How to Fix Ntdetect Failed Error

This page offers the solution of how to fix the Ntdetect Failed error. Read it in details and you will find how it helps.

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Part 1What's NTDETECT?

NTDETECT, the full name of which is, is a component of Microsoft Windows NT operating systems that works on the x86 architecture. It's responsible for detecting basic hardware and gathering information to boot up the operating system. When NTLDR takes over control of the booting process, NTDETECT will be invoked and hardware information is collected and transferred to ntoskrnl.exe, the Windows kernel. file is included in Windows XP, 2003 and Vista,


When you are booting up the Windows system and if is deleted, damaged, or corrupted, the boot process may not succeed, and the following error message will be given: "NTDETECT Failed". Sometimes, you probably have issues with the ntldr and boot.ini files as well.

Part 2How to Fix NTDETECT Failed Error?

Solution 1: Use the Windows Recovery Console

If you have a Windows Installation Disc at hand, it's easy to fix NTDETECT Failed issue. Do as follow:

1. Reboot the computer and change the boot sequence to make CD-ROM as the first boot device, insert Windows CD/DVD, and restart again.

2. When the "Welcome to Setup" screen appears, press R to start the Recovery Console.

3. In Recovery Console, type the Administrator password (blank by default, so just press ENTER).

4. Execute the following commands. Assuming the CD/DVD drive is D: and the system drive is C: Change them according to your case.

copy d:i386 tldr c:

copy d:i386 c:

5. If an invalid boot.ini error message is prompted, you also need to create a boot.ini file by type in bootcfg /rebuild and hit ENTER.

Add installation to boot list? (Yes/No/All) - Type Y.

Enter Load Identifier: - Type Windows XP Professional or Windows XP Home Edition for your selection in the boot menu.

Enter OS Load options: - Leave it blank, just press ENTER].

6. Take out the CD and type exit before pressing ENTER, and reboot the computer.

Tips: Several problems may occur when downgrading from Windows Vista to Windows XP. Therefore, you are highly recommended to wipe clean the hard drive before installing Windows XP. And you'd better prepare all hard drivers at hand because you may find out some drivers only support Windows Vista.

Part 3How to recover lost data resulted from NTDETECT Failed Error

The NTDETECT Failed Error might often result in data loss on your computer. And wrong operations to fix the NTDETECT Fail Error are also a common reason for accidental data deletion or even formatted hard drive. When such a problem occurs, you`ll probably need a powerful data recovery tool to restore all the lost files.

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