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Running short of storage on your Samsung device HDD? In order to replace it with a new one or shift your data on SSD, you need a Samsung SSD backup software to clone HDD to SSD windows 7 or 10. This is the article that has everything you need to know.

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I will need to migrate OS/App/data from 1TB HDD to a 500GB SSD. Does the Samsung Migration software allow me to migrate data from a larger drive to a smaller volume IF the source's used data fit the capacity of the smaller volume? Please no guesses. Only answer if you know for certain, based on previous experience with this specific scenario, on this specific software. The laptop is not yet in my possession and the SSD is not yet purchased. If it ends up being necessary to purchase a larger 1TB capacity SSD, then other laptop upgrades must be eliminated, to balance the upgrade budget.

Cloning your HDD to SSD is sometimes an important task that you perform to secure your data and to create a backup that avoids any potential data loss. Faulty drives, bad sectors, or virus and malware attacks can cause data loss. If you clone HDD to SSD Windows 7 or 10, you can protect your data. If you are using a Samsung device, you surely need a Samsung SSD clone software for Samsung hard drive clone. This article is all about the ways you can proceed with the process of cloning by using Samsung clone software.

Cloning HDD to SSD requires a high-end Samsung SSD clone software for Samsung SSD backup. The software is a migration tool termed as Samsung data migration (SDM). Being a free tool for serving windows 10/8/7, it helps efficient migration of data and skips the step for reinstalling the OS and applications. But here comes a potential question.

Why do you even need to clone Samsung HDD to SSD?

As for the answer, here are some of the reasons.

  1. Your HDD is facing short comes while running the operating system in the hard disk drive.
  2. Fault hard disk drive due to bad sectors, physical damage, or virus or malware attacks that lead to an urge of sending your device to the repair center, you first have to clone the HDD to SSD.
  3. General backups are your goal. To protect your data, you have to create at least one clone copy at hand.
  4. In case, your device is connected to a loop of several devices in which you have to install the operating systems, a clone created on SSD can act as a source for the operating system.
  5. At times, when you are planning to sell your device and you need to create a copy of your important data, you can clone HDD to SSD Windows 7 or 10.

For all the above reasons, you have to clone HDD to SSD. This article will explain how you can achieve cloning. The following are the topics that would be discussed in detail.

Part 1: Samsung HDD to SSD Clone Software-Samsung Data Migration

As mentioned above, the software that is required to clone HDD to SSD windows 7 or 10 i.e. the Samsung SSD clone software is termed as Samsung data migration (SDM). Being a professional data backup tool, SDM allows you to transfer all the files and file systems from the existing HDD to a new Samsung SSD. Not only the files systems, the operating system of one device when cloned can be transferred to another device and skips the process of reinstalling. Even if you have a smaller Samsung SSD, you can still clone a larger HDD to it via SDM.

While using the SDM, here are some of the points that need to be pondered upon.

  1. Any data saved on the Samsung SSD prior cloning process should be backed up at first. In the process of cloning HDD to SSD, the data present on SSD would be deleted and cannot be recovered.
  2. This Samsung SSD clone software i.e. SDM is not at all an alternative for backup software. In case of any data loss, you need third-party data retrieval or backup software for recovering the data.
  3. In case, if the process of cloning fails, it is not going to affect the data presentation of the source disk i.e. HDD.
  4. Prior to cloning, make sure you have installed all the essential drivers i.e. Samsung NVMe Driver.

Once you have checked all the points, you are good to go for making a clone of HDD on Samsung SSD.

Part 2: Limitations of Samsung Data Migration

This Samsung backup software for windows 10 or Samsung backup software windows 7 i.e. SDM where on one hand is quite efficient in its process to clone HDD to SSD Windows 7 or 10, on another hand, it does carry certain limitations. Here are some of those short comes that may impede the process of cloning.

  1. SDM is only applicable for parts and types of Samsung SSD products. It is not appropriate for any device other than the Samsung products.
  2. The software does not clone the files that are currently running on the device i.e. any open files.
  3. In case, if they're more than one disk on your device, only the current system disk can be cloned via SDM.
  4. Sometimes, the SDM fails to clone the HDD to SSD, or it can be stuck with an error message i.e. Samsung data migration not responding. This preferably means you need other software support to clone the HDD to SSD.

Part 3: How to Clone Samsung HDD to SSD with Wondershare UBackit?

As mentioned above, in case, if the SDM fails to work on your Samsung SSD for making a clone of HDD, or it is stuck or not responding, or even if you are using products other than Samsung, you now need another strategy for cloning HDD to SSD. For this, you need a third-party application software i.e. a backup software to create a Samsung hard drive clone. Out of all, one of the potential third-party professional software in the market is Wondershare UBackit.

Wondershare UBackit is an all professional tool used for free disk cloning and like the SDM it does support Samsung SDD along with all other devices and products. Similar to an operation like SDM, it helps to clone the HDD to SSD and eliminates the step of reinstalling the operating system or applications. High on data security, you can easily transfer all data without any data loss. Moreover, with hot clone technology, you are allowed to use your device while the software will proceed with the process of cloning. The software provides certain efficient features like resizing of partitions, aligning of partition, and sector by sector cloning.

Here are the steps to use the software.

Step 1 Launch And Install Wondershare UBackit

launch ubackit

Step 2 Select A Disk to Clone

From the list of the available drives, just choose the drive to back up (like C/D/E/F) and click on the “Select” button.

select hard disk

Step 3 Select Backup Destination

It is advised that you choose a brand new external hard drive to store the backup data and settings. Also, ensure that the storage space is big enough to load the whole disk.

choose backup destination

Step 4 Complete the Cloning Process

After clicking on the “Backup” button, you can just sit back, and wait for a while. The application will display the progress of the disk backup process on the screen.

start the disk mirror backup process

In the end, UBackit will inform you once the Disk Backup process is completed. You can now view, restore, and manage your backup from your UBackit dashboard.

completes the disk clone process

When the backup process is finished, you can choose to "Set Auto Backup" to release you from backup worries. Just click on "Settings", you can backup your hard disk daily, weekly, monthly, or even non-stop.

Hence, be it any of your reasons for cloning the HDD to Samsung SSD windows 7 or 10, this article explained all about the SDM (Samsung data migration) i.e. the Samsung SSD backup software. It easily helps to clone the HDD to Samsung SSD to avoid any data loss or reinstalling the operating systems and applications. Dealing with certain drawbacks or limitations associated with SDM, here in this article, a powerful alternative in the form of Wondershare UBackit. It is a third-party application software to clone HDD to SSD for Samsung as well as products belonging to others. Packed with super features, it helps to edit the size of partitions. It also provides an option for the sector to sector cloning and also assists in aligning the partition to optimize SSD. O in case you are targeting or disk cloning and your SDM mechanism fail to work, you exactly know that Wondershare UBackit is going to facilitate you similarly and you can end up creating a clone of HDD to SSD.

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