Windows as of now. You can try its free version or get a premium subscription for $14.99 from its website.




4. Wise Data Recovery

Wise Data Recovery provides a simple and user-friendly solution to recover all kinds of files from a source. This includes the internal partition of the system as well as any external device. While the basic version is free, users can upgrade to the premium version by getting its paid subscription.




5. FreeUndelete

As the name suggests, this is a freely available data recovery tool that will help you get your accidentally deleted data back. It works with every major Windows version and is known for its user-friendly interface. Though, if you are looking for a Recuva Mac alternative, then consider skipping this option.




Recovery Softwares Supports Recovery rate Ease of use Version Data Types supported Rating
Recuva Windows Medium Moderate Free and Paid Moderate 7.5
Recoverit Windows and Mac High Extremely easy Free and Paid Extensive 9.5
TestDisk Linux, Windows, and Mac Low Tough Free Moderate 7
DiskDigger Linux and Windows Medium Moderate Free and Paid Moderate 8
Wise Data Recovery Windows Medium Easy Free and Paid High 8.5
FreeUndelete Windows Medium Easy Free High 8

Part 5. Tips for Recovering Data under Different Scenarios

As you know, data recovery can be a tricky process. If you want to get positive results, then consider following these suggestions.


Now when you know about Recuva free and how to use it, you can easily get your lost data back. Apart from that, we have also listed some of the best alternatives to Recuva as well that you can consider exploring. For instance, Wondershare Recoverit Data Recovery provides user-friendly and advanced recovery of data under all scenarios. It is available for both Windows and Mac and will let you get back all kinds of lost data from numerous sources in no time.

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