[2024 Reviews] Stellar Repair for Video

We all love to watch videos in our free time. We even like to share popular videos with friends. Sometimes you can’t play a video file on your computer system. It is because of a corrupted or damaged video file. There are several reasons why you can’t play a video on your system. In this case, you need to repair the corrupted video file.

To repair corrupted/ damaged video files, there is a tool called Stellar Repair for Video for you. This popular video repair tool helps you repair damaged video files and corrupted videos easily. The Stellar Repair for Video Review will give you all the information about this reliable video repair tool.

stellar repair for video

Stellar Repair for Video Review

Video files are very important as they help us relive those precious moments again and again. Sometimes, your video files get corrupted due to an unknown issue which makes your video unplayable. You can’t simply play your video files on a computer system.

Whenever you find your video files not playable, it means the files get corrupted or damaged. You can easily repair such corrupted video files using the tool called Stellar Repair for Video. It is a dedicated software designed for computer users to repair damaged/ corrupted video files.

The reason why we have picked the Stellar Repair for Video software is its user interface. The software is designed for all types of users. Anyone can use this software for repairing video files that are unplayable or corrupted.


Stellar Repair for Video is a powerful tool to repair video files. The software repairs videos stored on your computer system or transferred from your mobile device or digital camera. The software can repair individual and multiple video files as per your requirements.

The software makes the damaged and corrupted video files playable by fixing them with its auto-repair function. Besides repairing the video file, the software also fixes other common problems from the video files such as blurriness, contrast, unwanted noise, etc.

Let’s talk about the key features of this video repair tool now!

Repair Different File Formats

Stellar Video Repair software can repair almost all types of video files with different file formats. If we talk about the formats, this software can repair videos with MP4, 3GP, F4V, AVI, MOV, AVCHD, MJPEG, WEBM, MTS, 3G2, M4V, MKV, ASF, and many others more.

If the video format of your videos is not listed above, you can still give this software a try as it can fix and repair any type of video file efficiently. It is faster than other video-repairing tools.

Video Options

The software can repair all types of videos recorded from different devices. Many people believe that such software only repairs videos from the computer system. However, the Stellar Repair for Video can repair videos recorded from your smartphone, drone cameras, digital cameras, and more.

Moreover, it can also repair files from iOS devices such as iPhones, iPods, etc. CCTV videos can also be repaired using the same software. All you have to do is just copy the files from the devices and save them to your computer system for repairing using the Stellar Repair for Video software.

Fix Different Problems

Video files have different problems when they stop playing or are unable to play on your computer system. Audio synchronization, blurry, noise, and many others. These types of problems can be repaired using this video repairing software automatically.

The software works by choosing the portion of the video that is not damaged. It is then copied to the structure and placed to the damaged portion to repair it. This is how the damaged or corrupted portion will be fixed and the entire video will be repaired.

Repair Multiple Videos

Unlike other video repairing tools, the Stellar Repair for Video software can repair multiple video files simultaneously. You don’t need to repair multiple files one by one, just import the damaged video files at once and repair them with one go using this tool.

This feature is quite useful to professionals who need to repair video files in bulk. The same software can be used by casual users for repairing individual video files on their respective PC systems.

Plans and Pricing

The Stellar Repair for Video is one of the most affordable video repairing tools in the market. Depending on the user’s requirements, he can choose from three different plans. The Standard Plan, The Premium Plan, and The Technician Plan. It’s a one-time purchase software and will not ask for renewal fees etc.

  • The Standard Plan- $49.99
  • The Premium Plan- $69.99
  • The Technician Plan- $99.99
stellar plans and pricing

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How to use Stellar Repair for Video?

Stellar Repair for Video lets you repair videos quickly with just two steps, add video files and repair them instantly.

Step 1: Add Files

Once you install the Software, launch it on a respective PC system. On the home page, you would see the Add File option in the middle of the Window. Click on the Add File option and browse the damaged or corrupted video files.

stellar repair for video add files

After selecting the damaged video files, start the repairing process by clicking on the repair option. The repairing process will begin itself and you can see the progress of it on the screen.

Step 2: Start Repairing

start repairing

Step 3: Preview and Save

Preview the repaired video and save them together. Click the Save all button to save the repaired videos on a computer system.

preview files

Customer Testimonial

I was confused and was looking for a reliable video repairing tool to recover my son’s birthday videos. I came to know about the Stellar Repair for Video software while searching on the web for repairing my videos. The tool is quite powerful and it has helped me recover all of my videos at once. I spent only a few minutes and got all my videos repaired quickly. I recommend using this tool for repairing any of your video files as this tool is very powerful.

1. Stuart Smith (California)

Stellar Repair for Video is a great video repair tool as it comes with a simple user interface and can repair video files in two simple steps. You’ll get your damaged videos repaired in no time using this tool.

2. Marie Watson (New York)


Stellar Repair for Video is a convenient way of repairing damaged/ corrupted videos that are unplayable. Its plain and simple interface helps you repair multiple videos with one go with no special skills.

Just like the Stellar Repair for Video tool, there are many other video repairing tools available for you which you can try out. The tools like RepairIt helps you repair/ recover videos and photos, Digital Video Repair helps you repair all types of digital files recorded on different devices, Remo Repair MOV for quick repairing of videos, and many more.

Besides premium video repairing tools, you can try out the free trial versions of these premium video repairing tools to test out their features and functions. Explore the free trial versions of them and go with the one that suits your needs.