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swann video loss

Video Loss Troubleshooting for Swann Security Camera

Property protection is essential, and the best way to do so is with security cameras, such as Swann systems. Potential burglars are also likely to stay away from such properties.

However, video loss on Swann security cameras is not uncommon, and fixing it can be crucial. That’s why we’ll review the best tests to determine your Swann camera video loss issues. Once you start troubleshooting, please complete all the steps below and do them in the order they’re written.

Is Swann Video Loss a Real Thing?

Since Swann security systems can be rather complex, there are many aspects of the security system which you have to get in proper working order.

Suppose even a single part of the system isn’t working or isn’t connected. In that case, you could be dealing with Swann CCTV video loss on all cameras or Swann DVR video loss, which can be devastating, especially if anything happens to your home or property during these Swann security camera issues.

Ensuring everything is connected correctly and works well can help eliminate annoying Swann camera video loss problems.

There Are Two Types of Swann Camera Video Loss

swann security camera showing video loss

Before you go through the troubleshooting steps, you must determine which type of Swann video loss you’re experiencing. Namely, there are two types of Swann video loss:

  • Monitor Video Loss – It’s an issue where the attached screen doesn’t see your DVR unit;
  • Camera Video Loss – That’s when you can’t see some of your cameras on the recorder or the attached screen.

It’s worth noting that this guide doesn’t cover monitoring video loss, so once you know it’s Swann camera video loss-related, you can proceed with the troubleshooting steps below.

How To Recover Lost Swann Videos

You’ll undoubtedly be relieved once you finish troubleshooting Swann video loss and determine the cause of your problems.

However, once you realize that fixing hardware issues doesn’t bring back your lost footage, the frustration comes back. Fear not, as there’s a solution for that, too, and that’s where DVR data recovery software come in.

Wondershare Recoverit is among the most recommended one that can help in hundreds of video loss situations. Whether you end up with corrupted video files or entire videos gone, you can quickly recover deleted SWANN DVR recordings, as Recoverit has your back with its Enhanced Recovery features.

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How To Fix Swann Security Camera Video Loss

1. Check Your Camera’s Power Supply

If your Swann cameras experience video loss, the first thing to check is the security system’s power supply. Your cameras won’t work without proper power, and you may lose footage.

swann video loss power supply problems

First, check the power-on indicator LED to see whether your Swann security camera is on. There should be a faint red glow, and as these are incredibly low-emitting lights, it’s best to do it in the dark or by blocking as much light as possible when you’re checking for these.

Then you can check the power supply and see if it’s properly connected to a wall socket. If you’re using a power strip, you can try another one or plug in your power supply directly to the wall to determine whether there’s an issue with the power strip. Moreover, you could try a different wall socket to ensure it’s not the issue.

Finally, if you’re using power splitters, you can check whether everything is correctly connected by tracing the power line.

2. Reconnect Physical Connections

Everything connected to your Swann security system can be a possible culprit. Whether you’re thinking about cables that go into your DVR or other ends of the line that end in your cameras, it’s crucial to check and reconnect them.

It’s similar to the famous “Have you tried turning it off and on again” fix, as sometimes simply unplugging the cable from one end and plugging it back in can fix your Swann CCTV video loss issues.

Even a loosely fitted cable or one that seems plugged can cause massive Swann video loss problems, and that’s why doing this step as one of the first possible fixes is vital.

3. See if the Signal Type Is Right

Another test you can run regarding Swann CCTV video loss troubleshooting is checking the signal type. Not all DVRs are compatible with every Swann security camera, and since Swann cameras use analog, TVI, or AHD signal types, you’ll need to ensure that your DVR can handle these signals.

You can check your user guides and instruction manuals and try different settings within your DVR unit. See if changing signal settings gives you a video output and set everything up according to the manual.

Moreover, specific cameras can change the signal type they’re outputting, and they have this feature for compatibility reasons. Namely, some older, less-capable DVRs aren’t compatible with all signal types, so specific cameras circumvent this problem with variable signal types. You can usually change the signal type by pressing the button on the cable.

4. Perform a Swann Video Loss Isolation Test

An excellent way to deal with Swann video loss troubleshooting is by performing an isolation test. It means unplugging everything but a single Swann camera, leaving it with only the necessary cables and connections, and running a test to see whether everything is working correctly.

If you determine the camera is working, you can move on to another camera in your security system. You’ll need to perform the isolation test for each camera you have. Only then can you know which camera is causing the problem, and you can move on to pinpoint whether it’s the camera or the cables connected to it.

Do a Cable Test for Video Loss on Swann Security Camera

swann video loss cable test

Once you finish the isolation test and determine that one of your Swann security cameras isn’t working correctly, you can move on to a cable test. It’s similar to performing the isolation test, but you’re only checking the cameras that didn’t work this time.

To determine whether it’s the camera or the cable’s fault, disconnect the cables from the camera that doesn’t work and connect them to a camera that worked during the isolation test.

If the camera works, your cables work fine, and you’ll have to purchase a new Swann security camera. On the other hand, if the other camera doesn’t work, the cables are the culprit, and you can save yourself a few dollars, as you’ll only need to purchase new cables.

Troubleshooting Swann Video Loss With a Port Test

swann dvr video loss port test

The camera and the cables aren’t the only things that can stop working, and sometimes the issue can be caused by a port on your DVR. However, it’s best to check potential problems in this order, and once you check both aspects of Swann’s video loss, you can then check the ports.

You’ll need a working Swann security camera for this step, so use one that completed the isolation test. Moreover, you’ll need a working set of cables.

Go ahead by plugging in all your working cameras and cables, and check whether you see images on the screen. Ensure you check all the screens so you don’t miss any ports.

Finally, if you find any faulty DVR ports, test them again with another working camera and a good set of cables. That way, you can be sure the problem lies with the DVR port and isn’t related to the camera or the cables.


Faulty security system camera systems, such as Swann CCTV video loss, can be incredibly frustrating to troubleshoot and repair. Nonetheless, they are essential to keeping our homes and other properties safe, so spending time troubleshooting Swann video loss problems is worth it.

If you’ve followed all the steps for proper Swann video loss troubleshooting, you should have successfully determined the cause of your problems. Whether it’s the camera, the cable, or the power supply, finding the culprit is relatively easy, and can quickly be exchanged.

However, things get complicated if the malfunction causes you to lose video footage, but fortunately, applications such as Recoverit are there to help you quickly recover deleted Swann DVR recordings.