How to Recover Photos and Videos from Drone Camera

Learn how do drones work and recover your photos or videos from Drone cameras in this guide. It is a detailed guide on Drove Recovery with other informative content.

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Drone recovery

Drone cameras are widely used by all kinds of videographers and photographers these days. They allow us to take exceptional shots with a birds-eye view. This lets us shoot remarkable videos/photos and can even help us tighten our security. Though, a lot of people are confused about the types of drones and would like to know how do drones work.

In this guide, I will answer all these important queries about drones and will also help you with photos and videos recovery from Drones as well.


Part 1 Where Photos and Videos Stored on Drones?

If you want to learn how to do drones' work, then you need to understand its storage first. Ideally, the way photos and videos are stored on a drone camera would largely vary from one model to another.

Internal Storage

Some types of drones come with an internal storage of a few gigabytes to store the immediate photos and videos. Most of these drones are a bit expensive. Once users shoot photos and videos, they are stored on its internal storage. Later, users can just transfer them to a secure location on their computer or hard drive.

SD Cards

Most of the drones have a feature to expand their storage with an SD card. There are numerous kinds of SD cards and micro memory cards that are compatible with drone cameras.

You can easily pick a supported SD card for your drone and connect it. The photos and videos will be stored on the SD card, which can later be connected to your computer.

Drone sd card for photo recovery

One of the best things about using an SD card for drones is the ease of data recovery. In case if your photos or videos are lost on an SD card, then you can easily perform drone recovery. I have covered this in detail in the next section.

Part 2 Recoverit Photo Recovery – Best Drone Recovery Software

If you have lost the photos or videos shot on your drone camera, then give Recoverit Photo Recovery a try. A highly advanced data recovery tool, it can help you retrieve all kinds of data from your drone camera by following a simple click-through process.

Recoverit Photo Recovery is extremely easy to use and yields professional results. Even if you have no prior technical experience, you would be able to make the most of this data recovery tool.

Its interface even provides a preview of the retrieved content. In this way, users can first preview the photos or videos they want back. It also supports to recover photos and videos of all the common formats.

  • Photos: It can recover photos in different formats like JPEG, PNG, BMP, RAW, PSD, CRW, CR2, GIF, RAF, DNG, and so much more.
  • Videos: You can also retrieve videos shot on your drone cameras in formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, SWF, 3GP, etc.
  • It supports all the major drone camera brands and every leading SD card or memory card.
  • You can run it on Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8, 8.1, and 10 as well as macOS X 10.9-10.15.

Video Tutorial on Drone Recovery

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Part 3 How to Perform Drone Recovery on SD Card?

With Recoverit Photo Recovery, you can easily perform data recovery from your drone camera. To do this, you first need to unmount the SD card from your drone and make sure that it is unlocked.

Now, connect the SD card to your system and take the assistance of Recoverit. You can follow these steps to recover your lost or inaccessible photos and videos with Recoverit Photo Recovery.



The application will ask you to select the location where you wish to perform data recovery. Select SD card from here and click "Start" to proceed. Make sure that the SD card of your Drone camera is connected to the system beforehand.

select Drone sd card



Wait for a while as it will scan the location and look for any inaccessible or lost content. Don’t close the application or unmount your SD card during the process.

scan Drone camera



In the end, you will be notified when the process is completed. You can just preview the recovered photos and videos on the interface. Select the videos/photos of your choice and restore them to a trusted location.

preview and recover drone files



Recoverit develops an exclusive feature called Advanced Video Recovery in this market. It can recover your videos by scanning and piecing up all its fragments and thus make the video recovery smoother. Now, click on the "Advance Video Recovery" at the left bottom and then tap "Start" on the pop-up window.

drone camera advanced video recovery



The recovery mode also requires a scanning and merging process. After it, you can re-watch the videos and decide if you want to recover them. If yes, please click the "Recover" button and get all of them back.

recover drone videos

Check out the steps to preview and recover deleted music.
- 2 minutes to read it.

Part 4 Causes for Losing Photos & Videos on Drone Camera

By now, you were able to perform Drone recovery using Recoverit Photo Recovery. To avoid other photos and video loss, you should learn the common reasons for causing the loss of data.

  • Malware attack

Sometimes, when we connect our camera or SD card to a public (or an already corrupted) computer, then it can lead to a virus attack. This can corrupt the data storage and make your photos/videos inaccessible.

  • Power issues

If while shooting, your drone’s power supply would cut off, then it can lead to the loss of immediate data. The content might not be stored in the cache for you to access.

  • Software problem

There might be a software-related issue with your drone, SD card, or the connected computer. Try not to tamper with your drone’s firmware to avoid this.

  • Physical damage

Lastly, your drone (or the SD card) can get physically damaged as well. For instance, if your drone has been crashed in the water, then it can cause evident loss of data.

  • Unreliable SD card

A corrupt or malfunctioning SD card is one of the major reasons for data loss on drones. To avoid this, make sure that you are using a reliable and functioning SD card for your drone camera. (Repair corrupt videos due to SD card errors.)

The good thing is that most of these issues can be resolved by using a reliable data recovery tool for drones (like Recoverit Photo Recovery).

Part 5 How to Select SD Card for Drones

To further ensure that you make the most of your drone camera, it is recommended to use a reliable SD card. Go through this section to pick the best SD card for drones.

1. Benefits of using an SD Card for Drone

choose sd card

2. Things to consider while buying your drone’s SD card

Keep the following requirements in mind while picking an SD card for a drone.

  • Capacity: Firstly, consider how much storage the SD card provides. Your drone should support the expanded storage limit and it should meet your requirements as well.
  • Type: There are different types of SD cards out there like micro SD, SDHC, SDXC, etc. Explore their pros and cons before picking the right type.
  • Processing speed: Also, note the data transfer (writing/reading) and processing speed of the card. Ideally, it should be fast and responsive.
  • Price: Consider your budget as well and make sure that your SD card won’t cost too much.
  • Warranty: Every SD card has a default and extended warranty. Therefore, you should read the fine prints carefully before making the purchase.
  • Compatibility: Most notably, the SD card that you are interested in should be compatible with your drone.

3. Best SD Card for Drone Brands

Here are some of our recommendations for getting an SD card for the drone.

  • SanDisk 400 GB Micro SDXC: With a transfer speed of 100 MB/sec, it supports the storing of full HD videos.
  • Kingston 128 GB Canvas: An extremely affordable micro SD card, it is recommended for beginners.
  • SanDisk 128 GB Extreme: While the capacity is less, its transfer speed of 275 MB/sec makes it a keeper.
  • Samsung 64 GB Evo Plus: The chances of data loss on this one are quite bleak. Although the storage is less, it comes at an affordable cost too.
  • Strontium 128 GB Nitro: This SDXC has a storage capacity of 128 GB and a transfer rate of 100 MB per second.

Part 6 More Information on Drone Cameras

A lot of users ask us questions about drones and their functioning. Here are some of these FAQs that you might like.

1. What is a Drone?

Ideally, what is a drone, or what is a UAV is the same thing? A drone is an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAV). That is, it is an aerial unit that has a certain range to communicate to its base.

Mostly, drones are attached with a camera to shoot videos and photos. They provide an aerial view and are extensively used for photography and security.

2. How Do Drones Work?

Drone camera

Ideally, most of the drones out there follow the same principle. They are made of lightweight materials and have a single or numerous propellers on them. With the help of UAV technology, they can aviate.

Drones have an attached camera to record a video or shoot pictures. They communicate to their base unit (operated by the user). A user can control its positioning wirelessly when the drone is under its restricted range.

3. Common Types of Drones

Ideally, drones can be classified under different categories. Here are some of the commonly used types of drones.



fixed wing drones

They look like an airplane as they only have a single fixed-wing. They can fly for hours and are mostly used by the military. Though, they are the most expensive kinds as well.



single motor drones

As the name suggests, these drones only have one rotor and appear like a helicopter. They are quite strong built and have a long flight time. Nevertheless, people find it hard to fly and control them at times because of their single motor.



multi motor drones

These drones have more than a single motor and are most commonly used commercially. They can further be classified on the number of motors used like tri-copters, quadcopters, hexacopters, etc.

You can also classify drones based on their size, range, and other parameters.

The guide would be able to answer all the major questions that you had related to drones like what is a drone, how do drones work, what are the types of drones, etc. Also, you can follow our suggested ideas to pick the most suitable SD card for drones as well.

Apart from that, you can install Recoverit Photo Recovery to recover lost files from memory card whenever you want. It is a highly useful tool that will let you recover all kinds of lost and deleted content under different conditions.

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