How to Clone Hard Drive

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There are several ways to clone hard drive in which people could be looking for the better way in order for them to have the files be safe from all those factors that lead to deletion or corruption. Hard drive cloning is a process in which information is copied to backup the device. Also, this is used to recover lost data as this would include those data that were hidden.

What is the Use of Cloning Hard Drive?

Normally, people get to create a hard drive clone for backing information up. Problems can be so inevitable that hard drive users might want to prepare for the possibilities. Well, a hard drive clone will always have those data ready when the file is needed especially when one is working at an office or school.

There could also be some incidents that lead to loss of important information that should just be saved by the drive. These incidents might also wipe out the memory of the device. Thus, there will be difficulties in getting on with the information you might have used for a report or a school work. Cloning is an accessible way of getting a source of the same information you want to retrieve. It is the easiest choice in dealing with upgrades and doing clone hard drive.

Part-1: How to Clone Hard Drive

Users can also have their drive get cloned to have all the files get a copy of themselves for purposes of backing up information. To clone a hard drive can be a great move in preparing for the possibilities of having the information lost. There are several ways in having the hard drive cloned. Tools and software might be used to get to have everything copied into the drive easily.

Here are some of those tools that help on how to clone hard drive:

Acronis Backup Recovery 11.5

More suitable for IT Managers, this is a strong application that helps in making the tasks more accessible in getting into the things that are expected to meet with the application for cloning information.

The cool thing with this is that you will have the instructions on top of the boxes of each page to guide you. This is offered to you since this might just be more suitable for those that have knowledge of information technology.

clone hard drive step 1

Samsung Data Migration

This is created and suited only for Samsung SSD products. This does not support the other manufacturer's SSD. To clone a hard disk with this, first, one must download the software then open it. This supports ten languages including English.

clone hard drive step 2

As you RUN the application, you must choose I ACCEPT then click the box at the end to agree to the Terms and Conditions of the software. You can always have the language adjusted to what you prefer to use.

clone hard drive step 3

As you process what is instructed, you can already launch it. You will then be directed to this page. Choose Source Disk and Target Disk from the choices on the Window. Select your own disk and click on Start to start the cloning.

clone hard drive step 4

Macrium Reflect Free

This is actually an award-winning hard drive cloner. With this, users can have their files protected from deletion. This is used for cloning and imaging the files in the hard drive.

Set a destination for the files to be backed up. This will easily have you the location for the data you want to clone. On this page, you can also adjust other parameters. Then, click Next.

clone hard drive step 5

What we should notice when we clone hard drive?

Cloning also needs an important pondering on things that can happen. Well, clone hard drive, this will copy all that are in the hard drive including those that are hidden, and worse, viruses. Those folders that are unrecognizable in your disk could be a virus. Yes, computer viruses could somewhat take a disguise. If you are going to clone a hard drive to open these files, the virus would activate and corrupt the data that are around it. With corruption, there could also be data loss through the virus that is present in the drive.

If you want to know more about hard disk drives, click here to get the information:

What is Hard Disk Drive and How does it Work

Part-2: How to Avoid Data Loss

There have been many problems occurring that causes a loss of information. If not by the virus, it could be by the sudden outage of the power or by accidentally deleting all the data. Well, to avoid losing the information again when we clone hard drives, one must be conscious of using the hard drive. Safety removal from the USB port can actually help those that are saved. Users normally get to have their data corrupted when they just remove the disk directly from the port.

Also, backing up the data or clone hard drive can be one's great idea to let all the information be secured. This can help in letting all the information be handled well to get to what was expected when information is suddenly lost.

What we should do when we lost important files during the hard drive clone

One can also find easier ways when the loss of files is inevitably encountered. The use of software can accessibly have all the information retrieved. Recoverit data recovery is a software that can help you in dealing with the recovery of the lost data.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

The Best Hard Drive Data Recovery Software

  • Recover lost or deleted files, photos, audio, music, emails from any storage device effectively, safely and completely.
  • Supports data recovery from recycle bin, hard drive, memory card, flash drive, digital camera, and camcorders.
  • Supports to recover data for sudden deletion, formatting, hard drive corruption, virus attack, system crash under different situations.

This hard drive recovery tool is really recommended for those that wanted to make the recovery easier. Because of its user-friendly interface, users can actually have a good way of working with the processes when it comes to recovering data.

There are only three steps in getting back all those data: Search, Preview, and Restore. These three steps can easily be done as the system will also guide you in working with the steps. For example, searching the files could be done by answering the security questions that are asked to the users. This is used to locate all those that have been accidentally deleted, corrupted, or hidden by the viruses while in your hard drive. It will include those that have been swiped out during accidental formatting.

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