Clone A Hard Drive on Windows 11

"I want to try out windows 11 on my PC to make sure all my applications, software, and more are functioning properly, so I'm thinking of dual booting my Window.

But to save my time, rather than installing the new win 11 version, I wondered if it was possible to clone my current Window then upgrade that to 11? I am confused! Will it work, and will my data be safe? Is there any method so that my files are not lost or deleted?"


Having a backup of your system is vital, but sometimes you might need to clone the drive for various reasons. Here cloning means, creating a copy of the original. It is a digital copy and allows you to switch the existing hard drive if some error occurs and restore your system immediately.

Suppose your system is running out of disk space, and you need to upgrade to a larger/newer hard drive or SSD for better system performance. In that case, one of the simplest and most effective methods is to clone Windows operating system with a built-in backup-restore feature or using disk cloning software.

In the post, we have provided our readers with two methods to clone a hard drive on windows 11. Scroll down and find out more information!

Method 1: Windows 11 Backup And Restore

There is a built-in backup-restore feature in Windows that you can use to create a hard drive clone, make a backup of Windows, or restore a previous version. However, if you want to save your important files/folder, follow the below step-by-step guide:

Step 1. Click on the window button on your Windows 11 System, Open "Control Panel," and click on the "Back and Restore (Windows 7)" option.

Control Panel

Step 2.Go to the "Create a System image" option from the left sidebar and select the drive on which you want to save the Backup:

  • On a hard disk,
  • On one more DVD, and
  • On a network location.
Create System Image

Step 3. Once you have selected the drive, the Windows will warn if the drive is not NTFS formatted. If that's the case, you can format the drive to NTFS. If not, then include the drive for Backup and click on the "Next" button.

Include the drive

Step 4. Now confirm the settings, and click on the "Start Backup" button. Once it finishes, unplug the external drive and store it at safe place.


Method 2: Third-Party Software

When you copy data from one hard drive to another under Windows 11, try disk clone software. One of the best disk cloning tools for Windows 11 is Wondershare UBackit. It backs up your files, folders, partition, hard disk, which you can use or restore later if you lose your system data.

Whether it is audio, photos, videos, or any other documents, this software supports a wide variety of files to Backup. However, this software has automatic backup time, so you don't have to worry about scheduling the Backup.

If you want to back up the files in Wondershare UBackit, download and install this tool in your system and follow the below step-by-step guide:

Step 1. Choose A Disk to Clone

Open the UBackit tool in the Windows 11 system, go to the "Backup & Restore" option from the sidebar, choose the drive to back up, and click on the "Select" button.

Choose Disk To Backup

Step 2. Select Backup Destination

Now choose the target location to restore the Backup. You can select any internal drive or connected external source where it will save the backup file. Then click on the "Backup" button.

Select Backup Destination

Step 3. Finish the Cloning Process

Wait for a while to complete the process. Then, the tool will display the progress of the disk backup process on the screen.

Finish cloning process

Once the procedure is finished, it will notify you. You can now view, restore, and manage your Backup from your UBackit dashboard.

View Restore Manage


Cloning will help you create a copy of hard drives to restore your data in case of system loss/deletion, or corruption. We have mentioned two methods for clone disk windows 11 free, in which selecting Wondershare UBackit to Backup and clone your files is the best. It's a simple process with a free download option. So, it is a chance to sit and relax. If you follow the above methods, you are always ready to handle your unwarned computer challenges.

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