How to Backup Synology NAS to Cloud

Do you want to know the methods to backup sinology NAS to cloud? Don’t worry, you will Have the finest method in this guide. You just need to read them step by step to attain better results.

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Q: How to backup Synology NAS to Cloud?

"A few days ago, I was thinking about making a backup of Synology NAS to cloud. The issue is that I'm not professional in creating backups this is why I need expert methods to do so. Plus, I don't have a software to use to make backup Synology NAS to the cloud. I'm afraid that any causality can cause data loss. The data on the Synology NAS is very essential for me to carry out my ongoing projects. This is the reason that making the backup is very significant for me. looking for the finest method to do so.

There is no denying the fact that Synology NAS is one of the finest NAS servers in the whole world. Millions of people use it to share data, this comes in handy mostly for professional purposes. However, you are right that creating a backup of Synology NAS is one efficient way of securing data. There is one perfect way to perform this task, which is mentioned in the guide. You will be using a third-party software to solve your situation. In this guide, you will also have an overview of why people want to backup Synology NAS to the cloud, which will let you know about your situation in detail. So, follow the guide carefully to get yourself in a comfortable scenario;

Part 1: Why you need to backup Synology NAS to the cloud?

There are always some reasons for performing a task. It is better to be aware of them before conducting that particular task. Knowing the reasons surely helps you out in performing the method. Moreover, the majority population of the world utilizes Synology NAS to share data, primarily in the business sectors of the world, as it is the best NAS server. You can backup Synology Network-attached storage to multiple clouds, there are a variety of clouds available nowadays. You can surely backup Synology NAS to public clouds like Amazon drive, google cloud storage, Microsoft Azure, or many more. However, there are few core reasons because of which people strive to backup Synology NAS to the cloud, these are the most common reasons behind it;

1. Sync directions

You can cherish multiple sync directions. You can select one-way or two-way synchronization to easily backup or sync the data between your Network Attached Storage.

2. Encryption and compression

If you have any queries about data safety. You can just use encryption to secure your data while you transfer it. Many people strive to reduce the traffic and storage consumption, that's easily doable by compression.

3. Concurrent processing

The people who want to attain concurrent processing can easily do it by backing up Synology Network Attached Storage (NAS) to the cloud. It offers you to customize the suitable number of concurrent file downloads and uploads, which can ultimately maximize system usage.

4. Selective sync

The majority population wishes to have the option of selective sync. As by selective sync, you can select certain folders and filter the files that you want to sync to any of the cloud service or even NAS. This optimizes storage use.

5. Traffic control

The people who want control traffic can also backup Synology NAS to the cloud. You can set the bandwidth limits to prevent the upload and download traffic from disturbing with the general traffic on your Network Attached Storage.

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Part 2: How to backup Synology NAS to cloud?

This is the core section of the guide. In this section, we will be discussing the finest method to back up the Synology NAS to the cloud. To conduct this task, we recommend you use the astonishing software of AOMEI Backupper to backup Synology Network Attached Storage to the public cloud. The software allows you to backup files and data on your Synology NAS to multiple cloud drives like google drive, Box, Sugar Sync, Dropbox, and any cloud provider which has a desktop app, follow the method step by step to conduct the method effectively. Before proceeding, you need to know more about the capabilities of this software;

AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI Backupper is one of those software's which contain diverse features and distinctive capabilities for their users. It also contains all features of the Standard Edition, provides complete and reliable PC backup and restore strategies for any of the windows version. System Clone, Backup Scheme, Dynamic Disk Backup, Dissimilar Hardware Restore, Merge Images, etc. and many other diverse and useful features are available. Not only the backup, but the software allows you to an auto-sync USB drive when connected with File Sync. The software is compatible with almost every operating system. There are a vast number of functions that this software contains. You can conduct incremental or differential backup for the scheduled task, this software allows you to set backup schedules as hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. It is highly recommended to utilize this software to backup Synology Network Attachment Storage (NAS) to the cloud; follow the steps to do so;

Step 1: For your understanding, we will be taking OneDrive as an example in this method. First of all, download and install OneDrive on your computer.

Step 2: Next, you are required to download the remarkable AOMEI Backupper software on your computer. Properly install and launch the software.

Step 3: Once you have successfully launched the software, you will witness the main interface on your screen. Here, to backup Synology Network Attachment Storage (NAS) to the cloud, you are required to click backup and select "File Backup".


Step 4: In this window, you will be adding a folder or files that you stored on Synology Network Attachment Storage (NAS) to the software. Furthermore, click "Add file" or "Add folder". Then, you need to choose the folder or file that is to be backup, you can even utilize filter settings to automatically backup files with a certain file extension.


Step 5: In this section, you can choose Share/NAS on the left side of the newly opened window on your screen. A new window of Network Location Management will also pop up. Furthermore, you will have the page to add share or NAS device. You need to type in the display name of your Network Attachment Storage. If you want to secure it with encryption, you can type its username and password to make your data more secure. Moving on, you can add all folders on your Synology NAS by choosing the folders in the right box.


Step 6: Once the steps of selecting the source party are completed, you need to choose the destination path, which is the cloud drive. Choose the option "Select a cloud drive", the software will give you the list of all installed clouds on your computer, choose the one you want as a destination path.


Step 7: In the last step, you can choose multiple other options to like to add a comment in options, set up an automatic backup in the schedule tab, or you can utilize the scheme feature of the software. Once you are done with all the alterations, you can start back up to conduct the task.


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To backup Synology Network Attached Storage, you must utilize the best software. It is very essential for all the Synology NAS users to backup it to the cloud. This surely allows you to cherish a vast number of features. However, you should always use AOMEI Backupper to conduct the task.

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