How to Fix 0xc10100bf Error: This File Isn't Playable

Fixed-0xc10100bf Error: This File Isn't Playable

There can be many possibilities why you may face 0xc10100bf error and find media files not playing. You can fix the problem by using effective methods mentioned in this article.

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"I downloaded some mp4 files into my thumb drive, and when I tried to play them, this message pops up in my media player "This file isn't playable. That might be because the file type is unsupported, the file extension is incorrect, or the file is corrupt. 0xc10100bf."

Are you getting a 0xc10100bf error while trying to play the files? You have landed in the right place! In this post, we will learn everything you need to know about the 0xc10100bf error and how to fix it without any fuss.

Many users face 0xc10100bf while trying to play files in their computer systems. So if you have encountered the same issue and do not know what to do about it, let us first learn what this error is and why it occurs.

Part 1. What Is Error 0xc10100bf?

When you are trying to play a video, and you see Error 0xc10100bf on your screen, it means that your video either has an unsupported file format, incorrect file extension, or it is corrupt. There could be various other reasons why this error may appear. To learn more about it, continue reading this post.

Reasons Why you may Face Error 0xc10100bf?

Before knowing the methods for 0xc10100bf repair, it is crucial to understand what might have caused it. So let us see different reasons that cause the 0xc10100bf error.

Error 0xc10100bf is bound to show up when your media player does not support the format of the file that you are trying to play. In this case, you need to convert your file's format into the one supported by your media player.

"This file isn't playable" error may also appear if your video has turned corrupt. You may face corruption due to several reasons. For instance, it was not properly recorded, or it was downloaded from an unreliable source.

The incorrect file extension is another issue that may trigger the 0xc10100bf error. This situation mostly occurs when you have renamed a file without properly converting it through a dedicated video conversion software or tool.

Part 2. How to Fix 0xc10100bf: This File Isn't Playable

If you cannot play a file using Windows Media Player, Movies & TV application, or any other player, do not worry! In particular, your operating system or your computer has nothing to do with the issue. In this scenario, most probably, your file is the culprit, making this error a minor problem. So without any further delay, let's learn how you can fix the 0xc10100bf error using different solutions.

Solution 1. Check the Supported File Format

If your file seems to be fine, then the reason behind the 0xc10100bf issue could be the file's format. So, you must ensure that your file's format is supported by the Windows Media Player, Movies & TV application, or any other application you are using. If you find out that your file does not have a supported format, you should convert it to a compatible format.

check the supported file format

You can search for a free video converter software on the internet to perform this procedure, and use the tool that you think can get the job done. Besides, you can also download a third-party codec or player to play the specific file.

Solution 2. Check the Correct File Extension

If your file does not have the correct extension, it may cause a 0xc10100bf error. This situation usually occurs when you have renamed your file without using a dedicated video conversion tool or software to convert it properly. Although certain media players will detect and fix this issue immediately by identifying the actual MIME type (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) of the file — other players may not be able to do so.

Another way to check whether the file extension is correct or not is to view the details of the file using the right file manager and to check if the file extension matches the MIME type. By renaming the file with the right file extension, you can fix this issue.

Solution 3. Play Videos on Another Device

If, while trying to play the file, it says, "This file isn't playable," there is a huge possibility that it is defective or faulty. So, if you see the error - 0xc10100bf on your screen, the first thing you should do is to check whether the file is playable on another device or not. If you cannot play the file, this means it is either damaged or corrupted. In this situation, try replacing the corrupted file with a new copy — this might be the easiest way to fix the issue.

Solution 4. Play Videos on Another Program

Mostly, the error code 0xc10100bf may occur due to an unsupported codec or file format. In this case, playing the video with another program often solves the issue. You can VLC media player to play the video files as it is the most preferred and is configured to play videos with different formats.

Apart from VLC, you can also use Windows Media Player, Winamp, KMPlayer, QuickTime, and more.

Solution 5. Scan and Remove Malware

Every time you double-click on a video and see the 0xc10100bf error, it implies that your system might be infected with malware. This can be the worst situation that you encounter, but do not panic. You can certainly get a 0xc10100bf fix for this problem by using Windows Defender, which is a security tool already equipped on your computer. It is a pretty decent application. To open Windows Defender in Windows 10, you can take the following steps:

Step 1: Go to the Settings and select "Update & Security."

Step 2: Now, choose the Windows Defender option and click on "Use Windows Defender." You are ready to use the built-in security tool by Windows and scan your corrupted file.

use windows defender to remove malware

Sometimes, even having Windows Defender might not help. In this scenario, you can get another powerful and reliable anti-malware tool that can help you to deep scan your system and remove all the threats detected.

Solution 6. Repair Video Files with Wondershare Repairit

Even after following the solutions mentioned above, if you still see the 0xc10100bf error, then you should consider using a reliable and dedicated software like Wondershare Repairit Video Repair to fix the video files. With its user-friendly interface, Wondershare Repairit Video Repair will help you repair corrupted or damaged video files of different formats and sizes on your computers. All you need to do is follow the simple steps described below.

Step 1: Upload/ Add Corrupted Video File

First, you need to download and launch "Wondershare Repairit" on your computer. As soon as it is installed, you add the corrupted file from the desired location, or you can directly drag it into the software window.

add video files you want to repair

Step 2: Start the Repairing Procedure

Once the videos have been added, the software will start uploading them. It may take a while to upload the videos, depending on the size of the video files. You must keep in mind that if you have added more than one video, they will be added one at a time. After the videos are successfully uploaded, press the "Repair" button to start the repairing procedure.

start repair video files process

Step 3: Check out the Repaired Video

The repairing process will be complete in a few minutes. Once it's done, you will see a "Success " message on your computer screen. You can preview the video to check whether it is repaired or not. Now, save the video to a safe location. Do not save it in the previous location where your damaged video was saved.

preview repaired videos

Step 4: Initiate the Advance Repair Process

If you do not get the desired result and find out that the videos were not repaired successfully, you can select the "advanced repair" option in the software. All you have to do is add a sample video and try repairing the video again. Once the video is uploaded, click the "Repair" button to begin the repair process.

add sample video to get desired result

Step 5: Save the Repaired Video to a Safe Location

A "success" message will be displayed on your screen after the repairing process is complete. You can now save the repaired video file to the location of your choice and try playing it again. This time, you won't see any error.

save video to the preferred location

Final Part Helps You Prevent 0xc10100bf Video Error

After discussing all the methods for the 0xc10100bf error fix, let us now see some additional tips to prevent this issue:


Error code 0xc10100bf while playing videos on your computer may occur due to unsupported file format, incorrect file extension, or corruption in the file. You can try fixing this error by using the effective methods mentioned above.

Some files have missing parts, or they get interrupted while downloading, so they are simply beyond repair. However, with the help of a video repair tool like Wondershare Repairit, you can fix any corrupted file without any hassle and enjoy your video watching experience.

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