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How to Recover Excel Temporary Files in Windows 10 is a common query. Computers work logically with applications. That includes optimizing the memory of storage resources. Across many applications, files are updated in instances, either default or according to user preferences. Files of Microsoft Excel temporary files in Windows 10 are no exception to the above rules.

temp files folders

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All along, there are many instances where users are required to initiate the recovery of Excel temp files. This is a handy resource that will guide you regarding the instances and the exact steps to help you. And most application users with this knowledge find it helpful in many scenarios. Join me, and let's dive into the finer details.

Part 1: Where Are Temporary Excel Files Stored in Windows 10

Ms office has the feature- Autorecover - which saves files as you work on an Excel inclusive application. (Autorecover also helps in Ms word and PowerPoint applications)

Each time you work, Microsoft Excel creates a temporary file every time you create a new spreadsheet. The default directory for the storage of Ms excel temp files is "C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Microsoft."

default tempfile per OS versions

Different Windows versions will store unsaved spreadsheets in the following default directories.

However, you may find excel storing the same temps in various locations according to user preferences.

On most occasions, you'll notice Excel files that are a little unique. Excel temp files have a prefix in their filename with a squiggly hyphen, or better known as the toddle ("~")

squiggly tem file

Also, in case you save the Ms. Excel file in a network drive, you'll not necessarily find it in the default directory as above,

Pro-Tip: When you see the temp files, do not delete them. Neither should you panic. If you check later, they disappear. You may also notice that temp files appear every time you make copies and paste them in separate locations or directories.

Part 2: How to Recover Temporary Files in Excel 2016/2013/2010

Ms. Office has an AutoRecover tool, and it covers you if your version is any of 2016/2013/2010. Simply, it autosaves your work and is very helpful in case you require to retrieve one.

Auto recovery helps you with anything from loss of power, system crashes, or misoperations while working on Excel files.

Please note that AutoSave and AutoRecover are all the same but vary in line with versions of Office versions installed on your PC.

Recover A Temp Excel File From Onedrive

OneDrive is great for your back up. It allows you to access versions of your Excel files.

OneDrive makes updates and therefore covers you in case of data loss while working on spreadsheets.

Data loss due to failure of Hard Drives is a mess you easily overcome with OneDrive backups.

onedrive icon

Step 1. Locate the blue icon for your OneDrive. Click on it and proceed to select more, and go to the View online option.

onedrive search online

Step 2. Using the Search box on OneDrive, search through the recycle bin.

Step 3. Once you locate a lost Excel file, select the Restore File Option. [ Hint: do not ignore other storage locations or emails]

Step 4. Finally, update the lost and found files via OneDrive sync and ensure you update your local copies

Video tutorial: Excel Document Recovery

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Bonus Tip: Recover Lost/Deleted Excel Files with Data Recovery Software

One fantastic thing about computers is the way they are helpful in everyday business.

While data loss is common, there are great workarounds to get you out of trouble.

To be on the safe side, arm yourself with this software - Recoverit Data Recovery Software.

Working with Ms. Excel versions can be tricky at times. And it saves my days. As a finance modeling specialist, you create and archive numerous spreadsheets and share them as well.

And the surefire way to keep everything intact is to deploy Recoverit as part of your backup strategy.

Without a whiff of doubt, you are well covered by Recoverit and more than 1000 + typical applications you use.

The other excellent scores of Recoverit are a high recovery rate and working great for any storage media.

First, download, and run the installation files. This will only take you 3 minutes on a good WiFi connection.

Secondly, launch the scan within a location where you want your files stored after recovery.

computer scan.

Lastly, preview all your files after recovery. Do not stop at that. Transfer then to a secure location.

excel preview

And you are done!

The Bottom Line

Many users are not aware of the vast array of helpful tips they can find online.

If you are an Excel user, data loss should not shift you from thinking about your business's primary focus.

You may also come across Excel files whose names have this sign(~). Do not fear. Over time they clear your system. Those are just TEMP files or, preferably, files in transformation.

As a Pro User of Ms. Excel, you do not have to fear data loss as such. You have two handy tools in your arsenal:

One is the recovery of the Temp file versions of Excel.

Second is a superb data recovery tool - the Recoverit Data Recovery.

With Recoverit, all you need is to download, install, and launch a scan to recover temporary excel files.

While Recoverit sorts you across many data recovery needs, you need to follow the particular function for Deleted Files Recovery.

Once you launch recovery, ensure you save the files in a safe location.

Here's a link to a video showing you every step to recover temporary excel files using Recoverit.

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