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How to Recover Excel Sheet

Wondershare Recoverit Authors

Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Recover Files • Proven solutions

Most of the data storage activity is carried out in the excel format. Excel plays a major part in a giant organization for securing large data in the form of a database. In case due to the hardware or software failure, there is a circumstance of data loss listed out in the excel sheet. The excel sheet is vulnerable to corruption due to its frequent online usage. In that situation of data corruption, you need to know how to recover the excel sheet to resume your normal work schedule in the organization. In this article, you will get to know optimum solutions to recover excel sheet without much difficulty. The excel repair tool should be classy with fabulous features. Here let us identify a consistent performing tool to work on the corrupted excel file to retrieve the lost data quickly. Surf through the steps discussed in this article to learn more about the best strategies to excel data recovery.

Part 1: How Does Excel Sheet Work?

The Excel sheet is an optimum commercial tool that enhances business processing. Using the excel sheet you can fasten your calculations and complete your tasks quickly. As you all know that the excel sheet comprises of rows and columns and the data should be entered in the form of a table. A lot of features are implemented in this sheet such as merge, auto-fill, basic computations, etc. The working principle of the excel sheet is that you have to make use of the embedded features wisely as per your needs to achieve your target. The foremost features of the Excel sheet have been listed below for better utilization of this tool.

Part 2: When to Recover Excel Sheet?

At the time of data loss and corruption on the excel spreadsheet, you need to carry out the recovery process. The excel sheet is subjected to corruption due to many reasons and let us discuss in detail about the cause of the data loss and corruption in the excel sheet.

Part 3: How to Recover Excel Sheet Data?

1. Recover Excel Spreadsheet from AutoSave

The excel sheet can be auto recovered if you work on the settings in the application. Make use of the 'AutoSave' feature to retrieve the lost data in the excel spreadsheet. Follow the below steps to implement the autosave option in your excel workbook.


Step 1: Open the excel sheet by tapping Start -> All programs-> Microsoft Office -> Microsoft Excel 2007. An excel sheet is now ready for the data entry.


Step 2: On the left top of the screen click the Microsoft icon and from the dropdown list select the 'Excel Option' tab to work on the settings of your excel workbook.


Step 3: In this new window choose the 'Save' option from the left panel list and check in the 'Save auto recovery' feature in the right panel.


Finally, save the settings by pressing the 'OK' button. You can fix a time factor to carry out the auto-recovery process. Here in the above screenshot, you can understand that the data entered in this worksheet will be saved automatically for every10 minutes even if the user fails to save the changes.

2. Free Download Excel Data Recovery Software.

A prestigious product from Wondershare is the Recoverit data recovery tool. This software performs well in data recovery and assists you to restore the lost data without any compromises. The process takes place swiftly and you need not have to wait for hours to get back the lost data recorded in the corrupt excel spreadsheet. The functionalities of this incredible tool were as follows

3. How to Recover Documents in Excel?

Let us discuss in detail about the excel spreadsheet recovery process by making use of the amazing tool Recoverit. This software can help you recover deleted outlook file, Excel file, Word file, etc. Download the software Recoverit from Wondershare and follow the wizard to complete the installation process.

Step 1: Select a hard disk

To recover an Excel sheet, you need to locate the exact location of the Excel document. Select the hard disk where the Excel file was stored and click "Start" to go on.

select a hard disk

Step 2: Scan the files

The scanning process will be triggered automatically after the selection from the homepage of Recoverit software. The files residing in the hard disk will be scanned and it is listed out as a tree form in the left panel and detailed format at the right section of the screen.

scan the files

Step 3: Preview and recover the files

You can preview the Excel file and check the content inside it. Select the excel spreadsheet from the scanned list and tap the 'Recover' button to stimulate the recovery process.

Finally, the excel data will be restored successfully after the recovery process of Recoverit software. Here in the above image, you can witness 3 excel spreadsheets that will be recovered which were accidentally deleted and directed towards the recycle bin. The Recycle bin recovery feature from Recoverit software guided us to get back the lost data recorded in those 3excel sheets.

Part 4: How to Repair Excel Sheet?

The Stellar Phoenix excel repair tool can be used to repair and recover the corrupt excel sheet optimally. Let us make an elaborate discussion on how to repair the corrupt excel sheet using Stellar Phoenix Excel repair software.

1. Why Repair Excel Sheet

A question may arise in your mind related to the need for excel sheet recovery. While handling large data in the excel sheet you have to find out sophisticated ways if the excel workbook is corrupted unexpectedly. It takes a lot of time and manual labor to create another excel sheet instead you can make use of innovative tools to retrieve the data recorded in the excel sheet. There are many tools available in the online competitive market. Spot out the best tool which meets your requirement and purchase it to get back the lost data listed out in the excel spreadsheet.

2. "Open and Repair" Excel Files

If you have any hesitation to opt for recovery software tools sold at the digital market you can try out the inbuilt recovery features embedded in the excel worksheet. However, these built-in features do not guarantee complete recovery of the lost data during complex situations. The open and repair utility in the excel sheet enables the users to restore the corrupt file effectively without any issues. Go to the 'Start' icon and proceed with the 'All Programs' option followed by 'Microsoft Office'. In the expanded list select 'Microsoft Excel 2007'. In the new Excel sheet window tap the Microsoft icon available at the top left side of the screen. From the displayed items you have to go to the 'open' option which leads to another window listing out the files. Select the corrupt excel file and at the bottom of this window near the 'Open' button, you will be able to witness a down arrow mark. If you click that down arrow image you can view an expanded list. Choose 'Open and Repair' option. This procedure enables the user to utilize the built-in open and repair facility of the excel spreadsheet. It is an effective method applicable to simple data loss in the excel sheet. To handle complex circumstances you have to opt for a feature-rich tool to retrieve all the data successfully without any regrets.

3. What Can Stellar Excel Repair Do?

The Stellar Excel repair tool guides the user to sort out the corrupt excel file and help to get back the lost data quickly. Purchase the advanced version if you want to enjoy the complete benefits of this tool. The trial version provides you with limited functionalities which are not sufficient to tackle the complexities of the excel file errors.

Features of Stellar Excel Repair tool

4. How to Repair Corrupted Spreadsheet?

The corrupted excel sheet should be repaired quickly to overcome unwanted issues. The corrupted excel files cannot be opened at the time of your need and it will display an error message when you attempt to disclose the excel sheet. Make use of an effective tool that suits your expectations perfectly to repair the corrupt file. Follow the below steps to resolve the errors in the corrupted excel spreadsheet.

Step 1: Install the Software

To work this tool you have to visit the official website of Stellar and download the Stellar Excel repair excel file. Try out the trial version before making a purchase.


Step 2: Search for the Corrupt Excel file

When you trigger the icon a home page of the tool appears on the screen and then searches for the corrupted excel file to carry out the recovery procedure. Press the 'Select File' button to choose the respective excel sheet to work on its issues.


Step 3: Scan and Recover

Soon after the file selection process, the scanning procedure will be triggered automatically and you have to click the 'recover' button to restore the lost data in the excel sheet.


Part 5: Some Excel Tips

Here are some of the common tips to work better in the excel sheet platform.

Final Verdict

This article serves as an eye-opener for the professionals who work with the excel sheet regularly. The Recoverit toolkit from Wondershare restores the lost data displayed in the excel spreadsheet even from the badly corrupted file. The restoration process takes place quickly and you can store the recovered data at your desired storage location in your drive. Follow the steps given in this article carefully to acquire successful results. Now the corrupted excel files can be handled wisely using the innovative software Recoverit. The data stored in the excel files can be secured in the long run without any issues.

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