How to Fix C Drive Full issue on Windows 10

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Is your C drive full and you've been looking for a way to fix it? Look no further as the information in this piece has all the tips you will ever need to fix a full C drive issue in Windows 10.

Overview of C drive full Issue

A full C drive means that the internal storage on your hard disk can no longer take in any more data or it can only take limited data. When C drive is full, a window will pop up to show a low disk space alert. Different computer OS alert users differently but the problem remains the same. For Windows 7,10 and XP, an alert pop will appear as


How to fix and Free C Drive Space on Windows 10

Here are 8 ways to fix a full X drive space on Windows 10

1 Delete Junk Files with Storage sense

Storage sense provides Windows 10 users a stress-free way to erase unwanted files from their internal and secondary files. To rid your drives of unwanted files




This will clean unwanted files from your drive

Click here to check the full guide on how to free up space on C drive.

2 Remove temporary files with Disk Cleanup

Storage Sense happens to be an upgraded version of Disk Cleanup but Disk Cleanup still works well in maintaining the health of your disk space. To remove temporary files with Disk Cleanup, follow the tips below



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3 Uninstall Games and Apps you don't need

Uninstalling apps and games that you no longer have any need for is another method you can adopt to free up drive C. To execute this action


This process will clear out your C drive of games and apps you no longer need.

Click the Uninstall button again.

After completing the steps, repeat the instructions to remove additional games and apps from your device.

4 Migrate file, games, and apps to an external drive

If you still have limited disk space, connect and save files such as games, apps, and documents to external drives like a USB flash drive. Should you need any of them in the future you can always connect your drive to your PC to access them

Here are the steps



5 Disable Hibernation on Windows 10

Windows Hibernation is the feature that allows you to perform the device shut down without losing current data. Whenever you restart the system you can continue where you stopped. Although this feature is cool, it tends to take up a lot of space in system memory. Disabling hibernation will create space for storing vital files. Here is how it is done


After this command, your device will no longer hibernate. You can enable this feature by undoing the command whenever you please by inputting "powercfg /hibernate on"

6 Compress Windows Installation to free up space

Compact OS is a compression tool used to reduce application and Installation footprints in Windows 10. This feature is often reserved for systems with low storage but it can be used to free up space on your hard drive. Note that an incorrect modification may cause terrible damages so be very careful when using this option. Consider backing up your files first before you commence.

To compress Windows Installation,


This process will release about 2GB of space.

7 Free up space storing files in the cloud

Do you know that you can store your files in the cloud just like you can with an external drive? The fear of losing your vital files shouldn't scare you since you can always access them whenever you want. One way to save files online is to enable OneDrive files on-demand with the steps listed below



These steps will enable you to move files to the OneDrive folder using Files on Demand. The more files you save on the cloud in place of your hard drive  the more space that will free upon your disc

8 Bonus Top: Understanding what's taking space on a hard drive

As a tip, we preview some of the things that may be taking up space on your hard drive. Knowing these items will help you manage your hard disk space better. To view them, follow the steps below



All the steps noted so far are smart ways to decongest drive C: but do make sure that you use the step that guarantees you the best results. A combination of more than one step may be necessary to create space in your drive.

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