LG Data Recovery: How to Recover Deleted Files & Photos from LG Phone

It would be not hard to recover deleted or lost data from LG cell phone. This post will tell you how it extremely easy by LG Backup and LG recovery tool.

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Can I retrieve deleted photos from my LG phone?

I didn't know what's taking space on my LG K10 phone, but it was full and unavailable for taking pictures. I cleared my pictures and found some important images were also gone. They are related to my work. I NEED THEM! Is there any tool helping me with LG phone data recovery? Help!

Can you recover deleted files from LG cell phones?

Sometimes you can recover deleted files from LG cell phones, while sometimes you can't. What's the rule? There isn't one. It just depends on where you delete or format the files and what you've done after the accident. If you also have needs of cell phone data recovery, like a Nokia phone, BlackBerry cell phone recovery, or any Andoird phones, we are gonna talk about below. You can get 2 solutions to recover any files from LG cell phones or other mobile phones.

Solution 1: How to Recover Deleted Messages and Files from LG Backup

LG Backup is the file backup and restores service preloaded on your LG cell phone. It can help you regularly make some copies of your LG phone data, including the files, pictures, messages, contacts, downloads, bookmarks, and the configured settings.

How to do the LG backup? The process is like the route: Apps > Settings > General > Backup & reset > LG Backup > Backup & restore > Back up data. You can select the phone's internal storage and also the SD card as the destination to store backups.

When you find the files and photos deleted by accident, how can you recover files from your LG phone? Usually, as long as you have backed up the LG phone data, you can restore files from LG Backup. The LG recovery process is similar to the backup process.

Restart your mobile phone, and usually, the files can be recovered. If it fails or you have no LG data backups, move on to the next section. It will tell you how to recover deleted files from LG phone SD card in 3 steps.

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