How To Export PST From Outlook for Mac

Outlook for Mac is a widely used email client among Apple users. However, sometimes users may need to switch to another email client or back up their data. In such cases, exporting Outlook data to a PST (Personal Storage Table) file format can be helpful. This article will guide you on how to export PST from Outlook for Mac, including the step-by-step process and tips to avoid common issues.

Export PST From Outlook for Mac Manually

Mac Outlook and Windows Outlook have a notable distinction: Mac Outlook supports the OLM format, whereas Windows Outlook only supports the PST format. The manual method requires you to export an OLM file from Mac Outlook and then converting into the PST file format. This process can be lengthy, but we’ve broken it down into detailed steps below so you can easily complete it. 

  • Step 1: Launch Outlook on your Mac PC and select Export from the tools tab.
    select export from outlook mac
  • Step 2: It will open up a new window. In the Export to Archive file (.olm) window, pick the files you want to export and then hit Continue to proceed.
    choose files to export
  • Step 3: A new dialog box will appear. Specify the file name you want to export and the location to save it under the Save archive file (olm) window.
    create new name for archive file
  • Step 4: Outlook will begin exporting the selected files. Once the exporting process is done, click Finish to complete the process. The files will now be saved as an archive .olm file in the preferred location.
  • Step 5: Now, you must set up Gmail in Outlook for Mac by opening the Outlook software and selecting Preferences.
    select preferences from outlook
  • Step 6: In the preferences windows, choose Accounts under Personal Settings.
    select account under personal settings
  • Step 7: In the Accounts window, hit the + sign in the bottom left corner and then select Email from the options that appear.
    create new account
  • Step 8: You’ll be prompted to enter your Gmail login details. Once you do this, click the Add Account option to proceed. The Gmail account will automatically be added to your Outlook account.
    enter login details
  • Step 9: Right-click the newly-added Gmail folder and choose New Folder’ to proceed.
    create new folder under gmail
  • Step 10: Rename the new folder and then choose the file Select import from the options available.
    click import under tools
  • Step 11: Now, click the mailbox folder you want to export and right-click the items from the folder you want to export.
  • Step 12: Choose Move from the options and then Choose Folder.
  • Step 13: Find the Gmail folder on the list that appears and then click Copy. Doing this will ensure all the OLM file data is added to the new Gmail folder.
  • Step 14: Open the Windows Outlook application and log into your Gmail account in Outlook for Mac.
  • Step 15: Now, choose File and select Open & Export from the options provided. Next, select Import/Export to proceed.
    select import/export
  • Step 16: From the Import/Export Wizard, choose Export to a file.
    choose export to a file
  • Step 17: Choose Outlook Data File (.pst) and then hit Next to proceed.
    choose export to pst
  • Step 18: In the Export Outlook Data File window, choose the Gmail folder containing the OLM file data and then hit Next to proceed.
  • Step 19: Choose the location of the Outlook data file (.pst) and hit the Finish button.

That’s it; your OLM file will be exported to the PST file, and you can now access it on Outlook for Windows.

Limitations to the Manual Approach

Although the manual approach above can help you export PST from Outlook for Mac, it has many limitations. These limitations make it an inconvenient option when you’re looking to export Mac email to PST. Before exploring alternatives to this approach, below are some limitations you should note.

  • It Requires Gmail Configuration: Before exporting PST from Outlook from Mac, you have to configure your Gmail account. This can be a tedious process that takes time.
  • You Can Lose Data During the Process: The manual approach involves moving emails from one email address to the next. It’s easy for errors to occur, which could result in data loss. So, it’s advisable to back up your Outlook emails on Mac before the exporting process.
  • Only Works for Emails: The manual method allows you to move emails from one source to another. Due to this, you cannot move any other mailbox item in the process.
  • Depends on Applications: You have to utilize several applications in this process. Without using any of the email clients stated in the steps, you would not be successful in exporting emails from Outlook for Mac.
  • It Is Lengthy and Time-Consuming; The time required to execute the entire process is lengthy and can waste precious time. It is also indirect, and it can be easy to miss a step. However, missing a single step will render the entire process unsuccessful. 
  • It May Require Technical Assistance: The steps can be difficult for beginners with no technical experience. Missing steps can get confusing, resulting in the need for technical assistance.

Export PST From Outlook for Mac Using OLM to PST Converter

Since the manual process is lengthy and time-consuming, you might look for a quicker way to assist you in exporting PST from Outlook for Mac. Your best option is using third-party OLM to PST converter tools like Kernel for OLM to PST. Using this tool is less time-consuming and a straightforward process that’s easy for beginners to keep up with. To ensure you successfully convert OLM to PST with Kernel Converter, follow the steps below.

  • Step 1: Download and install Kernel OLM to the PST converter.
  • Step 2: After installation, launch the software, and on the homepage, select the Single or Multiple Files option depending on the number of files you need to convert. Once you select the right option, hit the Browse button to begin.
    browse mac olm email files to convert
  • Step 3: Navigate to the location of the OLM file and select it. You can search for the file using relevant keywords to save time.
    choose olm file from the list
  • Step 4: Once you add the OLM file you need to convert, hit the Next button to proceed.
    begin olm to pst conversion
  • Step 5: The Process Information window will appear with all the necessary information; click Finish to continue.
    confirm outlook mac olm to pst
  • Step 6: The tool will now list the selected OLM files. Choose the required file folder from the left panel and choose the item from the list on the right to preview them and confirm it’s the file you want.
    click file to preview
  • Step 7: Now, choose the output format ‘PST file (MS Outlook)’ from the options provided and then hit the Next button.
    choose export outlook mac to pst
  • Step 8: You can apply filters like subject, item type, date range, etc., based on your requirements. 
    choose filters to apply
  • Step 9: Choose the destination path to save the converted PST file and once you choose your preferred location, click the Finish button to begin the conversion process.
    start exporting pst from outlook mac
  • Step 10: The windows will display the successful conversion and migration process, and you can now access your PST file.
    access pst on outlook mac

Summing Up

Mac users usually face issues when exporting emails from Outlook on Mac. You know two effective ways to export PST from Outlook from Mac without issues. If you find the manual approach lengthy, consider using a third-party converter to speed up the process. However, it’s important to always back up your emails before exporting to prevent damage to your files or any form of data loss. An excellent option for creating a secure backup of your files is Wondershare UBackit which ensures your files are safe and available for recovery anytime.