MacBook devices are among the most popular portable computers worldwide. You can carry a high-performing and lightweight device wherever you go and access your business documents, games, social media platforms, and other programs on the move.

If you're a MacBook fan, you may wonder what to expect from the upcoming M3 MacBook Air model. We have prepared a guide to help you understand the hype around this device, its key specs, performance, and other features. Read ahead for more details.

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The Hype Around M3 MacBook Air and Its Release Date

One of the things that puts Apple users on the edge of their seats is the new M3 chipset. In the past, the difference between the M1 and M2 chipsets was significant regarding power efficiency, quality, and performance, so most people have high expectations for the new CPU.

The design is another reason we can't wait for the new MacBook Air release. Rumor has it that the new laptop will be thinner than ever and have a 15-inch display, which wasn't the case with other MacBook Air models. You may also expect the device to come in different colors, but we'll touch on that later.

The release date still isn't fixed, but many tech experts estimate it'll be somewhere in the summer/fall of 2024. It may also be the case that Apple will launch the laptop at the Apple Event in March, which is the most probable scenario.

apple m2 chip

M3 MacBook Air: Key Specs & Performance

The only thing we know (but aren’t sure of) about the new MacBook Air is that it’ll have the latest M3 chipset. Apple will reveal other specifications like battery and display at the launch event. Until then, we can only speculate about the future specifications.

However, we can discuss the specifications of the latest chipset for MacBook and iPad devices. This chipset is an innovation on the market since it has at least eight CPU cores and ten GPU cores, making it highly efficient.

There are currently three versions of the new M3 chip. Here are their differences.

SpecificationsM3 M3 ProM3 Max
Cores 8-core CPU, 10-core GPUUp to 12-core CPU, 18-core GPUUp to 16-core CPU, 40-core GPU
Unified memory Up to 24 GBUp to 36 GBUp to 128 GB
Transistors 25 billion37 billion92 billion

One of the most innovative features of this chipset is that Apple used a 3nm technology, which has never been seen before in the computer world. This technology will pack more performance-boosting features into the CPU while using as little power as possible. Thus, the new MacBook Air should deliver up to 35% battery efficiency.

Another improved element is the GPU experience. Apple claims that the new integrated GPU is the fastest so far. Moreover, you will see the graphics distinction since the upcoming MacBook Air will have numerous enhancing features. Here are some of them:

  • Dynamic Caching – This feature will only use the memory necessary for a specific task by allocating local memory.
  • Hardware-accelerated ray tracing – This feature will make everything appear more realistic, which is ideal for designers and gamers.
  • Mesh shading – This is another feature responsible for providing realistic images. The chip will use its innovative technologies to represent shades as they appear in the real world.

M3 Mac Air Build Quality and Design Expectations

It's already widely known that MacBook Air devices have some of the most beautiful and lightweight designs on the market. That is what you can expect from the new model. Apple constantly strives for innovation, and we may get lighter, thinner, and more robust designs.

We don't expect the build quality to change much; the new MacBook Air devices will have Apple's signature aluminum unibodies.

Potential Design Updates

Regarding the design, you can expect a more modern, minimalistic approach for the new MacBook Air models. Instead of the slightly curved edges and build, you can expect a square design, making this model stand out.

As with the predecessors, the design will be universal, fitting everyone's aesthetics and style.

Color Options

Many Apple users wanted more colorful options for their favorite tech devices. Apple listened to the requests and delivered new colors for their iPhone devices, which you can't expect from the latest MacBook Air models.

Instead, you can get midnight, silver, space gray, and starlight, Apple's signature colors. However, Apple hasn't announced that; there's still a chance we'll get some other color options.

M3 MacBook Air Display Upgrades

MacBook devices nowadays use the Liquid Retina display, the same we expect to get on the newest MacBook Air version. Although nothing is official, experts believe it won't change on the new model.

The only possible difference might be in the LED lights, which might produce brighter results but cut battery use. The resolution will stay the same (2,560-by-1,664 pixels), and the ratio should be 16:10, like in previous models. Thus, display-wise, you might see a minor difference.

Apple M3 MacBook Air Connectivity

The current M2 MacBook Air version comes with several ports, such as:

  • MagSafe 3 charging port
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • DisplayPort
  • Thunderbolt 3 (up to 40Gb/s)
  • USB 4 (up to 40Gb/s)
  • USB 3.1 Gen 2 (up to 10Gb/s)

Moreover, this model supports Wi-Fi 6, enabling mind-boggling speeds of up to 2402 Mbps. As far as the ports and connectivity goes, we won’t expect any major upgrades in the new M3 MacBook Air model. The only change we can expect in this field is Wi-Fi support; the new MacBook might support 6E connections and faster speeds.

Apple M3 MacBook Air Storage Options

Although the amount of memory the new M2 MacBook Air will get is still not disclosed, we can expect it to be anywhere from 256 GB to 1 TB. That should be enough to store your apps, data, and programs for the best computer experience.

Aside from the hardware options, users will have software storage solutions, such as iCloud and Time Machine, for data backups. Even though these solutions should be safe, you still cannot be 100% sure something won't go sideways, making you lose your data. None of these solutions guarantee recovery, so you should always have a backup plan if you lose your files.

One of the best and most reliable recovery solutions on the market is Wondershare Recoverit, which has been around for over two decades. This tool has unique algorithms for Apple devices, ensuring you can recover data in any data loss scenario.

For example, if you're transferring data from your old computer to the new Apple MacBook Air, and some transfers aren't complete, you can use the tool to recover what you lost.

Moreover, Wondershare Recoverit offers a patented Enhanced Recovery technology to patch fragments of professional video files and photos. The best part about the tool is that it covers all data loss scenarios and file types, and you can be worry-free on your recovery journey.

Once you get the new MacBook Air laptop, download the tool from the official website and have it by your side in case of data loss. Follow the steps below to recover your data:

Free Download
Free Download
  1. Open Wondershare Recoverit and click Hard Drives and Locations.
  2. Choose the storage to recover files.
    choose the location for scanning
  3. Once you select the storage unit, the program will automatically start scanning. You can pause this process if needed.
    scan the location
  4. You can filter your files by size and type for faster recovery.
    filter by file size
  5. You can also search for the missing files by name.
    filter by Image name
  6. After the program finishes scanning, preview the recovered files and select what to save. Click Recover.
    preview and recover
  7. Choose where to save the files.
    select a file path

M3 MacBook Air: Expected Price

Apple has followed some patterns in the past, allowing us to predict the prices of new products. Namely, just before the company releases the new MacBook Air, the cost of the previous models will gradually drop until it reaches the $999 mark. Since MacBook Air devices with M2 chips are starting to get a new price, we can expect the pricing system to be the same for the new model.

The current prices of MacBook Air devices with M2 chips are as follows:

  • $1,099 for 8/256 GB, 8-core CPU, 8-core GPU;
  • $1,399 for 8/512 GB, 8-core CPU, 10-core GPU.

The starting price should be around $1,199, which was the case with the M1 and M2 MacBook Air models. However, since the M2 model currently has a price tag of $1,099, the new M3 model’s starting price might be slightly higher ($1,299). The highest price might be between $1,599 and $1,999, depending on the additional specs and accessories.

These are just estimates for your reference. Let’s wait and see.


MacBook Air laptops may be one of the best all-in-one laptop devices on the market. They are lightweight (hence the Air part), high-performing, modern, and suitable for anyone, no matter their needs and preferences. Thus, if purchasing a new laptop, you might want to wait a few months to get the best one in the industry.

We have helped you learn more about the upcoming MacBook Air with the M3 chip, including its essential tech specs, pricing, performance, and other elements. However, take everything with a grain of salt since these are just estimates and rumors. You can confirm the specs and other features once Apple releases the device, which should be in March 2024.

Free Download
Free Download
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