How to Recover Formatted Hard Drive on Mac | Updated in 2019

How to Recover Formatted Hard Drive on Mac

Formatting Mac is a quick way to fix many issues on Mac, but can also bring about data loss. Get through the article and learn how to recover formatted hard drive data on Mac.

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Can I Recover Formatted Hard Drive Data

I just accidentally formatted Mac hard drive without any backup, and now I find all files on the drive lost. How do I recover files from the drive?

Seeing how easy it is to format a Mac hard drive, users do not think twice before doing it, which means there are situations where you may lose your important data. Additionally, if you accidentally mess with the partitions, losing all your data on the hard drive may occur, and this is why the need for a tool that can recover formatted hard drive on Mac comes in.

Is it possible to recover a formatted hard drive on Mac? If you have been searching for an answer to this question, then you have arrived at the right place. There are a number of ways that make hard drive data recovery on Mac possible, but not all are equally efficient. One of the best ways that you can use to recover formatted hard drive on Mac is to use format data recovery software.

Part 1: Recover Formatted Hard Drive on Mac with Recoverit

When it comes to finding an efficient and user-friendly software program for Mac hard drive data recovery, then every successful search will only point to one single name - Recoverit Mac Data Recovery.

Recoverit is one of the best ways to recover formatted hard drive on Mac, and it can work for you in a number of situations, recovering the hard drive no matter how it may have been formatted or deleted. Some of the features that make Recoverit the ideal choice of software to perform Mac hard drive recovery include:

Video Tutorial on How to Restore Formatted Hard Drive

This formatted hard disk recovery software comes with Windows and Mac versions. Here, we take Recoverit Hard Disk Recovery for Mac and show you how to recover formatted hard disk on Mac. You can watch this video to learn the steps of recovering formatted hard disk.

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Part 2. How to Recover Formatted Hard Disk on Mac

With all of that, it is quite obvious that there is little that Recoverit lacks when it comes to formatted hard drive data recovery on Mac. Let us now go ahead and see the steps involved in using this software to recover your data on Mac.

Step 1 Download Recoverit Data Recovery

The first step should be to download and install this formatted hard disk recovery software. After the installation, you should have it run to get started.

Step 2 Select the formatted hard drive

To recover data from formatted hard drive, you should select the hard disk that you accidentally formatted, and then click on "Start" to scan the formatted files.

Note: If the hard disk you formatted is an external hard drive, you should connect it to the Mac computer first and make sure it can be detected on Mac. For more information about Mac external hard drive recovery, you can turn to this guide: How to Recover Files from External Hard Drive on Mac.

Recover formatted hard disk on Mac

Step 3 Scan the formatted hard disk

An all-around scan will commence to search your files from formatted disk. The deep scan will deep dig into your formatted hard drive and help you find the lost files that you need.

Scan formatted hard disk for recovery

Step 4 Recover files after format

Finally, you can preview the scanned files that you want to recover from the formatted hard drive. Select the ones to retrieve back, click on "Recover", enter the path to save them and get back your files in no time!

Recover files after format

Part 3: Common Issues That Arise with Formatted Hard Drives

Formatting the hard drive is a solution to a number of problems, such as to gain more space in your Mac, to refresh a slow or unresponsive Mac, to get rid of unwanted programs or malware, to install a new Operating System and a lot more. Obviously, this means that you or someone you know has formatted his or her Mac drive at least a few times over years of usage.

While formatting a hard drive can help you solve many problems, sometimes it will arise some other issues.

  • Formatting hard drive means that all your data is deleted from the selected hard drive. It also means that you will lose any critical software that may be on that drive.
  • Often, recovering files back to the source drive could overwrite other deleted files in that drive, and if that happens, then you will lose those forever.
  • Formatting hard disk without taking a backup can be troublesome and is not always the best solution to all problems.

Thus, with all this in mind, it is quite important that you take care of a few things when you recover formatted hard drive on Mac. Some of those things are:

  • Never recover files to the drive where the erased data originally were stored.
  • Do not use any automated cleaner or hard drive erasing utility to free up space on your Mac hard drive.
  • Be very careful while working with hard drive partition, and before changing any settings in that area, know what you are doing and what the implications of your actions are.

The Bottom Line

By now, you will have learned enough to make the best of Recoverit Data Recovery for Mac to retrieve lost files from your formatted hard disk on Mac. It can also used to recover crashed, damaged, dead, or corrupted hard drive on Mac or Windows due to different types of reasons.

Hope any such situations can be avoided in the future! If really unfortunately, download and launch the hard drive data recovery software on Mac to restore formatted disk and get lost data back.

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