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T2 Chip Data Recovery: How to Recover Lost Data from T2-Secured MacBook Pro/Air

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Jul 17, 2024 • Filed to: Solve Mac Problems • Proven solutions

Apple introduced the second-generation T2 customized chips for MacBook, and it helps out with a variety of functions like secure boot functions, enhancement of signal and image processing, storage of encrypted data, etc.

You can be as cautious while using your MacBook as you can, but still, there are some cases where you may lose some important data. All hope is not lost if you accidentally delete or lose some files on your MacBook. In this guide, we will learn how to recover lost data from T2-Secured MacBook Air or Pro.

What does the T2 chip do?

Apple T2 chip

Apple released a customized second-generation T2 security chip for Macbook. It has a range of functions like encrypted storage, enhanced image and signal processing, etc. It also increases the safety of your MacBook greatly.

The T2 chip is just like a whole computer and has a separate storage and memory, running on the bridgeOS. Facetime, Siri, and some other features become better because of the T2 chip, and it makes sure your PC is not compromised by a cyberattack because of the strong security it provides.

What Macs models have the T2 security chip?

Apple MacBook Air

Apple first introduced the T2 chip in the iMac Pro 2017, and every computer launched by them after that uses the powerful T2 security chip. If you have no idea about your Mac model, you should open system information to see your model and where it has the T2 chip inside. Check out the System Report in the Apple menu and select iBridge. You will know here if your device has the chip.

iMac Pro first got the T2 chip in 2017, and it was introduced to Mac Pro in 2019. Both the MacBook Pro and Air introduced the chip in 2018, and all later models make use of this chip.

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How T2 makes MacBook data recovery difficult?

The T2 chip has a lot of good features and increases the efficiency and security level of your MacBook. It makes data on the SSD secure by encryption, and it is almost impossible to recover data from a MacBook. The SSD gets bolted on phrase attempting and does not accept any security key.

MacBooks with the chip have a peculiar encryption ID, and if your Mac gets damaged and is not turning on, it will be very troublesome to get data back using common recovery methods.

How to recover lost data from Apple T2 Mac?

Although it is difficult to get back lost data from a Mac device installed with the T2 chip, it is not completely impossible. You can use a reliable tool like Wondershare Recoverit or follow some other basic techniques. Let us take a look at available options to perform data recovery on a MacBook with a T2 chip in it.

Method 1: Using Apple T2 chip data recovery software

The best way to restore files on an Apple T2-Secured device is by using a nice recovery tool like Wondershare Recoverit. It is easy to download the tool, install it, and then use it for data recovery. Here is how to use Wondershare Recoverit on your Apple MacBook.

Step 1: Launch Recoverit on your Mac device

Download and install Wondershare Recoverit on your Mac, and then click on the icon to run it. Once the tool is open, you can begin with data recovery.

Step 2: Select a location to search for lost files

Select the location for scan

In the Select Location tab, you will see various drives and have to select one from the Desktop or Devices tab. Click on Start once you choose the location.

Step 3: Scan this location

Scan the location

Recoverit will start a scan on your chosen location and look for deleted files here. All formatted and lost data will be found. You can even filters results after scanning to find your desired file faster.

Step 4: Preview the files

preview the photo

When you find the file, it is best to preview it once and ensure this is the one you are looking for. There are four ways of previewing data here.

Step 5: Recover and save files

Once you have seen the preview, you need to click on Recover to restore all desired files. Make sure you don’t save the files in the same folder again from where they were lost, and make a new destination for this data.

Method 2: Recover lost data from Time Machine backup

All Mac devices have a backup drive called Time Machine, and if you are lucky enough, Time Machine will back up data and keep a copy of your files. You will have an outside chance of recovering data from programs that are backed up by the Time Machine. Here is how to perform T2 chip data recovery using this method.

Recovery using Time Machine

  1. Connect your external storage device to your MacBook or iMac.
  2. Open the Menu bar and press the Time Machine symbol. This will open up the backup program for you.
  3. Use the Time Machine and navigate around to find out when your data was available.
  4. Once you find out the targeted file, press Spacebar to ensure that the backup file is not harmful to the device.
  5. Select all files you want to recover and then click on Restore to finish the process.

Time Machine is a nice backup program to get your files back if you set it up on your device before losing data. This method will not work if you did not make the backup.  

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Method 3: Restore lost files on T2-Secured Mac Devices from Trash

When you purposely or accidentally delete files from your Mac device, the files are sent to the Trash folder first and remain there for some time before being deleted permanently. It is possible to make a data recovery because the data stays here for a fixed time period, and you can get your data back during this time. Here is how to restore files from T2-Secured MacBook Pro or Air using Trash.

Restore data from Trash

  1. You will see the Trash button in Dock. Click on this to open the Trash folder and begin the recovery process.
  2. Navigate the folder and look for the files you want to restore.
  3. Once you find your required files and data, right-click on it and then click on Put back to restore them.

This is one of the simplest ways to restore data in a T2-Secured MacBook if you do not have or want to use a data recovery software.

Method 4: Restore Encrypted Data on Mac Computer with T2 Chip from iCloud Backup

All Mac devices that have the T2 chip come with a Passware Kit Forensic, which has a built-in tool to unlock APFS disks from your device. The iCloud recovery must be enabled to use this, and you should have your Apple ID backup or know your iCloud credentials.

Restore files using iCloud Backup

Your Mac is connected to a target PC using a USB-C or Thunderbolt, and the APFS disk is unlocked using iCloud backup recovery. The iCloud backup is mounted to your Mac is read-only, and the recovery process is initiated.

Method 5: Recover data from the failed T2 Mac by Apple store

Apple has a new way to recover data for MacBook Air and Pro 2018 and later models that use the T2 chip inside. When all other methods fail, you should consult your nearby Apple store and ask for their assistance regarding this issue.

Apple’s staff use a Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) or a Thunderbolt 3 to USB A cable to host an external storage device and another computer to transmit data from. The staff puts the devices into DFU mode, and Apple’s internal diagnostic tools are used to begin the recovery process.

Sometimes your Mac will show a black screen and not boot. In this case, it is best to contact the Apple Store who will support you and help recover data from the MacBook SSD.

The Bottom Line

Yes, the T2 chip in Mac devices after 2018 increases the security and enhances the performance levels of your PC, but it does have certain drawbacks because it makes data recovery really difficult to pull through.

In the above guide, we took a look at the various methods that can be used to recover data from a T2-Secured MacBook Pro or Air. You can use the reliable Wondershare Recoverit tool to easily get back lost data. It is simple to download and use it on your Apple MacBook Pro or Air.

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