Recover Corrupted, Deleted, or Unsaved Draw File

Losing your corrupted draw file accidentally can put your job at risk. Recover draw files using the solutions shared here.

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DRAW is software built for graphic designing, and we know that many of you use it too. All your designs, like logo, typography, illustrations, and others, are saved in the .cdr extension. However, what happens sometimes is that a draw file can get corrupt. Trying to open it would be a time-consuming task, especially when the file has been unsaved and the program hangs. If you want to repair or recover a coral draw file, then you are at the right place now. Here, we are sharing some possible solutions that help you in knowing how to recover corrupted draw x7 files with a few simple methods.

Part 1: What is the Draw file?

As you already know about DRAW, then you most probably also know about the DRAW file. Those who have used this program know it quite well. When you design anything and save it to a folder, then it is saved as a CDR file. A CDR file consists of shape, image, text, colors. It is a vector graphic file that can be manipulated with the help of a vector editing program. You can use any product to open the CDR file. Let us learn the ways on how to recover draw corrupt file.

Part 2: How to Recover Corrupted Draw File

Method 1: Recover corrupted CDR file using .zip or .rar formats

You have to download WinRAR to learn how to recover draw corrupt file using .zip or .rar formats. First of all, it is necessary to unzip files, and the best tool for that is WinRAR or WinZip. After downloading it, follow the given steps:

Method 2: Recover corrupted CDR file from Temp Folder

If the above method has failed to help then; you recover the drawl file from the temp folder. This method surely works for you. The corrupted CDR file might be saved in there and if it is, then do the following as mentioned:

Method 3: Recover corrupted CDR file by renaming the Temp file

Do not worry if the problem persists. You still have an option left to try and learn how to recover unsaved draw file. All you need a tool like WinZip to process. You can know how to recover corrupted draw x3 files quickly.

Method 4: Recover deleted or unsaved Draw file with data recovery software

Save yourself from trouble by rescuing your essential files that had been deleted by mistake. Scan files free and recovers like photos, videos, emails, and much more. The only software you can trust is Recoverit. It can restore more than 1000 types of files from recycle bin, desktop, to various storage devices. Let's learn how to recover deleted draw files or how to recover unsaved draw file.

Step 1: Select Location

Download and install the software. Click on the "Deleted Files Recovery" mode to open it. Choose a file location where you have lost it. Start scanning the files by clicking on "Start".

recoverit interface

Step 2: Scanning the location

Depending on the file sizes, it takes some minutes or hours to scan all the files.

operations during scanning

Step 3: Preview and Save

Now, save the files, but it would be better if you preview them first. Choose a file and click the "Preview" button when you can view the thumbnail. Recover them by clicking on the "Recover" button.

preview recovered photos

The Bottom Line

DRAW is a fantastic vector drawing tool, which is loaded with explicit features and an intuitive user interface. But if you have tried to store a large number of files to the network drive or faced crashes in the DRAW program, then you have to repair the files. The last option you have left is recovering them if the repair is not working. We would recommend you Recoverit for recovering the unsaved and deleted CDR file from your system. It teaches you how to recover draw files.

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