Top 5 Duplicate Video Finders That You Need for Your Mac

To remove duplicate files, this article will suggest top duplicate video finders for your ease.

Every day, people belonging to various professions and academic careers perform their daily tasks on their MacBooks. Often at times, Mac users download a particular video multiple times, resulting in various duplicate videos. Also, if you save a video in several folders, it will form unwanted duplicate videos. Due to this, these duplicate video files take the storage of your computer, and an excessive amount can cause a slower speed.

To take care of your MacBook, it’s important to remove duplicate files consistently to prevent any adverse implications. This article will bring you the best available duplicate video finder that can easily delete these unnecessary videos.

Part 1: The Top-Notch Duplicate Video Finders for Mac

This section will recommend powerful duplicate video finders especially built for Mac users to delete duplicate videos instantly.

1. Disk Drill’s Duplicate Finder for Mac

Disk Drill is an amazing duplicate finder that will efficiently target your duplicate videos and will delete them permanently. It has two options to find and delete duplicate videos: manual option or scanning. To manually delete duplicate videos, you can either drag and drop the folder or can browse the folder directly. You can also check the date of creation and file location of the duplicate videos displayed on this app.

To save time, you can click on the “Scan” button after providing the list of locations. After running a deep scan, the tool will automatically detect duplicates of the same video and will remove them quickly. Moreover, to work efficiently, you can delete all the duplicate versions simultaneously by navigating to their advanced options.

It comprises an "Auto" option that will automatically detect and differ between duplicate videos and original videos. You can also avail the filters of "Newest" and "Oldest" that will display the duplicate videos in accordance with their created dates in chronological order. Thus, this app is an amazing platform to remove duplicate files by using filters smartly.

disk drill 4 interface

You can scan duplicate videos simultaneously, which can save your energy and time.

It is free of cost and can be used anytime.

It requires only a small amount of space in your system.

It highly supports M1 Macs and an OS of 10.8.5 or the latest versions.


Regardless of advanced functions, it has relatively a slower speed of scanning duplicate videos.

2. Duplicate File Finder

Duplicate File Finder is the fastest way to find and delete duplicate videos with great accuracy. By using this app, you can execute the deletion of duplicate videos saved in different folders and drives in a minute. Also, if your duplicate videos like movies, dramas, or YouTube videos have different extensions type, it can remove them quickly with a single click.

The best thing about this tool is that even if your duplicate videos are saved in hidden folders or external drives, you can still delete them through a distinct feature of "Auto Select." To make sure that you don't accidentally remove an original or important video, you can preview it in this app before deleting it.

Furthermore, you can also have control to decide whether you want the deleted similar videos stored in a trash bin or want to delete them permanently. You can also recover the delete duplicate videos quickly from the trash bin using this platform.

Duplicate File Finder goes highly compatible with Mac devices and has an evident experience of 5 years in the market. It's also free to use, and you can seek tech support if you need any guidance related to the removal of duplicate files.

duplicate file finder for mac

The UI of the app is easy to use and understandable for beginners.

It can instantly recover the deleted duplicated videos with the original quality.

It can run a deep scan on both internal and external hard disks.

You can detect duplicate videos just through a single click.


This software is only compatible with Mac.

3. Gemini

Gemini is a duplicate finder popular for its smart algorithms. These algorithms help to detect and hand-pick similar videos from the original ones and delete the video having lower quality comparatively. If your MacBook has a large disk or folder, it still works effectively and finds duplicate videos smartly.

When you install this app on your computer, it notices your behavior of finding and deleting duplicate videos. Eventually, the algorithms of Gemini follow the same pattern and remove duplicate files as you would prefer. Another big benefit of this tool is that it will keep you updated regularly about the formation of any duplicate video on your Mac. As a result, you can clean the storage system of your device constantly.

This tool also prioritizes sorting things in a simpler way. For instance, you can either choose to see the details of a duplicated video or can quickly vanish it with a single click. Also, Gemini got recognition due to its clean and attractive user interface that is highly unlikely to be presented in other duplicate video finders.

gemini 2 design

This app has an attractive and cluttered free user interface providing a good experience to the users.

You can detect duplicated videos from external hard drives as well.

This app has diversity in terms of languages as it can be used in 12 different languages.

It offers various methods to delete duplicate videos.


The installation of this app can take a little more space on your Mac as compared to other duplicate video finders.

4. Duplicate Sweeper

Duplicate Sweeper is a basic yet simple duplicate video finder that functions precisely through its advanced algorithms. It targets similar videos that are hidden in your computer and drives with accuracy. For example, even if the duplicate videos are saved with a different name and extension, the tool is still capable of detecting the similarity between them. Thus, it is ideal in a situation if you have downloaded Snapchat and TikTok videos multiple times saved in different file locations and names.

Also, if your Mac encounters duplicate videos, music files, images, and documents, this software will differentiate the file type on its user interface, and you can instantly separate the duplicate video files.

For more proficiency, it forms a separate tab named "Duplicate Groups," displaying the folders and files that contains duplicate videos with similar properties. From there, you can pick and choose the videos in an organized structure that you want to delete permanently. You can also visit their website for more technical assistance and understanding about duplicate video files.

duplicate sweeper for videos

You can preview the video duplicated before removing it from your system’s memory.

It’s only a one-time purchase that costs only $20.

If you don’t get satisfactory results, you can refund the subscription fees within 30 days.

This tool is compatible with both Mac and Windows users.


The UI of the duplicate sweeper needs improvements and regular upgrades.

5. MacKeeper

MacKeeper has recently witnessed more than 60 million downloads due to its appreciable services for cleaning the Mac storage and deleting duplicate videos. To find duplicate files, it uses a scanner to locate similar videos by comparing their properties, size, quality, and date of creation.

An average user of MacKeeper saves storage space up to 7.5GB by deleting duplicate videos in one go. Also, it keeps the data of all the deleted duplicate videos safe and secure. So you don’t have to worry about data privacy using this platform. MacKeeper also keeps a sharp eye on the regular activity of your computer and alarms the user if you download multiple duplicate videos from an unauthentic source.

mackeeper duplicate finder

This tool has a complete toolbox for cleaning the storage system quickly.

It ensures the data security of deleted duplicated videos.

Apart from deleting the duplicate videos, it also protects your system from any virus attack.


The advanced functions of this tool cannot be used until you have a subscription.

Part 2: Benefits of Deleting Duplicate Files from Your Mac

There are numerous benefits of removing duplicate videos from your system regularly, such as:

  • To Recover Hard Disk Space: Duplicate video files take the hard disk space, so it's essential to delete them to clean the storage from unnecessary burden.
  • Saves Time: Having only original video files will save you time to find your favorite video without looking for it in different folders.
  • Increases Speed of Mac: If the storage system is clean, it will directly make the system speed tun faster.
  • Easy Access: You can easily access the video files without getting confused about which file is authentic or duplicate
  • Makes the System Organized: Through the removal of duplicate video files, your system library will look more organized and spacious.


A duplicate video finder is a reliable option to find and delete similar videos effectively. It will not only clean the storage system but will also give easy access to the original videos. Keep in mind that to make the functioning of your Mac smooth, it’s recommended to remove duplicate videos regularly.