How to Backup Synology NAS to External Hard Drive?

You can never be sure about the safety of your stored data and it is always good to have a proper plan-B. Here's how you can backup Synology NAS to the external hard drive.

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One of the major questions that everyone asks is that - is it really needed to backup Synology NAS to external hard drive? The whole point of NAS is to have a stable system that lets you store data, sometimes, even data from multiple sources. Then why should we have another backup to take care of the initial backup? The simple answer to that elaborate question will be found in this article.

One thing you can say for sure about technology is its nature to be unpredictable and you'll always have to be a step ahead. The data you save can have utmost significance and you shouldn't take chances with it. NAS is a high-end storage tool that has been a breath of fresh air for everyone who wants to save data of high storage capacity. Even then, you need to note the point that the system can be compromised, and then you'll need to have a Plan - B.

I'm here to explain everything about the Synology NAS backup to external hard drive without any hassle or complications. This will ensure double safety for your cherished data. Let us know more about why you should employ these methods and backup NAS data to a reliable external storage device.

Why Need to Backup Synology NAS to External Hard Drive?

nas device

Before we start discussing the methods used for creating a backup Synology NAS to external hard drive, we should know why it is important in the first place. Like We had already mentioned in the introduction, there are many people who question the necessity of this action. Well, here's why you should be doing it.

  1. You may lose data during fast access - NAS is an efficient storage device that lets multiple clients store their data on it. The reason it is able to coordinate between multiple people is because of its network-based storage set-up. The advantage of having NAS systems is that they are very fast and you can access data within no time. You can lose data easily when multiple hands are accessing it.
  1. Accidental data erase - You can make a tiny mistake and the next thing you know, your data is washed out. Not having a backup will make the problem worse.
  1. No 100% guarantee of data security - The main issue here is that the data stored on the Synology NAS system is not entirely safe. No one can give you a 100% guarantee that nothing will happen to that data.
  1. Mechanical damage - There is the fear of wear and tear, mechanical damage, and also man-induced damage. Anything can happen and technological systems and gadgets only have a determined life span. After that, you can never be sure about the status of your information stored on them.

You need to have at least two other storage sources as a backup. Cloud storage and an external storage device can be your perfect backup options. In our case, let us see how you can backup Synology NAS to External Hard Drive.

There are a few methods that you can employ and we will discuss the same in the next section.

Methods to Backup Synology NAS to External Hard Drive

Before you begin with the whole process, you have to keep certain things ready.

  • A proper external storage device that has sufficient space, is not corrupted, and can handle your data well. Ensure you are going with a good one.
  • NAS system from where you want to back up the data. It should have a data port.
  • A software tool or third-party application that will help you to create the proper backup for your files.

Here are two easy methods that will help you to backup Synology NAS to external hard drive without much of a hassle.

Method 1: Using DiskStation Manager Software

You will need the help of some tools to backup data using the DiskStation Manager software. To name a few, you can use the Snapshot, USB Copy, or Hyper Backup tools. Here, we will be explaining the process using the Hyper Backup Tool.

Once you log into the DiskManager Software, you will find these tools in the Package Center. You need to install them.

Step 1: After installation, open the tool and click on the '+'sign. And then go with the Data Backup task, followed by the Local folder and USB (single-version).

backup destination for files

Step 2: Now, in the backup wizard, choose your ideal location of backup and other advanced settings if needed.

backup wizard and settings

Step 3: Once you click 'Apply', the process will start and all your files will be backed up to a new destination from your NAS system.

apply backup route

Now that is how you can transfer your files without any hassle. However, DiskManager software is slow and requires you to make some changes to advanced settings and choose the apt backup destination. To make things even simpler, you can use a third-party application. The next section will tell you everything about it.

Method 2: Using Wondershare UBackit

If you are planning to use a third-party application for the backup Synology NAS to external hard drive, then we would suggest Wondershare Ubackit for you. The process of 'File Backup' is very simple and requires very little time. Even if you are not a tech-savvy person, it is easy to navigate your way through the application.

It supports the file transfer of more than 1000 different formats. You can choose to create a backup, make a disk copy, Backup an entire partition, and also restore files that you decided to remove or erase.

The process is easy and this is how you should go about it.

Step 1: Launch the Wondershare Ubackit application and choose the Backup&Restore feature from the 'sidebar'. Then click the 'Create New' option and select File Backup.

start ubackit

Step 2: Now you can select the files you would like to backup from your NAS system. Then, click Select option at the bottom right to continue.

select file backup

Step 3: After that, the software will display the names of all the external storage devices that are presently connected to your computer. Choose the one that you want to work with.

select external hard drive

Step 5: Tap Backup option to initiate the process and wait for UBackit to successfully backup all files to the external hard drive.

backup process to drive

Step 6: Once you receive a pop-up that the process is complete, you can disconnect the external hard drive.

backup complete

The steps are simple and it hardly takes minutes to move from one step to another. This is a sure-shot process to create a reliable backup for your files.

Bonus Tips: What to Do If You Lost Data in the Process

Wondershare UBackit helps you to recover files in case you lose data during the backup process. It is possible that some files will go missing or won't transfer completely. You will see an error message or a complete absence of these files. In that case, you can use the restore backup files option on the Wondershare UBackit application.

However, if that doesn't work, you can rely on another application that Wondershare offers. The Wondershare Recoverit specializes in bringing back the lost and corrupted files. The quality and data are not compromised and you only need to follow three steps to get the job done. It also supports more than 1000 formats of different media types.

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The Simple steps include:

Step 1: Launch the Wondershare Recoverit application.

Step 2: Connect the NAS device.

Step 3: Scan the device for the files.

Step 4: Preview and then recover the files.

It is as simple as that. You can recover more than one file at a time. The process doesn't take much time, and even if it does, then it depends upon the size of your files. You can also go for the Advanced Recovery Option and recover those files that are badly damaged or seem beyond recovery.

Final Words

It is always good to have 2 or 3 more backup options apart from the NAS system. Seeing how it is a network-based storage system, you might lose the data under unfortunate conditions. Backup Synology NAS to external hard drive and you can stay assured that the data will be safe. Wondershare Ubackit is one of the best tools to initiate the transfer. Give it a try and don't regret it.

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