Terminal Can Delete File On Mac | Follow Tutorial in 2020

Terminal might not be the most conventional way for you to delete files on your Mac but it has its perks. You can delete a larger number of files in a much faster time when you use this little but powerful tool.

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Terminal should not be something to frighten you. Many Mac users shy away from it because, in all fairness and honesty, using it can be complicated, but that’s only before you realize how simple it is to use.

One of its most important functions is deleting files, so if you’re wondering how to go about deleting a file in Terminal, or maybe even several files, keep reading. There are a few basic rules about Terminal you need to understand to do this, but you’ll get the hang of them soon enough.

Part 1: Scenarios to Delete Files via Terminal

By default, your Mac comes with numerous ways to delete files, ranging from keyboard shortcuts to your Finder. Certain third-party apps can perform the action for you too.

For the majority of Mac users, deleting files using these mediums is more user-friendly than Terminal, which is arguably true. With that being said, is there a reason you should opt for the more complex option? Yes, there is.

It won’t go amiss to choose a different save location for the recovered files from their original directory. The simple reason for this is when you recover deleted data back to the same directory it was deleted from, you stand a risk of overwriting the data before its fully recovered.

Recoverit Mac Data Recovery has been around for years, which should be credible proof of its efficiency and how trusted it is. Users who have tried other recovery software and then used Recoverit always state his simple fact: When it comes to data recovery, Recoverit takes the crown.


Closing Words

Rarely a day goes by without you turning on your Mac and accessing your files, does it? The files could be as small as a document or as large as a video encoded in the highest of definitions.

Terminal makes it very easy to make sure none of those files, big or small, use up space in your Mac’s drive. The powerful tool is a shortcut to deleting any type of file or folder regardless of whether it’s hidden or not.

Should the worst happen and you end up getting rid of important files, Recoverit can step in and make things right again. Give it a try. You won’t regret it.

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