The 8 Best EaseUS Partition Master Alternatives for Mac

Try the best alternatives of EaseUS Partition Master to better organize and manage the hard drive.

best alternatives of easeus partition master

EaseUS Partition Master is an incredible tool that assists you in creating, resizing, cloning, moving, merging, and formatting partitions. The only limitation is that the EaseUS Partition Master mac is not available. This is why people often look for alternatives that work for both windows and mac. Are you looking for the same? If yes, this article has got you covered, as it presents the 8 best alternatives to EaseUS Partition Master (as listed below), perfect for either creating a new partition or resizing the existing one.

Let’s understand how every alternative EaseUS Partition Master makes it easy for you to manage or organize your hard drive.

8 Best Alternatives to EaseUS Partition Master

Top 8 EaseUS Partition Master Alternative for Mac

Have you tried EaseUS Partition Master? Didn’t get the desired results? No worries. You have the option to choose from a series of alternatives to this tool. Let’s get into the details of the features, pros, and cons of each alternative to EaseUS Partition Master.

1. Carbon Copy Cloner

When it comes to creating backups or cloning, Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC) plays a crucial role. It is not only useful to create general backups, but you can also use it to clone your hard drive to the other. It ensures that every single file on your device has been copied successfully. You can use the free version for 30 days to check its features. To access the premium functionalities, you have to pay $39.99.

carbon copy cloner

Similarity & Difference

EaseUS Partition Master is only available for Windows, whereas Carbon Copy Cloner only supports macOS. Both tools ensure the creation of faster backups and transfers.


Ability to schedule tasks monthly, weekly, or hourly

You need fewer system resources to run this tool

It helps you create incremental or complete backups


You can’t use it for windows

Key Features

Backup scheduling You are free to schedule hourly, weekly, or monthly backups.
Backup to Mac network This backup feature reduces data loss greatly and offers high security.
User-friendly interface Appealing and easy-to-use UI helps you navigate through the desired functions.

2. ChronoSync

It is an incredible mac toolkit designed specifically to create backups and synchronize files on your MacBook or computer. You can access the basic features for free to determine if this tool suits you. If you are satisfied with the trial version, you can buy the premium version for just $49.99.

chronosync partition

Similarity & Difference

Both EaseUS Partition Master and ChronoSync keep your data protected. EaseUS is not available for macOS, whereas ChronoSync only supports macOS.


Budget-friendly access to scheduled backups

Performs perfectly on network drivers

Backups can be synchronized, or unidirectional


GUI is not user-friendly

Available for mac only

Key Features

Folder synchronization ChronoSync keeps your files in two locations that are synced bidirectionally and unidirectionally.
External backups It helps you create backups to external devices easily
Data sharing Assists you in creating backups to Amazon S3 to make it easily accessible from everywhere.

3. Disk Utility

Apple has introduced this utility to perform certain tasks in macOS X, including but not limited to creating, compressing, converting, and encrypting disk images. It is a free built-in tool to use on Mac.

disk utility for partition

Similarity & Difference

Both Disk Utility and EaseUS Partition Master are known for performing quick partitions. EaseUS is compatible with macOS only, whereas Disk Utility is available for both Mac and Windows.


Fast repair and partitioning

Compatible with both Windows and Mac

Keeps your external device protected


If you erase your storage device, it will erase everything from your Mac computer

Key Features

Quick repair Helps you repair corrupted or damaged storage device
Disk image creation You can create and convert disk images in different formats
Partitioning Disk Utility performs fast partitioning of storage devices and hard disks

4. SuperDuper

It is a credible tool introduced to make your automated scheduled backups easy.  You can store a bootable backup (with Time Machine volume) with SuperDuper. You can use basic features for free, but access to premium functionalities costs you $27.95. It is a one-time purchase.

backup with superduper

Similarity & Difference

SuperDuper and EaseUS Partition Master are known for performing easy partitions. Both tools work for Mac only. There are a lot of similarities between these tools, except for the price.


Easy-to-navigate user interface

Supports automated scheduled backups

Supports Windows and Mac

It creates fully bootable backup, and hence the recovery becomes painless


The processing time increases depending on the amount of data used

You cannot select any folder as a source

You can’t backup data on external devices like USB

Key Features

Easy backup creation Assists you in creating your drive backups to avoid facing inconvenient circumstances.
Smart wake This feature helps you update your backup file at a specific time or date.
Sandbox backup Features your hard drive’s partition.

5. Paragon Partition Manager

It offers essential partitions to boost the performance of your operating system. For non-commercial use, you can use the community edition for free, whereas a commercial package costs you a minimum of $99.

paragon partition manager

Similarity & Difference

Paragon Partition Manager and EaseUS Partition Master can efficiently organize and manage your hard drives. The price for Paragon is higher than EaseUS.


Easy and fast backup creation

File-level and sector backups

Easy integration


You get access to very few features in the free version

Available for windows only

Key Features

Simplified working process Each function comes with a respective explanation to simplify the overall process
Quick data recovery In case of failure or malfunction, you can quickly recover your data
Data storage Helps you store application-specific stuff, including files and folders

6. Stellar Partition Manager

You can use this software to perform basic and quick partitioning operations, including creating, formatting, resizing, and deleting your partition. It is not a free alternative to EaseUS Partition Master. You can make a one-time purchase for only $39.

stellar partition manager

Similarity & Difference

Stellar Partition Manager and EaseUS Partition Master are reputable software to do effective partitions, thereby protecting your data.


Efficient and easy Mac partitions

Safe and reliable operations

No data loss

Fast processing

Available for both Windows and Mac


User interface is not appealing

Key Features

Create partition You can simply select the drive to create the partition.
Delete partition Assists you in deleting the already created partition.
Repartition This feature allows you to perform a re-partition with no data loss.

7. iPartition

It is another great alternative to the EaseUS Partition Master Mac. iPartition comes with the ability to perform multiple re-partitions one after the other without your interaction. You can use the limited features with its trial version. The paid version will cost you $44.95.

create a partition with ipartition

Similarity & Difference

Both iPartition and EaseUS Partition Master are known for creating quick partitions. The price for iPartition is twice of EaseUS.


Quick and easy partitioning

Supports all storage devices (fixed, external, or removable)

Shows partition in a graphical view


You will not always find resize handle accurate

Key Features

Disk recovery iPartition features disk recovery if you mistakenly pull the plug during the re-partitioning process
Repartition With reformatting, this tool supports repartition
Smart partitioning You just need to tell the size of a partition, the program will do the rest

8. Active@ Boot Disk

This is a complete package offering a variety of tasks, including secure data erasure, creating backups, quick data recovery, and backup restoration. The free version provides you with limited access to its features. In contrast, the premium personal license for Windows costs you $99.99.

create partitions with active@ boot disk

Similarity & Difference

The similarities between Active@ Disk Book and EaseUS Partition Master include easy data recovery, fast partitioning, and secure processing. The pricing factor is something that makes both tools different from each other.


Fast partitions and data recovery

Multi-boot support

Support for multiple storage devices (USB, DVD, CD, etc.)


It is costly compared to other alternatives to EaseUS Partition Master

Key Features

Partition management Helps you manage disk volume or partitions from the script or command prompt.
Password recovery Active@ Boot Disk features a one-of-its-kind password resetting tool for Windows.
Disk health monitoring This feature controls the attributes and temperature of your site.

Bonus Tip: Best Software to Recover Your Lost or Deleted Partition

Have you tried the above paid and free alternatives to EaseUS Partition Master? Didn’t get what you were looking for? Searching for a potential way to get your deleted or lost data back? If yes, look no further than Wondershare Recoverit. It helps you recover unlimited data from your MacBook or computer. Let’s have a look at how it works.

Step-By-Step Guide

Suppose you have lost some important stuff from your xD-Picture card. Follow the steps below to ensure a safe and quick recovery.

Free Download

For Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11

Free Download

For macOS X 10.10 or later

Step 1: Use a card reader to connect your xD-Picture card to your MacBook or computer. Now, choose the xD card in Recoverit - Data Recovery and tap on the “Start” button.

select location to recover data

Step 2: The tool will start scanning your card automatically to find the lost data. Wait for a couple of minutes or seconds. It depends on the size of the data you wish to restore.

recoverit scanning to find lost data

Step 3: Once the scanning process gets completed, preview the files you want to get back to ensure if they are things you want to restore. Now, hit the “Recover” button.

preview and recover data from recoverit


EaseUS Partition Master is one of the most incredible tools to create, delete, resize, and merge partitions. But it is not available for macOS, which is why you may be looking for a paid or free alternative to EaseUS Partition Master. You don’t want to miss the above discussion, as it has presented the 8 best alternatives to EaseUS Partition Master. Give it a read.