Mac Partition Recovery: Recover Deleted or Lost Partitions on Mac

Deleted Mac partition by mistake? Hope still exists. Recoverit Data Recovery is what you can fall back on. It helps you restore partition on Mac and recover lost data within 3 simple steps.

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How do I recover lost files on my Mac?

I accidentally deleted my Mac partition and lost essential data. Is there any way to help me restore the partition and recover lost files?

Losing files is one thing, but losing an entire partition of your Mac hard drive just drove your troubles to another level- especially if you do not know what you need to do for getting it all back. Often, we reformat our hard disks in a bid to gain more space and get a "fresh start" without all the clutter and without bothering about the implications of this. But after it, you may have lost or deleted a necessary file in the process.

While formatting a hard drive is a simple option, restoring partition on Mac is not easy without the help of a Mac data recovery program. When you deleted, formatted, or unexpectedly lost your partitions, all the data stored on the Mac partitions became inaccessible or even permanently removed. To recover deleted or lost partition on Mac, all you need is a Mac data recovery tool. And as you read on, you will know how simple and effective Mac partition recovery can be with the right Mac file recovery software.

Part 1: How to Recover Lost or Deleted file from Partition

How do I recover a lost partition on my Mac?

1. The Best Free Partition Data Recovery Software

Recovering deleted or lost partition on Mac is not something that you can do with any built-in utility. You will need a specialized Mac data recovery tool to do it. Recoverit Mac Data Recovery, which is one of the most trusted software for recovering lost data on Mac, is also the most suitable option in this case. It can help you recover 96% of deleted, lost, formatted, or corrupted data within only a few minutes.

Before we move ahead and see how to recover deleted or lost partition on Mac using Recoverit, let us review some of the features that make it a suitable choice in this scenario.

When a person deleted partition on Mac by mistake, the first question comes to mind. Let us go ahead and see the way to recover files from deleted partition on Mac.

2. Video Tutorial: How to Recover Lost Partition Data

This tutorial is aimed to help even a novice learn how to recover deleted or lost partition on Windows or Mac computer.

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3. Ultimate Guide to Mac Partition Recovery

To recover deleted or lost partitions on Mac, you need first to download and install Recoverit Data Recovery. And then follow the below steps to restore partitions files.

Step 1 Select the desired partition.

To recover deleted partition on Mac, select the partition where you lost your files. If you can't find the partition, go to select the option of "Can't find your partition." Click the "Start" button on the bottom-right corner to scan the partition.

mac partition recovery

Step 2 Scan the Mac partition.

Recoverit Mac Partition Recovery will start a thorough scan on the Mac partition you select, which can deeply search through it and dig out the hidden or lost files.

partition recovery

Step 3 Preview and recover partition data

Once the scan completes, you will be shown a list of all the files that Recoverit has found in the partition data recovery Mac process. Preview the recoverable files and restore lost files by clicking "Recover."

recover lost partition on Mac

With that, you will have recovered your lost partitions through the most professional of Mac data recovery software that the market has to offer!

Part 3: Scenarios and Tips for Mac Partition Recovery

Now, you should have recovered deleted partition on Mac. Let's take a look at some common scenarios when your partition gets lost and some tips against repeated lost partition on Mac.

I: Lost Partition Scenarios

Apart from intentionally deleting a partition, some other scenarios where you may need to recover partition on Mac:

  • A failed or interrupted software update that wiped off the entire hard drive;
  • Corrupted partition while you were trying to reallocate or reformat your primary hard drive;
  • Incorrect command usage that messed with the partitions;
  • Unauthorized access to your Mac that wiped off your hard drive;
  • Third-party disk cleanup programs;

In Mac PCs, creating and working with hard-drive partitions is quite simple. You can create separate partitions of the same hard drive to run a different operating system on each or create so just for your use. If a particular partition is corrupted or deleted/formatted, then you will lose any data that was stored in it. In this case, Recoverit Data Recovery is a must for you to get the lost data back.

II: Tips for Mac Partition Recovery

Now that you know the necessary information to recover deleted partition on Mac, there are a few additional points that can help make the recovery process more efficient and effective. Here are a few of those:

  • When you select the recovery destination, ensure that it is in a drive other than the drive where they were before deletion. This will help prevent the overwriting of any data.
  • Do not improperly shut down the Mac, such as by disconnecting the power supply, especially when you are performing hard disk formatting or creating new partitions.
  • Use only trusted software to recover partition on Mac, as any un-trusted software could be not only ineffective but also cause further damage.
  • Once you realize that any data or partitions that you require are deleted, lost, or inaccessible- stop using that particular hard drive immediately. Not doing so could make file recovery impossible.
  • Avoid using any third-party or automated software for cleaning your hard drive.
  • Before formatting or creating hard drive partitions, be sure of what you are doing.

Thus, with just these few simple things taken care of, you will be able to make the most of Mac partition data recovery software and recover partition on Mac with ease!

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