Top 7 Mac Data Recovery Software for Mac OS X El Capitan

Here, we show you the 7 best Mac data recovery software for Mac OS X E1 Capitan to help you recover lost, deleted or formatted data. Read on, make a choice and recover data promptly.

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Mac computers can get corrupted, format at any time as Windows, and as a result, the end-users end up losing their important data in any situation. If you are a Windows user, you are in luck as there are several data recovery tools available for the computers running the operating system. On the other hand, if you are using Mac, it may be a bit challenging to get an efficient Mac data recovery software for Mac OS X El Capitan.

That being said, if you find it is hard to search for good Mac data recovery software for Mac OS X El Capitan, you can base on what kind of data types to search documents recovery, photos recovery, videos recovery, zip files recovery and more to find the best solution to your problem.

The following are the names of Mac data recovery software for Mac OS X El Capitan along with their description as well as pros and cons. Choose the most suitable software for Mac data recovery of your choice.

01 – Recoverit Data Recovery for Mac

When it comes to the best and most professional Mac data recovery software, Recoverit must be one of them. Recoverit Mac Data Recovery allows you to recover 1000+ types and formats of data, including pictures, videos, music, Office documents, archive files, zip or rar files, and so on. With a 96% recovery rate and advanced deep scan technology, you will never need to worry about the permanent loss of data, no matter why and how you lost them.

Get the reliable and effective Mac data recovery software for Mac OS X El Capitan to help you retrieve any data from Mac hard drive, trash bin, memory sticks, cameras, SD cards, flash drives, tablets, and more other media.


  • Recoverit has a simple and intuitive interface that walks you through the data recovery process in a wizard-like ambiance.
  • Allows you to save and resume the scan results of the recoverable files.
  • You can pick individual files to recover.
  • You can preview some files before recovering them.
  • The program is capable of recovering fully corrupted and even deleted partitions.


02 – iSkysoft Data Recovery (for Mac)

This program is another best data recovery for Mac after Recoverit for Mac. The software has all features to recover the lost data from a Mac PC. iSkysoft Data Recovery displays the available data recovery options in a tile-like interface that comes up when you launch the application on Mac.

You can click any tile based on your choice to initiate its corresponding feature. The program will guide you through the whole data recovery process from there.

Pros and Cons


  • Straightforward design and interface.
  • Intuitive wizard-like structure.
  • No technical skills are needed to use the program.


  • The program is not free to use.

Mac data recovery software for Mac OS X El capitan -iskysoft Mac data recovery

03 – Disk Drill for Mac

Disk Drill data recovery for Mac is available for both Basic and Pro versions which support free(Basic) and paid respectively. Disk Drill not only supports Mac OS X computers to recover lost data or drives, but it is also capable of scanning iPads, Kindle devices, and iPods. The best part is, even though the software doesn’t need any technical training, plenty of easily understandable tutorials are integrated within the program to help the end-users get the most out of it.

Pros and Cons


  • Allows you to preview the files before you can recover them.
  • Allows you to scan other devices connected to your computer for lost or deleted files.
  • Comes with easy tutorials.


  • The interface is not that straightforward.
  • The Pro version of the software must be purchased to use all its features.

Mac data recovery software for Mac OS X El capitan-Disk Drill

04 – Do Your Data Recovery for Mac Free

The program is capable of recovering data on Mac that is lost as a result of hard drive crashes, voltage fluctuations, downgrading or upgrading the operating system, etc. Do Your Data Recovery for Mac Free also has a preview feature that can help you check the files’ contents before you recover lost data on Mac.

Pros and Cons


  • Despite being a free program, Do Your data recovery for mac Free is effective and efficient.
  • The preview feature is available.


  • The Preview feature is not capable of reading all the files.
  • Better recovery results need to pay for Pro version for Mac.

Mac data recovery software for Mac OS X El capitan-Do Your data recovery for mac Free

05 – Tenorshare Any Data Recovery for Mac

Tenorshare Any data recovery for Mac supports most of the advanced versions of Mac OS X including Mac OS X El Capita (10.11). The program is capable of recovering the lost media files, emails, photos, etc. from your Mac hard drive.

The software is also capable of detecting and scanning any other digital devices that you connect to your Mac computer via USB.

Pros and Cons


  • The application’s step-by-step guide allows you to perform the data recovery along with displaying the important tips and suggestions that may be helpful during the process.
  • The interface of the program is intuitive and easy-to-understand.


  • No log files are created for the data recovery process.
  • The application comes with a price tag.

data recovery software for Mac-Tenorshare data recovery for Mac

06 – Stellar Phoenix Mac data recovery

data recovery software for Mac-Stellar Phoenix

Stellar Phoenix data recovery for Mac is another data recovery software for Mac. The program supports almost all the advanced versions of Mac OS X including Mac OS X El Capitan. With this application, you can easily recover data on Mac including your lost media files, photographs, or other documents from within a crashed hard drives, corrupted or deleted partitions, or from the NTFS Boot Camp partitions.

Even though for Mac, the program supports various filesystems that it can detect when any external devices connected to the computer.

Pros and Cons


  • Supports raw data recovery from the corrupted or deleted partitions.
  • Enables a full hard disk drive scan to recover the lost data.
  • Supports various filesystems including HFS, exFAT, NTFS, etc.


  • The software has a price tag.
  • With numerous supported file systems, the data recovery process may sometimes get confusing. However, you can always use the built-in help files to address the concern.

07 – Data Rescue 5 for Mac

mac data recovery software-Data Rescue 4

Data Rescue Mac can recover videos and photos from a Mac hard disk with its strong capability. With the data rescue software for Mac, you can make the selection for the scanned files based on the name, size, and modified date. It also supports the preview of lost files. Moreover, it can recognize the data duplication and eliminate duplicate ones. The biggest drawback is that it can only recover 100 types of files. It means that once many of our common data get lost, it doesn't work at all.

Pros and Cons


  • Allows a deep scan of the hard disk which is useful when the normal scanning fails to detect the deleted files.
  • Allows the Clone feature that creates a replica of your existing drive, and then scans the clone drive for deleted or lost files. This ensures that your main hard disk remains intact even if something goes wrong during the process.


  • An annual subscription is needed to use the program for unlimited data recovery for Mac.
  • Only support the recovery of 100 types and formats of data and files.

To Wrap Up

Different people have different needs and different approaches to help them recover data on Mac. All the above Mac data recovery tools are efficient in their ways and this Mac data recovery software can perform a good recovery process to users as an individual, you may find a perfect software from the list to best fit your needs.

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