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Detailed Review of Remo Data Recovery Software

Wondershare Recoverit Authors

Mar 16, 2024 • Filed to: Recover Files • Proven solutions

There often comes a situation when you accidentally lose or delete data. Although there is a lot of software available in the market to recover data, randomly selecting one can make things worse.

In order to avoid such a situation, you are required to go with trusted software. Remo Data Recovery is one of the most widely used platforms for recovering data. Here we are presenting you with a complete guide on Remo Recovery Reviews.

This guide will let you decide whether to go with Remo Data Recovery or not? If not, then what options do you have to recover your data?

What I Like

There are a lot of things that I like about Remo Data Recovery. Some of them are.

1. Dual Scanning Modes: Remo Data Recovery comes with a powerful dual scanning mode. “Normal Scan” and “Deep Scan”. Normal Scan mode is for less severe data loss. It performs the task quickly thus saves you a lot of time and effort.

On the other hand, Deep Scan takes some time to complete the process but it is an advanced mode. It is used for scanning purposes when the damage is severe or when the corruption is more. It dives into every sector of the hard drive thus provides you with efficient results.

2. Complete Partition Recovery: When it comes to formatted or accidentally deleted partitions, Remo Recovery proves to be effective. It doesn’t matter whether you lost your data during reformatting the partitions with different file systems, you have lost your data during increasing or decreasing the size of the partitions, Remo Recover Pro will do the job in most situations. It supports ExFAT, FAT32, FAT16, NTFS, NTFS5, etc.

3. Save Recovery Session: When you go with Deep Scan on a formatted hard drive, the time taken for scanning each sector becomes quite long. This is why Remo recovery offers you the option of saving the recovery session. This means you are not required to spend your valuable time scanning the drive every time you get back your data.

4. Preview, Evaluate, and Purchase: There are 4 versions of Remo data recovery. All of these 4 versions come with a built-in feature of Preview and Recover data. This means whenever the software is done with the scanning process, the recovered data will be displayed in file type view and data type view. This will let you evaluate the success rate of data recovery.

What I Don’t Like

Plans and pricing: Although you can easily download the free version and use it for viewing. But if you really want to recover the deleted files, you need a license for the same. The pricing of various versions differs and it is not the same for windows and Mac.

Windows: If you are a Windows user, you can go with the Media Edition for which you have to pay $49.97 per computer which is a bit high. You can also go with the pro edition in which you have to pay $79.97 per computer.

Mac: If you are a Mac user you have 3 options to choose from. You can go with the basic edition in which you will have to pay $49.97. Here you are going to get only Quick scanning. If you are looking forward to a Deep Scanning, you can go with the Media Edition. But for this, you have to pay $69.97. If you are further looking forward to unlocking formatted drive or deleted partition recovery, you can go with Pro edition. You will get it for $179.97.

Client and Client setup: When it comes to Remo Recover client, it is difficult to use. This is so because this software is designed in a way that the text doesn’t fit inside the window. Even after adjustments in the size of the window and resolutions, the problem exists.

When it comes to rendering, it is not so good as it has to be. Even when it comes to the presentation of recovered files, it is not so effective. This is so because all detected files will be available organized into the folders. This means you have to put effort into knowing where the deleted files that you are particularly looking for were originally located. Moreover, the interface will calculate the file size for the individual files, you will face difficulty in knowing the exact size of the folders.

Part 1: Why Trust Me?

Well, all you need to know is, I am not merely giving this information after testing the software once. I am used to data recovery and have performed many operations to recover data using various software. This makes me capable enough to know what is right and what is wrong with particular software. The same experience, I am sharing here with you.

Part 2: Remo recovery FAQs

Yes, it works in most cases. But if you are expecting that you will get the desired results every time you run it, you will be a little disappointed. In some extreme cases, it isn’t able to provide the results that other software did.

Yes, it is safe to use because when it was tested using Avast Antivirus and Malwarebytes Anti-malware, no issues were found. One of the good things about Remo Data Recovery is, it doesn’t require an internet connection. Also, no ads were seen except the “Buy Now”.a and that too if you haven’t registered.

No, Remo Recovery is not free. You will get only a trial version for free and that will provide you with scan results only. If you have to recover data, you are required to purchase the licensed or paid version.

No, you can’t download and install Remo data recovery on the same Volume/Partition. Doing this will rewrite the data and it becomes difficult to recover data at a later stage.

There is no limit to a number. You can unrestrictedly use it until and unless you have a valid license.

Yes, you can, because Remo data recovery recovers data from any storage device that is detected or recognized by the PC.

Part 3: Remo recovery: Detailed Review

Remo data recovery

Before coming to a detailed review it is essential to know how it performs in our testing. We carried our testing on the 1TB internal hard drive of the windows computer.

We carried out testing using both the Quick Scan and Deep Scan.

Quick Scan: The process of scanning took about 10 seconds. But when provided with the results it was difficult to tell how many files have actually turned up. This is so because we are not provided with a single list that displays the exact number. When we tried to scan through the folders, only a few hundreds of files were found. When the scan was carried out using another data recovery software, the result was different. Another software has detected thousands of files on the same drive.

Although this result wasn’t favorable, the process of recovery using Remo Data Recovery was able to recover files that were deleted months ago.

Deep Scan: The process of scanning was carried on using the Deep Scan option. It took about 50 minutes to complete the scan. This scanning provides better results than the Quick Scan. Even the files that have been deleted several months ago have shown at the end of the process. Although Remo doesn’t provide us with any information about the recoverability of detected files the results were better than Quick Scan.

But in the end, we get a bit disappointed because we failed to open several word documents that Remo has recovered.

Now you must have known about the performance of the Remo data Recovery. So, if you are planning to recover less corrupted files using Remo, you will not be disappointed as this software will do the job for you. On the other hand, if you are planning to go for severely corrupted files, especially the documents you may face some dissatisfaction. Although not in all cases, chances of failure are there.

Part 4: Reasons Behind My Review and Ratings

There are many reasons why I am writing this review but the thing that forces me to do so is the frustration. Yes, you heard it right, it’s frustration. There are many instances when we accidentally delete or lose some data and then we start looking for some software that can recover all of our data.

In most cases, we landed up on the wrong platform and in the process of recovering the data, we do more damage than it was at the initial stage. This often leads to frustration.

The same thing has happened to me several times. This is why I am writing a Remo recovery review to let you know what the Remo software is all about. It will help you to decide whether you should go with it or not?

Part 5: Alternatives to Remo recovery

Although Remo Data Recovery serves the purpose in most cases, there come situations when it fails to provide the desired results. In this case, an alternative can do a job for you. Let us discuss some alternatives in detail.

Disk Drill: Disk Drill is one of the flexible data recovery software that can help you to recover many types of lost or deleted files.

Disk Drill data recovery

1. Accidentally deleted files: Disk Drill lets you recover accidentally deleted files in quick steps.

2. Empty Recycle Bin: Disk Drill carries the ability to recover even deleted files from the empty Recycle Bin.

3. Crashed hard disk: It doesn’t matter even if you have a crashed Hard Disk, Disk Drill can rescue both files and folders.

4. Formatted External Drive: Disk Drill can even recover data from the formatted external drive in quick steps.

5. RAW File: If you are facing a condition where the file system is appearing as RAW, you can use Disk Drill to recover your data.

6. Lost Partition: Losing a disk partition results in a significant loss of data. But the powerful algorithm of the Disk Drill is capable enough to recover lost files and folders.

7. Virus infections: A virus or malware can hit your system anytime this causes you a huge loss of data. You can use Disk Drill to restore deleted files due to malicious software.

8. MiniTool: Minitool Power Data Recovery helps you to recover data from different kinds of storage devices. It can recover data under various conditions like file deletion, virus invasion, disk failure, file system error, and so on.

MiniTool power data recovery

1. Deleted/Lost file recovery: There must have been several cases when you accidentally deleted a file, formatted the USB, hard drive, or emptied the Recycle Bin. In this scenario, you can use MiniTool free file recovery.

2. Crashed PC: There are many reasons for the crash. It can be a Virus/Malware infection, blue/black screen of death, update failure, or so on. MiniTool free data recovery lets you create a bootable USB drive for your PC and even recover data when your PC ceases to boot.

3. Corrupt/Formatted drive: MiniTool data recovery lets you recover data from the formatted or lost partition with ease. It supports USB, Internal/External hard drive, memory card, etc.

4. Quick specification location recovery: MiniTool lets you select a specific location to scan and recover data. It lets you go for a desktop recovery, Recycle Bin recovery, and even select folder module recovery.

5. Wondershare Recoverit Data Recovery: Although both Disk drill and MiniTool are good alternatives for Remo Data Recovery. If you are really looking for trusted and tested data recovery software Wondershare Recoverit data recovery is the one you must go with.

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Wondershare Recoverit Data Recovery lets you easily recover your lost or deleted data in just three steps. It has the ability to recover 1000+ types of file types and formats. Let us see how?

Step 1: Select a Location

Select a location where you have lost your data. You will easily find it under “Hard disk Drives”. If you have to recover data from the external storage device then you have to search the device under “External Devices”.

computer data recovery

Step 2: Scan the location

Once you are done with selecting just click on the “Start” to continue. This will begin the process of all-around scanning for the selected location. The time taken for this process will solely depend upon the size of the selected location.

computer scan

During this process of scanning, you can also stop or start the process as per your requirement. On the other hand, you can also pinpoint a file that you are looking for. This will save you a lot of time. Once the file is pinpointed, you will be able to see the information related to that particular file.

file filter

Step 3: Preview and Recover Files

Once you found the required files, you can simply click on “Recover” to continue. You can also preview the file. This will let you decide whether it is the same file that you are looking for. It will also let you know the quality of the file to be recovered.

photo preview

Once done with preview, just click on “Recover”. This will bring up a new window asking for the location where you are looking forward to saving the recovered file or files.

computer select path save

Once the path is selected the recovered data will be saved to the selected location.

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There often comes a situation when we lose data to corruption or we accidentally delete it. In that scenario, we hurriedly take a wrong step and use some un-trusted software that deteriorates the situation by rewriting data. When it comes to software, there are many data recovery software available in the market. Few of them, we have discussed here. But when it comes to trust, there is no match to Wondershare Recoverit Data Recovery.

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