Windows 11 Must Read | All You Should Know About Windows 11

Change is the only constant. We all are changing. From egg to cocoon, an adult butterfly grows. Therefore, an update is required to become the best version of oneself. In terms of technology, Windows 11 is the next target.

The article does an outstanding job at addressing some significant concerns of the users. From features, system requirements to cost, and downloading process, one can have a clear idea of what is coming to us and if it will be workable in the long run. The users are suggested to review this article in detail to have negligible misconceptions about Windows 11.

Part 1: Is Windows 11 Coming Out?

The first concern revolves around the fact that when Windows 11 update is coming out. According to the launch event, it was decided that the update would roll out from late November to the New Year. October shall also be included in this given period of tech spheres. The initial release date is said to be on October 05, 2021.

windows 11 design interface

In addition, if the Windows 10 operating system is eligible to handle the Windows 11 update, the users are free to access the upgrades initiating from the year 2022. Most importantly, Microsoft has released a Beta version of the Windows 11 upgrade through the Windows Insider Program.

This early build version allows the end-user to upgrade their Windows 10 to 11 if they are added to the Windows Insider Program. The decision depends on the user and the status of their systems.

Part 2: Windows 11 New Features

An upgrade explicitly means that some new traits and features shall be introduced to make the experience worthwhile. Therefore, it is mandatory to study some significant attributes offered by Windows 11 compared to Windows 10. The section reflects upon Windows 11 exceptional functions.

Intuitive and Flexible Interface

A minimalistic and simplified design is preferred over a confusing and complex interface. Windows 11 presents a new experience for the users by ensuring productivity and creativity throughout the process. The Start button has been centered, and essential tools are left on the screen, thus enhancing flexibility. From taskbar to fonts and applications, one knows where to scroll and when.

windows 11 main screen design

Facile and Efficient Connectivity

With the pandemic at hand, digital connectivity has grown its roots. With Windows 11 just around the corner, one can have its hands on Microsoft Teams from the taskbar and connect with the people globally. The user has a better chance at muting and unmuting their audio with a mere click of a button.

teams integrated in windows 11

Workable Gaming Experience

If the end-user is a gamer, Windows 11 update shall be effective for him. This new update does a promising job at unleashing the true potential of the system hardware. It also incorporates the usage of the latest gaming technology offering detailed and immersive graphics. Windows 11 also supports different gaming peripherals and accessories.

gaming experience enhanced

Control over Windows Outlook

Windows 11 provides the user control over the screen. The minimize/maximize buttons can be switched to be displayed in different snap layouts. It means that the user can navigate to different projects by splitting the screen in half or quarter.

snap layouts in windows 11

Part 3: Windows 11 System Requirements

Before getting the dreams of using the Windows 11 upgrade, the user must ensure that the system is ready to manage it. Like other updates, some necessary system requirements have to be met to use new traits presented by Microsoft effectively. The section offers these requirements in the most effortless way possible.

  • Processor: 64-Bit Architecture at 1 GHz or Faster; Intel: Eight-Generation or Newer; AMD Ryzen 3 or Better Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c or Higher
  • RAM: 4 GB or Higher
  • Storage:64 GB or Larger Storage Device
  • System Firmware: UEFI, Secure Boot Capable
  • TPM: Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Version 2.0
  • Graphics card: Direct X12 or Later Capable; WDDM 2.0 Driver or Newer
  • Display: High-Def (720p) Display, Larger than 9" Diagonal in Size, 8 Bits Per Color Channel (or Better)
  • Internet Connectivity and Microsoft Account: A stable internet connection with a Microsoft Account is required for Windows 11. To download features and updates, internet connectivity is a must. Switching out of Windows 11 Home in S mode cannot be successful without active internet access.

Part 4: Windows 11 Download | Where to Download

The users from October 05, 2021, can easily access the free upgrade of Windows 11. The eligible and compatible devices shall be presented with the upgrade first. After that, the upgrade will roll over to in-market devices depending upon reliability metrics, hardware eligibility, and device age.

The upgrade shall be offered to the eligible systems in the mid of 2022. The Windows Update informs the user when it is ready to be installed. One can navigate to the system's "Settings" and click "Windows Update." Tap "Check for Updates" to know if Windows 11 update can be downloaded.

check for windows 11 updates

Moreover, the users can be a part of the Windows Insider Program to download the Beta version of Windows 11. This build is only available for app developers, and the user is recommended to join the Dev Channel to access the Beta version and upgrade from Windows 10 to 11. There is another method to upgrade the system to Windows 11.

One can download the ISO file using Microsoft's official website and mount it on one's PC to get to the next version in seconds. The process is simple and time-effective.

Part 5: Will Windows 11 be Free Upgrade?

The following concern addresses the possibility of a free upgrade of Windows 11. Windows 11 shall be a free upgrade for users that own the original version of Windows 10. It means if you have a pirated version of Windows 10, the new upgrade might not be for you.

The free upgrade works for the same edition that you have on Windows 10 device. For instance, if you own Windows 10 Home Edition, you are more likely to be upgraded to Windows 11 Home Edition.

Part 6: How to Buy a New PC with Windows 11?

The most asked query is if the user can buy a system that already has Windows 11 installed. As mentioned above, the next upgrade has still not been officially released. It means that the computers with pre-installed Windows 11 updates shall be available later this year.

Part 7: How Much will Windows 11 PC Cost?

The question of cost is pretty much there when it comes to buying upgraded technology. When it comes to purchasing a PC with Windows 11, few factors change the narrative.

For once, the cost is dependent upon the hardware that the user is incorporating into the system. An individual informs the dealer of all the items required in the system, and a quotation is set. Therefore, there is no specific figure to know the exact cost of a Windows 11 PC.

Part 8: What is the Difference between Windows 10 and Windows 11?

Most people prefer to undergo detailed study of what they are investing in new technology and upgrade. It is mandatory to understand the difference between Windows 10 and Windows 11 to know the shortcomings of the previous version and the workable features of the new one. The section offers some of those differences effortlessly.

windows 11 and windows 10 comparison

Design and Interface

Windows 11 has worked on the system's design and interface, making it highly productive and creative for the users. With round edges, cleaner browsing, sleek toolbar, and streamlined taskbar, Windows 11 has got you all covered.

Screen Layouts

Windows 10 lets the user take control of the screen outlook by presenting better organization of the workplace. However, Windows 11 takes this function to a whole different level. Offering six workable screen layouts lets the user handle their workplace and multitask efficiently.

Effortless Navigation

Windows 11 sets its focus on the touchscreen operation of the system and makes it worthwhile for the users. The update offers new touch gestures that make browsing and navigation an effortless and efficient experience.

Performance Improvements

Windows 11 does a tremendous job in working on the performance factor of Windows 10. One gets an opportunity to log in faster, wake up faster from Sleep mode, and have a hands-on efficient browsing experience.

Final Words

We all are subject to change, and there is no denying that new features and workable updates are the need of the hour. The latest update of Windows is just in the neighborhood, and the users couldn't be any more excited.

The article offers an insight into the relevant queries and concerns regarding Windows 11. The users can understand each of the sections and clarify their misconceptions in the most facile manner possible.