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How to Recover Deleted Pages Files on Mac

Wondershare Recoverit Authors

Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Recover Files • Proven solutions

There are several instances when one accidentally closed an unsaved page document. There are also some instances when one carelessly loses or deletes a page document that is required.

Now, recovering those unsaved or deleted pages files on Mac is a tricky process for many. To help you out on the same, we are presenting you with an absolute guide on

How to recover deleted pages files on Mac?

This guide will let you recover deleted pages of a document in an easy and effortless way. All you need to do is to follow this guide.

Part 1: Recover Unsaved Pages Document through History Versions

There are many instances when you are in a hurry and forget to save some important pages documents. If such is your condition, then you need to know that you can easily recover them using the process mentioned below.

All you need to do is to launch the pages application that you have particularly used to edit the unsaved pages document.

Once done, click on the “File” as shown and select “Revert To” from the given options followed by “Browse All Versions” at the end. Select the version that you want to keep, and you are done.

select “Browse All Versions”

Part 2: Recover Lost/Deleted Pages Documents with Recoverit

Deleting pages of documents is very frustrating, especially when the data is crucial. In this case, a lot of things come to one’s mind. But you should not try several things as it can further deteriorate the situation.

To help you out on the same, we are providing you with various trusted and tested techniques for recovering deleted pages document.

Use Recoverit for Mac

Recoverit data recovery for Mac is one of the best data recovery software. Wondershare Recoverit will allow you to recover all types of files and that too in just 3 easy steps.

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Step 1: Select a location

In order to recover lost/deleted pages of documents from a Mac computer, you have to launch Wondershare Recoverit. Once logged in, select a drive under the” Devices” tab. You can also do this through the “Desktop” under the “Select Location” tab as shown in the main menu.

select a location

Note: If you specifically know the exact file path, you can go with “Select Folder”. It will be under the “Select Location” tab.

chose “Select Folder”

Step 2: Scan the location:

Once you are done with selecting the location click on “Start”. This will initiate the process of all-around scanning.

During the scanning process, you can pinpoint the file that you want to restore.

pinpoint the files

You can also stop or start the process of scanning when you need.

Step 3: Preview and Recover Files

Recoverit gives you an option to preview your file. If you want to preview a file before restoring, you can easily do so by clicking on “Preview”.

click on “Preview”

Once you are satisfied with the quality or you are confirmed that this is the very file you were looking for, click on “Recover”.

You will be presented with a window asking for the location to save the file. It is advised to select a different location. Once selected, click on “Recover”. This will let you restore the file to the selected location.

click on “Recover”

Part 3: Recover Lost/Deleted Pages Documents from Trash Bin

If you have lost or deleted pages of documents, and now you are thinking of recovering. The first thing you need to do is to go for Trash Bin.

For this, go to the bottom of your Mac computer beside the dock. Once you find it, click on it to find the pages. Once found, right-click to recover lost or deleted pages. Select “Put Back” from the given options. Your lost/deleted pages will be restored to the original place.

chose “Put Back”

Part 4: Use Mac autosave to recover Lost/Deleted Pages Documents

Auto-save is a part of MacOS itself. It lets you auto-save the documents that you are working on. The thing is, when you are editing a document, the changes you made are automatically saved. You need not do it manually, provided you have turned on this feature before editing or working on a document.

For this, you need to go to find a pages document. Then right-click on it to open it with “Pages”. This will let you see all the pages of documents that you have left unsaved or opened. Now select the one that you are looking to restore.

select page document

Once selected, go to “File” followed by “Save”.

select “save’

Part 5: Recover Lost/Deleted Pages Documents from Temporary Folder

You can easily recover lost/deleted page documents from Mac temporary folders. All you need to do is to go to the “Finder” and then to the “Applications”. Once you reach the applications select “Utilities”. Now all you need to do is to find and run the terminal on your Mac computer. Now input “open$TMPDIR” followed by “Enter”.

type “open$TMPDIR”

Now find the page document and open it to save it.

open the page document

Part 6: Recover Lost/Deleted Pages Documents Using Time machine

Time machine provides you an immense ability to backup data to an external drive. The thing is, there are several instances when you lose your files or you accidentally delete them, or in some cases, corruption occurs. In these situations, you can use the inbuilt feature on Mac to recover lost/deleted pages of documents.

All you need to do is to click on the Apple icon in the menu bar. Once clicked go to the “System Preferences”. Now find and enter Time Machine. Now open the folder where the page document is saved. Once done, scroll the timeline to find the deleted pages document.

find deleted pages document

Once found, click on “Restore”. This will let you recover deleted files with Time Machine.


When it comes to recovering deleted pages on Mac, there are many ways to do so. What matters the most is which technique you are going to apply. This matters because an unreliable technique can worsen the condition. It can permanently damage the file.

To help you out on the same, some trusted and tested techniques are provided to you. If it doesn’t work in your favor, all you need to know that Wondershare Recoverit is one of the best data recovery techniques that you can go with. It let you effortlessly recover deleted pages document on both Windows and Mac and that too without any worry of loss of data.

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