Today, we will present one of the most important hard disk components - Hard disk controller, and teach you how to recognize HDD controller failure. We will also discuss different solutions for the abovementioned issues that will help you get your HDD to its original state. Stay tuned for bonus tips on preventing disk controller failure.

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    1. Check Connection
    2. Check Configurations
    3. Replace the Hard Drive Cable
    4. Recover Data Using Wondershare Recoverit
    5. Contact Professional Help

What Is a Hard Disk Controller?

A hard disk controller is an electrical part of the disk that enables your processor to communicate with the drive. This part allows the CPU to read and write the disk. It acts as a translator between the CPU and the disk – the controller receives instructions from the processor and translates them to the disk, and vice versa.

an example of hdd controller

Thus, if your hard disk controller fails, you won't be able to access your drive's content since your computer won't recognize it. We will discuss this phenomenon below.

HDD Controller Failure Explained

HDD controller failure can occur for several different reasons. The failure may be due to physical damage or software malfunctions. Once the controller fails, you won't be able to access your hard disk through your PC since the CPU won't recognize it.

We will mention a couple of the most common causes of HDC failure below:

  • Improper connection – using incompatible cables or not connecting the disk properly can lead to controller failure.
  • Configuration mistakes – if you don't configure the drive correctly, it may seem like the controller failed.
  • Cable issues – using a bad cable to connect your drive may lead to issues with the controller.
  • Physical damage – if your drive is dented, scratched, or exposed to dust and water, the controller may fail.
  • Manufacturing mistakes – sometimes, the drive may come out of the manufacturing line with defects, leading to various issues.

Different Symptoms of HDD Controller Failure

Some symptoms that may indicate HDD controller failure include:

  • Unusual noises – if you hear clicking, whirring, or other problematic noises, it may be a sign of controller failure.
  • Drive not detected – if you cannot access your drive through your PC, your controller may be causing this issue.
  • Data errors – if you cannot save or read data from your hard disk, you should check for controller damage.
  • A slow drive – the controller may impact the drive's speed; if it starts to fail, your hard drive will drastically slow down.
  • Blue screen – if you have stored your OS on the drive and its controller begins to fail, you may see the blue screen of death since the CPU won't be able to read the drive's content.

If you notice any of these symptoms, you should act fast and try some of the solutions mentioned below.

Replacing Hard Drive Controllers Can Lead to Data Loss

You may think that the most logical and straightforward solution to a failing controller issue is to replace it. It cannot be that hard after all, right? Although changing the controller is easy, it may do more harm than good. All modern hard disks have controllers designed for a specific hard drive device – even if you have the same model, the controllers may not be the same.

If you try to replace your hard drive controller, you may cause widespread data corruption that will "eat away" everything you have on the drive. Moreover, it may not be compatible with the drive's motor, leading to physical damage and malfunction.

All of these issues will lead to permanent data loss. If you care about the data stored on your disk, you shouldn't take the matter into your own hands and try to replace your hardware components. Instead, try the solutions below for the best experience.

How To Fix Hard Drive Controller Failure

Here are the most reliable solutions for a failed drive controller.

Fix 1: Check Connection

You should check the back of the hard drive to ensure all cables are correctly connected. There are two cables in the back responsible for powering up the disk, so ensure they are inserted in the ports.

Some hard drives will also have IDE cables that should be connected in the correct direction. If all the cables are inserted, you can try reconnecting them. The issue may be in the connection firmness, so ensure everything is in place before moving on to more complex solutions.

check hard disk connections

Fix 2: Check Configurations

Every hard drive requires specific configurations to connect to the PC and run smoothly. These configurations depend on the model and type of your hard disk and the operating system you are using. Before you doubt your controller, check your configurations and ensure everything is in order.

The best method is to apply automatic configurations in the BIOS settings. This way, your PC will detect the model and the type of your drive and set it up accordingly.

Fix 3: Replace the Hard Drive Cable

We have mentioned that you should check your connections before doubting some more significant issues with your hard disk controllers. Another thing you should do before seeking professional help is replace the hard drive cables. Purchase cables compatible with the drive's model and type to avoid other harmful scenarios.

Additionally, you should insert the cables correctly to ensure everything is in place. If the drive still isn't working, it may be a sign of a more significant failure issue.

an external hard disk cable

Fix 4: Recover Data Using Wondershare Recoverit

As mentioned above, trying to fix or change the controllers may lead to data corruption and loss. Before you move on to more complex and demanding solutions, you should extract data from your hard disk with controller failure and back it up to another location. It will preserve your memories and make the fixing journey smooth and stress-free.

Wondershare Recoverit is a reliable third-party software solution that can help you recover your data successfully. This tool has a long work history and has helped millions of users worldwide. It covers thousands of data loss scenarios and file types, so you won't have to worry about getting your files back.
Wondershare Recoverit
  • Recovers data from 2000+ storage devices like HDDs, SSDs, external drivs, etc.
  • Manages over 500 data loss situations, such as deletion, formatting, and disk corruption.
  • The user-friendly interface allows you to recover data in just a few clicks.
recoverit box recoverit logo

Download the tool from the official website and follow these steps to get your data back:

  1. Open Recoverit and head to Hard Drives and Locations.
  2. Choose your hard disk with controller failure from the available options.
    choose your hddwith controller failure
  3. The program will start scanning for lost files. You can pause this process if you detect all the files you need.
    scan the disk for lost data
  4. Preview the files and select the ones you want to recover. Click the Recover button to finish the process.
    recover data from hdd controller failure
  5. Choose where you want to save your files
    save the recovered files

The recovery process will take only a few minutes, but you will preserve your memories. Don't skip this step to ensure the best data outcome.

Free Download
Free Download

Fix 5: Contact Professional Help

After recovering your data, it is time to ask professionals for help. People specializing in hard disk structures will know how to fix your controller issues and enable it to work. They will also be able to replace the controllers and make your hard disk as good as new.

If the professionals cannot fix the issue, you should take the drive to the manufacturer. Your drive may have manufacturing defects, and you can get a new, working disk.

fix hard drive controller failure

How To Avoid Hard Disk Controller Failure

After fixing your hard disk controller, you must ensure the failure doesn't happen again. Moreover, if your controller is still working and you want to avoid possible failure, try some of the tips below.

  • Backup Data Regularly

As you can see, if something goes wrong with your disk, it will also affect your data. To avoid such issues and potential data loss, you should back up your data regularly to another location. You will always have a backup plan if things go sideways.

You can opt for hardware or software solutions, whichever you find more convenient. However, software solutions may be more reliable as they will be less likely to get corrupted or damaged. One of the safest methods you can use is Wondershare UBackit. This feature-packed tool will surely boost your data experience.

You can schedule regular, automatic backups to ensure your data is safe and secure. This tool offers numerous backup options, such as Windows, Hard Disk, NAS, or Outlook backup. Here's how to use UBackit:

  1. Download the tool from the official source and open the program.
  2. Choose Disk Backup to initiate the process.
    choose disk backup
  3. Choose what you want to back up and click the Select button.
    choose files to back up
  4. Select the backup destination.
    choose the backup destination

After backing up your data, you can schedule your backups in the pop-up window.

choose an automatic backup
  • Ensure Ventilation

Controllers are very vulnerable to overheating. If this disk part gets exposed to heat often, it will eventually fail, leading to numerous other issues. You should ensure the space around your HDD is well-ventilated and cooled. It will give your disk enough room to breathe and function properly.

Moreover, you should clean the space around your HDD to protect it from water and dust. These two enemies can make your whole hard drive fail, so you should avoid them at all costs.

a hard disk cooler
  • Use Surge Protectors

As the name suggests, surge protectors will protect your electronic devices from power surges. These surges can damage your hard disks, leading to disk structure failure alongside controllers. A surge protector can save your drive and data from potential issues. If you take this step, you will prolong your disk's lifespan.

examples of surge protectors


Maintaining hard disks may be complex and overwhelming. If you don't take care of them, some of their parts may fail. One of the most vulnerable parts is the controller, responsible for communication between the disk and the processor. If you notice any signs that your controller may be failing, you should immediately try to fix the issue.

Before you head to complex solutions, you should ensure to back up your data. We have presented one of the best tools on the market currently. We have also discussed tips to help you avoid controller issues in the future.

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