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Garmin USB Ant Stick Recovery to Retrieve Lost Activity Data

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Aug 16, 2023 • Filed to: USB Recovery • Proven solutions

I have saved all my Garmin fitness device data in my Garmin USB Ant Stick, which 2 years of activity data. Yesterday because of my mistake, I deleted all activity data. How am I going to retrieve it? Best regards.

Are you also being troubled by such an annoying problem? How could you recover your important data in the Garmin USB Ant Stick? This is a headache, especially when the deleted data is all about your fitness and health. Here in this article, you will learn the simplest 2 ways to restore data and that you still have a chance to get back your lost data, all with Garmin USB Ant Stick recovery software.

Common Way: Recover Data By Using CMD

Firstly, you can try the free and easy way by using CMD to recover your lost data in Garmin USB Ant Stick. What is CMD? CMD is the acronym for Command Prompt (also known as cmd.exe), it's a command-line interpreter application on every Windows operating systems that allows you to interact with the system. To recover data using CMD, simply follow these steps:

  1. Click the Start button
  2. Select the Command Prompt (Admin) from the menu
  3. Typechkdsk (letter of drive containing the deleted files): /f” into the Command Prompt window and click Enter.
  4. Wait for the command to process.
  5. Type letter of the drive again and click Enter.
  6. Type attrib -h -r -s /s /d *. * and click Enter.

However, sometimes by using CMD you cannot recover all the data in your USB drive. You may need the assistant of data recovery software to take an all-around recovery.

Novel Way: 3 Steps to Perform Garmin USB Ant Stick Data Recovery

It is strongly suggested that you don't put any new data in your Garmin USB Ant Stick after it corrupted, because the lost data can be easily covered by new files. Then you can get Wondershare Data Recovery or Wondershare Recoverit for Mac to recover data from Garmin USB Ant Stick. This useful USB data recovery tool can retrieve not only activity data from your Garmin USB Ant Stick, but also photos, videos, audio files, and more. The USB recovery is quite easy: all you need to do is to connect your Garmin USB Ant Stick with your computer and launch the program to scan it.

Download the trial version of Wondershare Garmin USB Ant Stick Recovery Software and start the USB data recovery now.

Flash Drive Recovery Software

The Best Flash Drive Data Recovery Software

  • The application is available across both Windows and macOS.
  • It supports recovery in more than 1000 different file formats, many of which are alien to the user itself.
  • Other than performing a recovery scan on the conventional folder of the disk, you can retrieve files that are damaged or corrupted by viruses such as worms, Trojan horses, and malware.
  • If you want to recover data from your Garmin USB, then you are in luck as Recoverit offers data recovery in every external device there is, including an SD card, USB, and an external hard drive.
  • If your PC has crashed, then with the assistance of WinPE, you can create bootable media and recover data with ease.
  • There is nothing much to it other than the fact that with three easy steps, you can recover data from the USB with complete efficiency.

Here are the steps to perform Garmin USB Ant Stick Data Recovery:

Step 1. Select a Location:

Plug your Garmin USB with the PC and run Recoverit. Select the USB's icon from the interface and click on the"Start" button.

select the location on your wondows

Step 2. Wait for Scan to Finish:

Recoverit offers the option to stop or pause the recovery scan. It will also show you the recovered file along the way. Once the search is complete, the interface will notify you with a pop-up.

scan your system on windows

Step 3. Save your Recovered Files:

Once you have successfully checked the authenticity of the retrieved files, the next step is to save the items to a permanent location. Recoverit allows you to keep the data wherever you like.

scan the usb location

Bonus Tips for Preventing Data Loss in Garmin USB Ant Stick

Data loss can cause extreme inconvenience both in your work and your life. So, are there some methods to help you prevent data loss in advance? The answer is absolutely YES! In this part, we will give some suggestions for you to prevent data loss, also, you can refer to this article for a better understanding of data loss: Data Loss Prevention: How to Prevent Data Loss in USB drive.

1. Using Antivirus Software

Antivirus software safeguards your computer system from virus attacks. Antivirus prevents your system from establishing virus codes that keep your computer system safe. It also stops virus attacks and data theft from unauthorized applications and websites.

There are many types of antivirus software present in the market. You can easily get suitable antivirus software for your computer system to keep it safe and secure from viruses and also from data loss.

Latest Antivirus Software comes with a set of advanced tools that scans every file stored in your computer system. You can also customize the scanning process by selecting the folder or files that need to be scanned. Advanced features help protect and recover files quickly.

2. Using Encryption Technique

Most technical users follow this method to keep their data safe from unauthorized users. The same method can prevent the loss of data due to encryption of it. You can try out data encryption techniques to save your sensitive data. This technique requires special tools and skills.

3. Using Backup Software

Instead of going for an expensive method of data recovery, you should start taking a backup of your important and sensitive data. You can also try out reliable data recovery backup software such as Wondershare Ubackit.

This data backup software serves as an intuitive user interface that lets you take backup of your computer’s different folders and files. It’s a highly customizable software that helps you take backup, schedule backup, customize backup folders, and more.

4. Keeping Your Computer System Dry and Dust-Free

Data might get corrupted due to excessive moisture and dust. You should regularly clean up your computer system by using a cotton cloth and the cleaning agent that prevents dust from entering into the system parts. Make sure to keep your computer system dry and dust-free. This will keep your data safe and prevents it from getting corrupted due to dust and moisture.


In this editorial, you have learned in detail the reason behind the loss of data on a Garmin USB Ant Stick and the most convenient way to recover it, and how to make some preparations to avoid the data loss. You could use CMD to go on the recovery, but if you want to ensure your data get an all-around recovery, there is no better option than using Recoverit to restore your files to their former glory.

So, have you got full understanding of this article? If yes, just try these methods to recover your Garmin USB Ant Stick!

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