Methods to fix the Windows Runtime Error [2021]

Have you ever encountered the Windows Runtime Error? If yes, this article helps you with the steps that can resolve the error, thus saving you from delays.

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For the users working on important data or with relevant files, a ‘Windows Runtime Error’ can be disrupting and disturbing. While this error is more or less due to internally corrupted files, there is no reason why you can’t get rid of this error by following some simple steps. However, before we dig into the solutions that can help you overcome the ‘Windows Runtime Error’, let us gain a basic understanding of ‘Windows Runtime Error’.

Part 1 What is a Runtime Error and what causes this Error?

The error that occurs during the execution of a program is called the ‘Windows Runtime Error’. When an application or any program cannot work to its full capacity due to a software or hardware error, we face this error. What causes further distress is the possibility of losing information in the file that is being currently operated. It can cause irreparable errors to your device, or even corrupt it, leaving you with nothing. However, this doesn’t stop an application from working, unlike the ‘Stop Errors’ that are usually encountered.

windows runtime error

So, the next question that arises is what causes this ‘Windows Runtime Error’?

In most cases, the operation of two incompatible software programs, lack of memory or storage space, the presence of malicious software, bugs, and viruses can cause the ‘Windows Runtime Error’. In almost every case, one doesn’t get enough information suggesting how to solve that particular error, but only the message saying that the error exists, as depicted in the picture above. In the following sections, we shall take a look at the methodologies to solve the ‘Windows Runtime Error’.

Part 2 Using Basic Steps to solve the ‘Windows Runtime Error’:

In the following section, we shall take a look at some of the basic solutions to encounter the ‘Windows Runtime Error’. We recommend that you execute these solutions before moving on to the complex ones discussed further in the article.

1) Start with the combination of ‘Ctrl+Alt+Del’, access the Task Manager, and check for the programs you are running. You can press the ‘Processes’ tab and have a sorted listed by ‘User Name’.

2) Conflicts are often caused due to running programs and you can help this by using the ‘End Process’ option. You can manually end each program until you find the one that is causing all the trouble.

3) It is important that you check for the ‘Windows runtime error’ message after each program has been stopped.

4) The identified program must be repaired or re-installed in order to resolve the issue within the program that caused the ‘Windows runtime error’.

windows runtime error

5) Make sure that you update the program to its latest version by downloading the same from the manufacturers’ website.

6) One can also seek patches or bugs for the corrupted program, and that should help you resolve the ‘Windows Runtime Error’. Also, it is advisable to have all the latest patches and bugs for your program handy.

7) Check for any irrelevant or malicious plug-ins, add-ons, and other software programs that might be causing the ‘Windows Runtime Error’ in the first place.

8) You must have a good anti-virus program installed in order to combat the malicious bugs, viruses, malware that are often trying to attack your computer. Run an extensive scan, and check for any inconsistencies within the files.

9) If nothing else works, you can go for the latest version of your Operating System. 

windows runtime error

Part 3 How to Fix the ‘Windows Runtime Error’ in Internet Explorer?

In the following section, we explore the steps that can help us resolve the ‘Windows Runtime Error’ in Internet Explorer. We specifically take up this section as most of the ‘Windows Runtime Errors’ are faced while using Internet Explorers.

1) To start with, you must save your work and then close all the existing programs. Turn to Internet Explorer, click on the ‘Tools’ menu, and choose the Internet Options from the list that comes up. You must then click the ‘Advanced Tab’, follow it by clicking on the ‘Reset’ button, and on the new Window that opens again, click ‘Reset’. Finally, close the Internet Explorer browser and reboot your computer. By following the above steps, we go back to default settings, and in most cases, this solves the ‘Windows Runtime Error’. However, if the error still persists, here is what you can do.

windows runtime error

2) Save all your work and close the existing programs. Start with launching the Internet Explorer>Tools>Internet Options>Advanced Tab, and scroll down the settings box until you see the browsing category. You are then required to browse the list and check the boxes next to the labels that read ‘Disable Script Debugging (Internet Explorer)’ and ‘Disable Script Debugging (Other)’.

windows runtime error

3) You are then required to scroll down and look for the label that reads ‘Display a Notification about every Script Error’ and uncheck the box.

4) Click on ‘Apply’ in order to save the settings and click on ‘Ok’ to close the Options window.

5) As usual, shut down the browser and reboot your system.

If the above-listed steps don’t solve the ‘Windows Runtime Error’, it is possible that the error lies within the registry. We will tackle the solutions for that in the next section.

Part 4 Using a Registry Cleaner to fix the ‘Windows Runtime Error’:

Now, it is important to know that the market is flooded with registry cleaners, each promising to deliver the best performance. However, if you use them without any technical knowledge, you might just end up creating more errors than you can resolve. Therefore, it is important to have the ideal registry cleaner for the job.

windows runtime error

As a user, I prefer ‘CCleaner’, which doubles up as a PC cleaning tool. Even though a commercial product, this one has the finishing of a wonderful computer maintenance tool.

‘Windows Runtime Error’ can lead to work paralysis and therefore must be resolved at the earliest. In order to gain a better understanding of the methods that can resolve ‘Windows Runtime Error’, it is important to have knowledge of what causes these errors in the first place. This can prevent the error happening in the first place. If you used any of the above-given methods, let us know how it worked for you through the comments.

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