If you’re a fan of the previous Apple M-powered models, you’ll love the latest M3 Pro Chip. Innovative computing architecture, incredible CPU and GPU capabilities, powerful display, and vast storage capabilities are just the tip of the iceberg.

In this guide, we’ll reflect upon Apple M3 Pro’s innovative architecture, key specifications, and powerful CPU cores. GPU metrics, battery life and efficiency, and performance metrics. Read on to learn everything about Apple’s new CPU powerhouse.

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Apple M3 Pro Chip – Key Specs and Architecture

Apple M3 Pro is a serious step up from the previous Apple M3 model. Compared to the Apple M3, the Pro model excels in every department. Built on 3nm architecture technology, the M3 Pro houses 37 billion M3 chip transistors (allows for increased power efficiency), 12 CPU cores, and 18 GPU cores, and it supports 18–36 GB of RAM.

apple m3 pro key specs and architecture

This powerhouse of a computer is designed for intense graphical and processing tasks and will not slow down no matter what you do or throw at it. Here are the key specs of the Apple M3 Pro to put you in perspective with one of the latest jewels of Apple's crown of innovation:

  • Total CPU cores – 12 (6 performance cores and six efficiency cores);
  • GPU cores – 14–18;
  • Neural engine cores – 16;
  • M3 transistors – 37 billion;
  • Memory capacity – 36 GB;
  • Lithography – first-gen 3nm;
  • 150 GB/s memory bandwidth;
  • 18 GB unified memory;
  • 512 GB SSD;
  • Wi-Fi 6E;
  • Bluetooth 5.3;
  • 96W USB-C power adapter;
  • USB-C to MagSafe 3 cable;
  • SDXC card slot;
  • HDMI port;
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack;
  • Three Thunderbolt 4 ports.

Apple M3 Pro also has built-in support for learning, mobility, hearing, and vision. Here's a list of included features:

  • Switch control;
  • Closed captions;
  • Text to speech;
  • Reduce motion;
  • Siri and dictation;
  • Voice control;
  • VoiceOver;
  • Zoom;
  • Increase contrast.

If these outstanding specs piqued your interest, below are the hottest M3-powered Apple devices you should keep on your radar in 2024.

Apple's new M3-powered computer models include computing powerhouses, such as:

  • 14-inch Macbook Pro;
  • 16-inch Macbook Pro;
  • Macbook Pro M3 Max (14-inch and 16-inch);
  • 24-inch iMac desktop.

Though these devices may be expensive, they bring a gigantic value for your money regarding user-friendliness, processing power, power efficiency, battery life, and general usability. Now, let's delve deeper into the fantastic Apple M3 Pro CPU and GPU performance metrics.

Apple M3 Pro Performance Metrics

CPU Metrics

With the 3-nanometer processor architecture, the Apple M3 Pro features 6 CPU performance cores and 6 CPU efficiency cores. The M3-powered CPU cores allow for greater efficiency thanks to enhanced branch prediction and a wider decode and execution engine integrated into the performance cores.

The M3 Pro is 30%–50% faster than any M1 device, allowing you to run multiple browser tabs and apps without your Macbook getting warmer or slower. In addition, this revolutionary balance between processing performance and efficiency allows for reliable multithreaded workloads and maximized battery life.

apple m3 pro cpu and gpu performance metrics

GPU Metrics

If you think the M3 Pro’s CPU is impressive, wait until we tell you about the GPU. Now, the real upgrade comes in the GPU department, and it’s massive. The graphical domain of Apple’s new GPU architecture is a marvel on its own.

The M3 Pro packs such a GPU punch that it can redefine visual computing. This next-gen 18-core GPU wonder consists of 37 billion M3 transistors and comes with state-of-the-art features like mesh shading and hardware-accelerated ray tracing.

This incredible GPU is powerful enough to ensure ultra-fast performance when working on the most graphics-intensive tasks. Compared to the M1 Pro, the M3-powered GPU model is 40% faster and more capable of supporting complex projects, such as manipulating enormous panoramic photos or lifelike renderings in Adobe Photoshop.

Neural Engine and Machine Learning Capabilities of Apple M3 Pro

If you think Apple M3 Pro wonders stop with its immense CPU and GPU capabilities, you're wrong. The Apple M3 Pro packs another secret weapon you should know about – Apple's machine-learning-powered Neural Engine.

If you're familiar with previous M1 Pro and M2 Pro models, you know what we're talking about. The ML-enabled Neural Engine is the foundation of Apple's relentless pursuit of balancing power, efficiency, and performance.

Thanks to its unique and advanced performance metrics and configuration options, the Apple M3 Pro’s Neural Engine takes its machine learning capabilities to the next level, bringing around a 14% increase in performance and efficiencies compared to the M2 Pro's Neural Processing Unit (NPU). Moreover, the M3 Pro’s Neural Engine is up to 60% faster and more efficient than the M1 Pro.

neural engine and machine learning capabilities of apple m3 pro

Powerful AI/ML visual processing features, such as super-resolution and noise reduction, promise ultra-fast outcomes. In addition, particular features, such as smart conform in Final Cut Pro and scene edit detection in Adobe Premiere, also significantly boost performance.

Effects on Battery Life and Power Consumption

Apple has been at the forefront of the race for the most carbon-neutral corporate operations among global corporations. The company strives to make every M3-powered device carbon-neutral. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that the M3 Pro stands as the very monument of Apple’s mind-blazing power-efficient performance.

This Macbook Pro is designed with battery life and energy efficiency in mind. The new Macbook Pro delivers up to 22 hours of battery life, more than you’ll find in any M1 Pro or M2 Pro Mac. Thanks to more efficient power consumption and extended battery life, the M3 Pro consumes less energy and requires less plugged time than any previous Mac model.

Here's a quick overview of the battery and power metrics you can expect to find in the M3 Pro:

  • 72.4-watt-hour lithium-polymer battery;
  • 70W/96 USB-C power adapter (11-core CPU/12-core CPU);
  • USB-C to MagSafe 3 cable;
  • Fast-charge capable;
  • Up to 12 hours of web surfing;
  • Up to 18 hours of movie playback (Apple TV app).

If we consider these figures here, we can safely say that the M3 Pro can deliver the same CPU/GPU performance as the M1 Pro with 50% less power consumption.

Future Considerations for Apple M3 Pro Chip Users

data recovery features apple m3 pro

Where do we go from Apple M3 Pro chips remains to be seen. The new M3 lineup of chips has already brought huge improvements in processing speed, efficiency, and performance, proving the efficacy of the 3 nm architecture.

With an awe-inspiring ML-powered Neural Engine, cutting-edge GPU features, and immensely powerful CPU capabilities, the M3 Pro chip is a harbinger of unprecedented efficiency and performance.

The M3 Pro is also on the way to ushering in a new era of computational capabilities, enhancing mobile and desktop computers with ML and AI functionalities capable of handling complex tasks, unlocking seamless connectivity, and moving boundaries of the efficacy of Apple’s hardware/software.

The next chip model, M3 Max, brings even more computational power, processing speed, and operational efficiency, leading us to believe that Apple will pave the way for even more powerful and user-centric computer solutions in the time to come.

Bonus: How To Ensure Data Safety With Apple M3 Pro Chip

Apple Silicon M3 Pro comes with the usual Mac Recovery Mode, helping users fix various macOS issues, including data loss. The recovery mode is an incredibly effective tool designed to help you recover your files, data, hard drives, partitions, and operating system on a Mac.

You can use it to restore your Mac files using the Time Machine backup, factory reset your computer, repair your hard drive with Disk Utility, perform disk checks, reinstall macOS, and more.

Mac Recovery Mode helps you perform a range of recovery actions:

  • Data recovery on a Mac that won't turn on;
  • Restore files using a backup (Time Machine);
  • Reinstall macOS;
  • Access the Disk Utility tool to erase, repair, format, and verify data on connected internal and external hard drives.

These options allow you to easily recover missing or lost files on your M3 Pro. If these tools don't give you the desired data recovery results, you can opt for a reliable, proven, and effective M3 Pro data recovery tool like Wondershare Recoverit data recovery for Mac.

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Free Download

It can retrieve all types and formats of files from internal and external storage devices on your Mac. You can recover documents, photos, audio files, video clips, and more from various devices, including USB disks, digital cameras, SD cards, SSDs, etc.

To recover missing or lost files on your M3 Pro, download and install Wondershare Recoverit for Mac, then follow the steps below to get your data back.

  1. Launch the app and navigate to the File Recover menu;
  2. Click Hard Drives and Locations to select a location to start recovery;
  3. Select an internal or external drive for recovery or tap into Quick Access options;
  4. Click Start;
    select a location to start data recovery on m3 pro
  5. Wondershare Recoverit will scan the selected location for retrievable Mac files;
    recoverit will start an all around scan
  6. Use search filters to pinpoint specific Mac files and folders you wish to recover;
    pinpoint specific Mac files you want to recover using search filters
  7. Preview the scanning results to select the files you wish to recover and click Recover;
    preview the recoverable files before proceeding to the recovery step
  8. Select a new path to save the recovered Mac files and click Save.
    choose a path to save the recovered files


Powered by the latest computing M3 chip powerhouse, the Apple M3 Pro is more than just a laptop; it’s a machine learning-powered work of art on a path to setting new standards in the computer industry.

Armed with a cutting-edge CPU with a 3-nanometer processor architecture, an industry-standard monitor, incredible GPU capabilities, a neural engine, and extensive battery life, the M3 Pro laptop is bound to reshape your computing experience.

The Apple M3 Pro isn’t just another technological advancement – it’s a cornerstone that propels these mobile and desktop computers into a new venture for technological innovation and advanced computational capabilities.

Free Download
Free Download
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