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How to Restore Missing AppData Folder in Windows 10/11

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Jan 24, 2024 • Filed to: Recover Files • Proven solutions

Sometimes malware, viruses, etc., enter the computer through the internet or by hackers, which may delete some of your files. If you are also across such a situation, then this blog will resolve your query.

In your Windows PC, there is an app by default named Code42, which backs up a User folder. There is an AppData folder in the User folder, which has multiple files that keep refreshing constantly. In some cases, your backup may not be completely strong. Many users come across situations where there is no AppData folder Windows 10/11.

In the following article, we will know more about AppData and what it is. Most application files and downloaded apps are stored here, and sometimes you will see the AppData folder missing. We will check out how to restore the missing folder in your Windows 10/11 PC.

What is the AppData Folder on Windows?

Most default apps in Windows and other downloaded applications store all settings and data in the AppData folder. You will find the information required by apps, custom settings, temporary files, cache and bookmarked websites, configuration files for various applications, etc. This folder is hidden, and its location is in the C drive, in the Users folder. As it is a hidden folder, you will have to unhide it before it is visible.

If a PC is used by multiple people, then each user has his own AppData folder with unique data and content. For instance, if your Username is Monty, your AppData will have the following location: C:\Users\Monty\AppData. You can open the Address Bar and enter this address or unhide hidden folders to view the AppData folder. You can view the AppData folder using some simple steps, but sometimes users can’t find AppData folder Windows 10/11 because of various reasons.

Why can’t I find my AppData Folder?

Sometimes malware, viruses, etc., enter the computer through the internet or by hackers, which may delete some of your files. People accidentally delete some files and folders unknowingly and realize it later. Remember, AppData is a hidden folder, so you need to unhide it before it is visible. However, sometimes even after unhiding, you will locate the folder.

Some users have also reported that they were able to access the subfolders and other content in the AppData folder through the Search Box, but the folder itself was not visible to them. Even after enabling Show Hidden Folders, the problem wasn’t solved. In some cases, you can restore the missing AppData folder by yourself, while in some cases, a data recovery tool helps you to restore lost or deleted folders for you.

AppData Not Showing up? How to Find AppData Folder?

We have already read about what AppData is and where to find it. If you have never opened the folder before then, you can unhide it from the folder settings, and it will become visible. However, if you can not find the folder even after unhiding, then it is possible that the folder is deleted or missing from your Windows PC. There are various ways that can be used to restore the AppData folder and make it visible again. Let us take a look at some fixes for the Windows 10/11 AppData folder missing issue.

Fix 1: Try to Open AppData Folder from Run

One of the most used and easiest ways to find and restore the AppData folder in Windows 10/11 is by using the Run function. It will help you run the folder using system variables. Also, it is a basic function, and anyone with basic knowledge of computers can do it.

Step 1: Open Windows Search and search for Run or press the Windows Key + R to start the Run application.

Step 2: A text box will appear on the screen. Enter inside the folder %AppData% and click on OK to run the process.

Step 3: You will be directly redirected to the roaming folders that are a part of the AppData folder.

This is a simple and tried, and trusted fix if you are unable to view the AppData folder. View the folder using the Run application.

Fix 2: Unhide AppData in Windows 10/11

Sometimes while freeing up space in the C drive, users delete the AppData folder by mistake. But, if you have never opened the folder before, chances are it is just hidden and not deleted. In Windows 10/11, it’s easy to unhide the folder and make it visible.

Step 1: Open the main C drive that has Windows installed in it.

Step 2: Search for or open C:/users/Username to open your User folder that stores your data and application files.

Step 3: There is a View button on the top of the screen. Click on it and then select Hidden items from the various options. You can view your hidden files and folders, including your AppData folder.

Always remember that the AppData folder is hidden by default, and it will be visible only when you unhide hidden folders.

Fix 3: Try Data Recovery Software to restore the lost AppData Folder

If the AppData folder is lost or deleted from your PC, then you will need to use Data Recovery Software to get the deleted folder and files back. Wondershare Recoverit is an amazing tool that will allow you to recover videos, photos, and all other types of files easily. Let’s check out how to use it.

Step 1: Install and Run Recoverit on your PC

Download Wondershare Recoverit and begin installation on your computer. Click on the icon or search to run it and start the recovery process.

Step 2: Select a Location to run the scan

Choose the location where the tool will run a scan to restore files. As you want to recover the AppData folder, you should choose C drive as the location.


Step 3: Start the Scan

Click on Start once you have chosen the location, and Recoverit will scan the entire folder for lost files and other data. It takes different times based on the size of the drive and the size of the data in the folder.


Step 4: Check out a Preview

Recoverit will find the AppData folder for you along with anything else you want. You can check a preview of the recovered files also.


Step 5: Recover the Folder and Save it

After you see a preview and are satisfied, click on the Recover button. When asked, choose a location to save the recovered files. Enter the location, and the recovery process will be complete.


The Bottom Line

The AppData folder contains many important files and other application data. It’s hidden, and you should unhide it to make it visible. But, if the folder is deleted, you need to use a data recovery tool. Wondershare Repairit is one of the best tools to solve the app data folder missing issue. Install it now and recover any file or folder you have lost.

People Also Ask

Why is AppData hidden?

AppData has some essential data, and app developers use it to store files and other things required to run the applications. Therefore, it is hidden by default, and you can view it after unhiding hidden folders.

Should I delete the AppData folder?

No, do not delete the AppData folder in your Windows 10/11 PC because it has many important files and data needed to run applications and other processes.

What is stored in AppData roaming?

The roaming AppData folder is used mainly for important data and settings. It has data that would transfer with a User account from one PC to the next one he uses. Roaming is a subfolder that has all data specific to your account.

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