How to Recover Deleted Windows Files with Linux

You may just realize that you deleted some Windows files you never intended to. Follow the guidelines in this article and recover your deleted files with Linux.

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recover deleted windows files with linux

It becomes a nightmare if, as a computer user, you mistakenly delete a file or discover that you need a file you initially deleted. Although deleted files usually go to the Recycle Bin, this may not always be the case, especially for older files. That is why this article will show you how you can recover the Windows files you deleted, with Linux. With the use of Ubuntu Live CD, or by dual-booting Linux and Windows, you can apply the solutions provided in this article.

Things to Do Before Recovering Deleted Windows Files

Before you start the recovery of your deleted Windows files as will be taught below, you must do the following in preparation:

before recovering deleted windows files 1

before recovering deleted windows files 2

Recover Deleted Windows Files from Linux through Ntfsundelete

Recover deleted Windows files using the pre-installed Ntfsundelete on the Linux system. This utility is also available on Ubuntu's live CD.

recover files through ntfsundelete 1

recover files through ntfsundelete 2

Recover Deleted Windows Files from Linux Using Testdisk

A powerful tool you can use to recover your Windows deleted files from Linux is Testdisk. This tool is so powerful that if you do not use it correctly, you may end up causing more harm than good to your system. This is why you need to carefully follow the steps below if you must do it correctly:

recover files using testdisk 1

recover files using testdisk 2

recover files using testdisk 3

recover files using testdisk 4

recover files using testdisk 5

recover files using testdisk 6

recover files using testdisk 7

Further Reading on Recovering Deleted Files on Windows

A bonus tip for recovering deleted Windows files with Linux: use the professional recovery tool Recoverit Data Recovery. This tool retrieves files that you may have given up on ever getting back due to such data loss scenarios such as deletion, system format, damage to the internal hard drive, system crash, SD card corruption, etc. You can download and install Recoverit on your Windows operating system, then recover your files in a three-step process.

You should know that Recoverit is quite secure and effective and it can be used even by novice computer users because it is user-friendly. Now, who doesn't want a tool they can easily navigate through? You can recover a vast number of file types and formats with Recoverit, hence it is not limited in that regard.

Follow the steps below after you have installed the software:

Step 1: Select a Location

Click on the folder where you deleted the files and tap on "Start".

recoverit interface

Step 2: Scan the Location

Recoverit performs the function of scanning through the selected location to retrieve all your missing files

operations during scanning

Step 3: Preview and Save

Preview all the recovered files and click on "Recover" to save them to a new location of your choice. It's as simple as it gets!

preview recovered photos

The Bottom Line

With the solutions provided in this article, you now know how to recover deleted Windows files with Linux. For the ultimate result, install the Recoverit Data Recovery tool on your system and get back those lost files!

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