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Email is one of the most commonly used media of communication between different parties. The majority of the official communication in different types of organizations is normally carried out through emails. If you are one of these people who make extensive use of email for different types of communications, taking a backup of your emails becomes an essential requirement. There are different ways to back up your email messages but the best option out there is by using an email backup software. A few details regarding this kind of backup software applications are discussed in the sections below.

Part 1: Exporting your email files in Outlook

In addition to making use of an email backup software, you can also take a backup of your emails by exporting them in Microsoft Outlook. The emails in Outlook are stored in the form of .pst files and Outlook offers the facility of exporting them to any location of your own choice. In other words, you can store all of your emails in the form of .pst files for ensuring their security as a backup. All you need to do is to click on the Export drop-down menu, follow the instructions, provide a preferred location, and save your emails in the form of a .pst file. This file may later be restored in order to get access to your original files when your emails get compromised somehow.

Part 2: Top 5 Best Email Backup Software

An overview of the 5 best email backup software applications that might be used for taking a backup of your important emails is given below for your convenience and understanding.

1. Mailstore Home

Mailstore Home is a fine software that is designed to take backups of email messages. The best part about this software is that it allows you to backup your email messages from more than one email accounts. The backup is taken in the form of a well-protected and easily searchable archive. Some of the most prominent features offered by this email backup software are listed below.

email backup software mailstore home

2. KLS Mail Backup

KLS Mail Backup is another highly reliable software designed for taking backups of different types of email messages. It offers support for a number of some of the most popular email programs. Some of the most prominent features offered by this application are listed below.

email backup software kls mail backup

3. Gmvault Gmail Backup

Gmvault is a program designed for taking backups of email messages of different kinds. It is available on the internet free of any costs and offers a number of high-end features. Some of the most important ones in this regard are listed below.

email backup software gmvault

4. Spin backup

Spin backup is a highly known software application designed for creating backups of different types of email messages along with your calendar, contacts, Google Drive, Picasa, and even your local files as well. There are both free as well as paid versions for this program. Some of the most prominent features offered by Spin backup are listed below.

email backup software spinbackup

5. Upsafe Gmail Backup

Upsafe Gmail backup is a high-end email data recovery program that offers a number of features that are not offered by any other competing software available in the market. This is free software that offers an extensive number of features you may never find in any other free software of this kind. Some of the most prominent features in this regard are listed below.

email backup software upsafe

Email is undoubtedly the most commonly used medium of communication when it comes to official communication in the majority of the organizations out there. Some people even use it for taking care of personal correspondences as well. Regardless of the reason behind your use for emails, you might feel the need for taking a backup of all your important email messages so it might be used in the future if something goes wrong. There are a number of options that might be used when it comes to taking a backup of important email messages.

AOMEI Backupper Professional - Windows Data Backup Software

Apart from backing up emails regularly to keep the contacts secure and the business smooth, we should also backup other important data like business files, family videos, travel photos, and so on. To do copies of the data effortlessly and efficiently, Windows data backup software can be your choice. And our pick for you is AOMEI Backupper Professional. It is the most reliable and professional data backup and restores utility, featuring incremental backup available, automatic backup scheduling, and easy-to-use interface.

data backup
  • Allows you to take automatic, full, incremental, and differential backups of system, disk, partition, and files.
  • Supports system restore, disk restore, dissimilar hardware restore, partition restore, and selective file restore.
  • Supports disk clone, partition/volume clone, flexible clone, system clone, and command line clone.
  • Can schedule file sync for real-time data backup to internal hard disks and external hard drives.
  • Offers additional essential utilities - PXE boot tool, merge backup images, encrypt image, etc.
  • Supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7, Vista, and XP (all editions, 32/64-bit)

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