What is TS Video File and How to Recover Deleted TS Videos?

How to Recover Deleted TS Videos?

This article will provide basic details about TS video files and easy tips to recover them from both Windows and Mac.

TS video files are known as transport stream files, commonly used in broadcast and streaming systems. It makes the size of the video file smaller in MPEG-2. People use this format to save videos on DVDs and can be played on various media players or video editors. The quality of the TS video format is the same as other popular formats like MP4, AVI, and MKV.

Furthermore, the TS format contains features like stream synchronization and error correction that help to play videos smoothly in good quality. However, if you have deleted TS video files accidentally due to the presence of a virus or usage of an incompatible media player, this article will provide a detailed method to recover permanently deleted or lost TS video files.

Part 1: How Do You Get your TS Video File Deleted?

Deletion of TS video files can occur on its own without getting in the knowledge of the users. The main problem happens when the TS files get deleted permanently, and you are unable to access them even in recycle bin. That's why it is essential to know the major reasons that influence the deletion of these files. Read the following reasons to know why TS video file gets deleted on your PC:

  • Inappropriate Media Player: TS video format has a limited number of compatible media players, so if your PC has an inappropriate player, it can corrupt the data stored in it, and eventually, you will lose it.
  • Malware Attack: A virus attack is the most common reason for making the TS data inaccessible and corrupted, saved in your DVDs.
  • Corruption in Drive: Another big reason for the deletion of TS video files is corruption in the hard drive. If your hard drive is inappropriate, it will straightly have implications on the data saved in TS format.
  • Formatting of DVDs: Many times, people end up in the accidental formatting of DVDs that results in the removal of all the data, including TS video files.
  • <>Inaccurate Codec: TS videos use MPEG-2 codec to compress digital data; however, an inaccurate codec can damage the data permanently.

Part 2: Got Your TS Video File Accidentally Deleted? Recover It with These Ways

When you experience the accidental deletion of TS video files, the deleted files end up in a directory from which you can restore them. In the case of Windows, the dedicated directory is called "Recycle Bin," and for Mac users, the directory is "Trash." To recover the deleted TS video files from both Windows and Mac, follow the below instructions.

Recover TS Video Files from Windows Recycle Bin

Windows Recycle Bin is located on the desktop from where you can either restore or permanently delete the TS files. In this particular case, the steps to retrieve the deleted TS video file are:

Step 1: Go to Recycle Bin

First, navigate to the icon of “Recycle Bin” and open it by double-clicking from your mouse. After opening it, you would see many deleted files, so choose the TS files you want to retrieve by tapping on them.

open windows recycle bin

Step 2: Click to Restore

Once you have found the TS files you want to recover, right-click on them and choose "Restore" from the drop-down menu. Now you can find your TS file in its original folder.

tap on restore option

Recover TS Video Files from Mac Trash

In MacBook, the procedure is a bit different from recovering the lost data. Here, you would access the deleted files by going to a “Trash” from Mac Dock. The steps to recover the accidentally deleted TS video file from MacBook are:

Step 1: Go to Trash

Begin with clicking on the “Trash” icon on your Mac and tap on the TS files you want to recover to their original folder.

select ts video file

Step 2: Recover TS File

To restore the TS video file, press and hold the "Control" button while right-clicking on it. Now, tap on the "Put Back" option from the displayed sub-menu. Otherwise, you can use the option of drag and drop to restore the video files to their original folder.

choose put back option

Part 3: Recover Your Permanently Deleted TS Video File with Wondershare Recoverit

If you are unable to find your deleted TS video file in recycle bin or trash, it reflects that your file got deleted permanently. In order to recover permanently deleted TS files, you must use reliable software like Wondershare Recoverit, which has a high recovery rate across every platform. This tool can recover data up to 100MB free of cost in its original quality.

As this tool is compatible with more than 1000 video formats, it will also support TS video files and will recover them in their original state within some minutes. If you want to get instant results, you can avail its amazing feature of "Quick Scan," which will run a scan and find the results within seconds. In the worst situations where your TS files get attacked by a virus, you can run a deep scan and recover the lost data quickly.

Key Features of Wondershare Recoverit (Data Recovery)

Here are some explicit features of data recovery that can be applied in both ordinary and extraordinary circumstances.

  • Easy UI: The user interface of this tool is easy to perform data recovery and does not contain any annoying ads which can distract the users.
  • Free Subscription: You can explore many features of Recoverit, including data recovery, without having any subscription.
  • Preview Files Before Recovery: You can save satisfactory results by previewing the files before recovering them completely. Thus, it will save you from recovering unwanted data.
  • Get Instant Results: The advanced functions of data recovery are capable of finding the lost files and data within seconds in ordinary situations.
  • Supports Various OS: This tool has the diversity to support many operating systems lie Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

Steps to Use Data Recovery Feature

Carefully follow this tutorial to perform TS video recovery using Wondershare Recoverit:

Step 1: Choose the Location of TS Files

Download Wondershare Recoverit on your PC and click to open its UI. Select the location where you lost the TS video files either by clicking on the “Hard Disk Drives” option or the "Quick Access" option to choose a hard disk or desktop location, respectively.

scanning your drive

Step 2: Start Scanning

Once done with selecting the locations, tap on “Start” to begin the process of scanning. The tool will start scanning the location, and you can view the real-time progress on your screen. You can also pause the scanning process whenever you want by tapping on the pause option.

scanning your drive

Step 3: Recover Files Completely

You can also use the preview feature to see the recoverable results before ending the process. If you are succeeded in finding the deleted TS files, click on “Recover” to get back your data completely.

recover your ts video file

Part 4: Tips to Avoid TS Video File Deletion from Your Device

Prevention is always better than investing time in solving the problem. For your convenience, we have jotted down some easy tricks and advice that will definitely prevent the TS video files from getting deleted.

To ensure the safety of TS video files, here are some useful tips that you can implement to avoid their deletion from your PC:

  • Save TS Files Consistently: If you are working on a project that utilizes TS files, its important to save your work on a regular basis. Due to this, the data will be prevented in case of a sudden power outage or crashing of your device.
  • Use Backup Feature: Nowadays, many people use the backup feature to ensure the complete safety of their data. There are in-built backups as well in your computer that you can trust. Otherwise, you can also install third-party backup software for more protection.
  • Delete Unwanted Files: Always try to clear your computer’s memory from unnecessary TS files to make your desktop a little more organized. Keep in mind to carefully check the TS video files before deleting them permanently.
  • Install an Antivirus Program: Computer viruses always infect TS video files by damaging their quality. Research a reliable and authentic anti-virus program and install it on your computer to prevent harmful consequences.
  • Utilize Diverse Backup Mediums: Experts suggest that users should look into more than one backup channel. Make sure to save TS files on both cloud platforms and external devices.

Wrapping Up

TS video files have some restrictive options to run on media players and other platforms. Thus, any inappropriate media player or codec may result in the deletion of TS files permanently. This article has described the reasons as well methods to recover TS video files from both Windows and Mac devices. Also, don’t forget to read the tips to avoid the deletion of TS files from your PC.