How to Retrieve Photos From the Cloud/iCloud

How to Recover Photos From the Cloud/iCloud

Did you lose photos from your Cloud/iCloud storage? If you want to know how to retrieve photos from the cloud, you will get detailed information here on data loss in various scenarios with some of the best solutions.

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Photo ensembles a great way to cherish good old memories of your life. Nothing could be more annoying than losing all the precious photos of your family, friends, and loved ones. Just because you have backed-up all the photos in the cloud storage, it doesn’t mean it cannot be lost.

If you are thinking about how to retrieve photos from the cloud, the article features everything related to cloud photo recovery. You will also learn about various ways to recover deleted photos from the iCloud.

Part 1: Overview of Cloud Photo Recovery

One of the best features of Cloud storage is the proficiency it provides in recovering the data loss from computer storage. When it comes to saving crucial data, people often make a backup of backup just to double ensure everything.

But what if you lose the backup as well? In such a scenario, you can use cloud storage platforms to store photos, videos, or any documents that are important to you.

1. What's Cloud for Photo Recovery

To understand ‘Cloud’ for Photo Recovery, you need to understand about cloud storage. It’s a service in which the data is backed up and stored on a remote server. Today, almost every business and organization back up essential files and data, as it helps significantly in times of system failure.

The application of cloud storage is not limited to large companies using the services for their business-critical data and applications. Everyone can use cloud storage services to store photos, videos, documents, software, and a lot more.

It has various significant advantages over the conventional method of saving photos by creating backups. Moreover, the backups are also susceptible to data loss. Some of the crucial benefits of Cloud storage are as follows.

2. Different Cloud Backup Platforms

Today, many cloud backup platforms provide services to a backup of different types of data and applications. You can always select from various cloud backup platforms as per your requirements. It includes storage capacity, monthly or yearly packages, and other essential factors.

Some of the common Cloud storage services include Google Drive, iCloud, BackBlaze, Acronis, and many more.

Google Drive: It’s one of the efficient file storage service platform developed by Google, Inc.

iCloud: It’s another reliable cloud storage and computing service developed by Apple.

3. Different Scenarios of Retrieving Photos from the Cloud

The fact that data loss has become a common issue, you must have the precious photos stored in cloud-based service platforms. But what if you lose your pictures from cloud storage as well? Yes, you can lose data from the Cloud storage as well. Here are some of the scenarios where you can lose your photo collections.

Scenario 1: Delete Photos on Computer

Numerous factors result in data loss from a computer or any storage device. Here are some of the typical cases that lead to the deletion of data.

Scenario 2: Delete Pictures on Cloud

While some may think of it as a highly unlikely scenario, Cloud storage often gets wiped out due to numerous reasons. It’s like an antivirus got attacked by a virus, which might sound absurd. But yes, cloud storage is vulnerable to data loss. Here are some typical causes of its occurrence.

Part 2: How to Recover Photos from the Cloud in Different Scenarios

It’s a terrible thing to lose your collection of photos. And if you are wondering how to recover pictures from iCloud or any other cloud storage platforms, you can always retrieve them back. In a situation like this, you must not store any new data on the cloud storage or delete anything from the recycle bin.

Below are the cases in which you can recover your photos from the cloud storage.

Scenario 1: Recover Deleted Computer Photos from Cloud

If you lose photos from the computer or any hard drive, but already uploaded in the cloud storage, then you can easily retrieve it back. The process of retrieving photos could be different for different data storage cloud services. Here is the step by step process for two of the most used cloud data storage platforms.

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the best and most used cloud services among its competitors. You can backup all your precious files and transfer of large documents, among many other things. Also, it's easy to retrieve deleted computer photos from the cloud.

Now, if you are wondering how to restore photos from the cloud, Google Drive offers its users a minimum of 30 days to recover deleted photos from ‘Trash’ folders. After 30 days, it will be permanently deleted. However, if you are a G-Suite user, you can recover the permanently deleted photos using Google Admin Console. Here is the process to restore photos from an individual Google Drive account.

Step 1: Sign in to your Google Admin Console and click on the ‘Users’ icon.


Step 2: Go to the user name whose data you want to retrieve. Now, tap on the eclipse icon on the right.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Restore Data’ tab from the pop-up menu.


Step 4: Mention the required range of date, select 'Drive' in the applications, and click on 'Restore.'


The above steps will help you retrieve data from Google Drive.


Whether you want to sync your contacts, videos, photos, music, or documents, iCloud offers various benefits when it comes to cloud data storage. Recently Apple introduced a new feature that lets the user restore deleted files from the iCloud storage. Here is how to recover pictures on iCloud.

Step 1: Click on the ‘Settings.’

Step 2: As you move down to the Settings page and tap on ‘Restore Files.’

Step 3: Go to the photos you wanted to restore and check the option alongside the file.


Step 4: Now, select the Restore Files.

If you follow the above steps as mentioned, the photo will be recovered to the original location. It will be specified under the file name in your iCloud Drive account.

Scenario 2: Retrieve Deleted Cloud Photos on Computer

Even when you have deleted photos from the cloud storage, you can still be able to retrieve it if you know the right drill. Here are the two ways to retrieve deleted cloud photos on your computer.

1. Recycle Bin

Now, you might be wondering how to retrieve pictures from the cloud through Recycle Bin. It’s true once a file is deleted goes to the trash. But if your recycle bin is synched with your cloud storage account, the files are sent to the recycle bin instead of permanent deletion.

So, if you haven’t emptied your recycle bin, you can retrieve photos.

2. Recoverit Data Recovery software

If the deleted photos synced with your Mac computer, you can retrieve the deleted files the same way you restore them on your hard drive. Now, although you can find numerous ways to restore deleted photos on iCloud, Recoverit Data Recovery is the best software is among the best bets.

Download and install the software on your Mac computer. Launch Recoverit and follow these steps.

Step 1: Select the location to begin the recovery

To recover pictures from iCloud, select the location from where your files are lost. After selecting the location, click on the 'Start' tab to begin the process.


Step 2: Scan the selected location

After selecting the location, when you begin the scan the software shows you the progress. When the scanning is in progress, if you find your lost files, you can stop the scan in betwee any time.


Step 3: Preview and recover lost files

Recoverit allows its users to preview all the files found in scan. When you are satisfied that your files are recovered, click on “recover” and save them at the desired location.


With Recoverit Data Recovery software, the process is similar even if you are looking to retrieve deleted photos from the cloud on a Windows OS.

Part 3: Tips for Cloud Photo Recovery in Different Scenarios

As mentioned earlier, photo deletion from cloud storage or even hard drive is one of the common issues. The fact that these incidents are so random, you never see them coming. But you can still ensure several things on your part to prevent the situation. Below are some crucial insights to follow in different scenarios of cloud photo recovery.

How to prevent further damage on your deleted photos

As briefly mentioned earlier, when you get to know about the deletion of photos from the cloud storage, avoid uploading any new data to the file. It will overwrite the cloud storage space, and you might not be able to recover it. Now, if you want to restore the photos from the cloud, it might not show up in the list.

How to prevent photo/picture loss

Whether you lose photos, audios, videos, or any other documents, you can always take some precautionary steps to prevent the situation. Here are some useful tips to avoid photo loss from cloud/iCloud storage and your computer.

Closing words

It’s always good to care about something, even when it’s already too late to realize its value. But this adverb works when you have lost your photos from cloud storage, as it can be retrieved. The article will help you retrieve photos from the cloud storage platform. Moreover, Recoverit Data Recovery software enables you to recover deleted photos from your Mac or Windows computer.

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