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How to Wipe Partition and Erase Data Completely

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Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: Windows Computer Solutions • Proven solutions

From formatting a hard drive to get rid of unwanted content, users wipe partition on their system's storage due to various reasons. One, it helps them extract unused space on the disk and use it to its full capacity. It doesn't matter what your requirements are, you can meet them by going through this comprehensive tutorial. In this post, we will teach you how to wipe partition on your hard drive and erase its data permanently.

Part 1: Why do you need to wipe partition

Your hard drive can contain any kind of sensitive or crucial data. From your bank account details to your private content, it can store all sorts of information. Therefore, it is highly recommended to wipe the partition regularly.

The following are some of the reasons why people choose to wipe partition entirely.

  1. It gets rid of unwanted data that is no longer needed by the user.
  2. To make more space on the hard drive while getting rid of the previously marked unused storage.
  3. Mostly, users wipe partition to erase their private and sensitive information permanently.
  4. Whenever users wish to reformat the hard disk, they wipe a selected partition. It also allows them to repartition the hard disk.
  5. If a hard drive has been infected by malware or corrupted, then it can be resolved by formatting it.
  6. OEM computers i.e. Original Equipment Manufacturer computers come preinstalled with partitions that take up space an you may not need them

Part 2: What’s the difference between wiping & formatting a partition

Formatting a partition clears the partition table and indicated files as deleted however, the data will still exist in the drive. Wiping a partition clears everything down to the file system level leaving no option for recovering the data again.

A hard drive needs to be initialized before it can be used to store data i.e. to erase everything on the drive for the Operating System to work on it. Initializing a hard drive involves creating the partition style that defines how the hard disk will store partition data so that the OS knows which sections belong in each partition. Formatting a hard drive involves creating a file system that controls how data is stored in the hard drive.

Part 3: How to Wipe Partition with BitRaser for File

By simply deleting files from your hard drive or wiping its content from Window's native interface, it can later be recovered. Since the data isn't permanently erased, anyone can retrieve it by taking the assistance of a data recovery tool. If you truly wish to wipe the partition and erase your data permanently, then you need to use a dedicated third-party tool like Stellar BitRaser for the file.

You can easily use Stellar BitRaser for the file to wipe partition on your hard drive and erase its content permanently. This can be done by following these simple steps:

Download Stellar BitRaser for the file on your Windows computer, and connect your hard disk to the PC. Launch BitRaser for file, click the "Erase Now" option, and select your hard disk.

bitraser window

Click "Erase Now" to start wiping the partition and erase data. Once it’s done, it will display the following prompt. Just click on the "Yes" button to restart your system and complete the data deletion process.

bitraser window

By following these easy instructions, you would be able to wipe partition of your choice on your hard drive. After formatting it, you can use it to its full storage capacity once again. Though a single pass would be enough, you can always apply multiple passes to get an added assurance. Ideally, three passes are more than enough to wipe the partition entirely.

Now when you know how easy it is to wipe partition using BitRaser for file, you can give this remarkable tool a try. Download it right away and format your hard drive or wipe an entire partition permanently. Your data won't be restored and you can get rid of any content without any recovery scope.

Part 4: How to wipe a partition in Windows

To delete a partition, Press the Windows key and type Create and format hard disk partitions then press the enter key.
A window like the one below will show up. All available drives will be listed in the window. Select the partition you want to delete. Right-click on it for the drop down menu, then choose Delete Volume. For partitions that cannot be deleted, the “Delete Volume” will be greyed out.

Disk management window

A pop up window will show up for you to confirm if you want to delete this volume. Click on Yes.

Delete simple volume window

Once you wipe out the partition, the window will list it as unallocated space showing that free space has been created and there’s no data in the partition

Disk management window showing the partition is now unallocated

Wiping out a partition is good for creating extra space while also making sure all your personal data has been wiped out completely.

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