How to Fix Hard Drive Failure

Cause of Hard Drive Failure

Hard drives are one of the most integral sources of memory in a computer. Basically, there are two types of hard drives that are commonly used. However, the solid state drive, referred as SSD is common of the lot. A large number of people experience the hard drive failure in their daily lives. It is quite important that one must know the various factors that cause hard drive failure and the steps to repair it. With the advancement of technology at such a fast pace, we are making our lives easier. However, there are products delivered can be quite not reliable. Hard drive is one such tech device that can cause issues that leads to failure of the hard drive. Some of these factors are listed below:

how to fix hard drive failure

Signs of Hard Drive Failure

When a hard drive fails there are various ways that the user comes to know about it. If the above factors have caused hard drive failure, here are few signs that might help the user determine that the hard drive is corrupted:

Part 1: How to Repair a Hard Drive

For the ones who are using Windows, you can easily check and repair your hard drive. Here are the steps that can be followed in order to fix these hard drives effectively:

  1. Make sure that you close all the existing and running operations on the OS for better functioning.

    fix hard drive failure step 1

  2. Launch My Computer. In case it is an external hard drive that you want to check, right click on the hard drive and choose properties.

    fix hard drive failure step 2

  3. A Window will be displayed. Go to the tools tab and choose error checking. Click on choose Check. You'll require administrator's permission. Fill in the password to allow.

    fix hard drive failure step 3

  4. The process of scanning will start as soon as you select fix drive. Also, the following step can be taken in order to check whether the internal hard drive is properly connected or not:It is quite set in our minds that hard drives are non-repairable. Before taking the step of completely replacing the internal hard drive in the first place, a user must check the actual fault in the hard drive. There are possibilities that your problem might be resolved with few steps:

Part 2: How to Replace the Hard Disk

If you have decided that a new hard disk is required, there are few things that you should keep in mind before purchasing a new one. Here are the features that you must check:

  1. Data and Power Connector Types: It is important that you check cables and the connectors of the hard drive through which they are connected with the PC. It will be of no use if you purchase a hard drive with different data and power connectors that do not match your PC.
  2. Capacity, Speed and Reliability: These are the three things we require from our hard drive. Make sure you purchase from a manufacturer that offers these services to the user.

Guide to replace the hard drive on a PC:

  1. Make sure to unplug your CPU from the monitor and the other peripheral devices. Also electrical connector from there plugs to maintain the security quotient. Safely open the lid of the CPU.

    replace hard drive step 1

  2. Locate the hard drive case and get the knowledge about the connectors for the connections.

    replace hard drive step 2

  3. Unscrew the case. Also give the support of your hand as it would the only support after the screws.

    replace hard drive step 3

  4. Now carefully slide out the old hard drive and slip the new one in the case. Put back the screws and attach the connectors in their respective connections.

    replace hard drive step 4

  5. Your PC is ready with its new hard drive now.

    replace hard drive step 5

After you have properly installed the hard drive ion your system, make sure that you check that your new hard drive is working or not. To test the functioning of the hard drive, you can check it by transferring all your data to it and then further copying it to another location. Also check the temperature of the CPU and listen the noises. In case you find something odd than the usual, report it to the vendor as soon as possible.

Part 3: How to Recover Data from Hard Drive

However, there is no proper way to overcome the hard drive failure, but as users, it is your responsibility to resolve the issue as much as you can. Here, there are few ways that'll help you in fixing the problem to some extent:

Try recovering your data: Well, we all know that hard drive failure causes data loss but if there are minor issues, your data can be recovered if you take proper measure. Recoverit data recovery software is an excellent hard drive data recovery program that helps in delivering the best solution in the users regard. Just with the help of a mouse, it can be used by a tech professional as well as a layman.

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