Ways to Format SD Card on Mac

Formatting an SD card on Mac should not be something you regularly do but sometimes, it becomes necessary. A corrupt SD card is the most likely reason you would want to format it. You can find the safest ways to format your SD card right here.

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Like it or not, you’ll have to format your SD card sooner or later because, like any other storage device, SD cards are susceptible to being corrupt. Thus, the question is less about whether you need to format your SD card and more about how to go about doing it.

With that out of the way, can your Mac effectively format an SD card? Well, duh! Macs are some of the most powerful computers in the modern world. Do you really think they can’t handle formatting SD cards?

In all seriousness though, your Mac is the perfect tool you can use to safely format your SD card, and this article will show the many ways you can do it.

Part 1: Situations When Formatting SD Card on Mac

It’s not always advisable for you to constantly format your SD card. Then again, in certain situations, that’s the only way to save the SD card from damage and guarantee you won’t lose your files in the coming future. But what does it mean to format an SD card? It is the same as deleting?

No, there’s a stark difference, though you might not be aware. Formatting an SD card is a considerably more thorough way of getting rid of files in your SD card. Formatting cleans the SD card of any potential errors that could lead to data corruption and loss of data in the long run.

As reluctant as you may be to format your SD card on Mac, there’s a wealth of reasons why it’s a good idea. Don’t shy away from doing it, and the list below will explain why.

Part 6: How to Fix SD Card Format Errors

Fixing your SD card doesn’t necessarily require you to take a trip to an expert. It’s something you can do on your own. But each error might require a different approach, so pay attention.

Solution 1: SD Card Switch

There’s a tiny switch on some SD cards that can be used to prevent them from saving files. This means the cards have been locked into “read-only”. You can’t write to the card while it’s in this state, so your solution could be as simple as you switching the slider on the card from “locked” to “unlocked.”


Solution 2: Properly Insert the Card

Insert your SD card merely halfway into the slot and you can expect to face problems. It can even damage the card, or show you errors you’ve never seen before. Push the card so it’s snug, but don’t push too hard or too far in.


Solution 3: Use Disk Utility

Disk Utility can be used to format SD cards as well as repair their errors. That is why Mac users the world over regard it as an indispensable tool for them.

1. Click “Go” from the “Finder” menu, then click ‘Utilities.”

2. Choose your SD from the list of hard drives to the left.

3. Select “First Aid” located at the top of the Disk Utility window.

4. Click “Run.” Any errors found will be automatically fixed.


Part 7: How to Use an SD Card on a Mac

Using an SD card on Mac is little different from using it on any other operating system. The one thing that might seem new to you will be the icon of the SD card because it looks different from what you see on Windows. The icon will be displayed on your Mac’s desktop Conversely, it’s even easier to recognize this icon on Mac for what it is. This is so because it’s a more faithful interpretation of the real thing than what you see on Windows. Have a look below.


1. Insert the Sd card into your Mac. Your macOS will recognize it and assign a drive to it. Open up “Finder.”

2. On the left, you will see a list of the devices connected to your Mac. Your SD card will be one of them (it will also appear on your desktop). Click on it.

3. The contents of the SD card will be displayed on a large pane/window to the right.

4. Use the SD card however you want to. Copy files to it or copy files from it. The choice is yours.


Ejecting the SD Card

This is quite easy. It’s just like deleting files on Mac. Just drag the SD card icon you see on your desktop into your “Trash.” After that, you can safely remove the SD card from the slot. Easy as pie.


Closing Words

SD cards are great, but convenience doesn’t equal invulnerability, so you can’t expect them to be free of the many issues which storage devices suffer. Physical damage, accidental formatting, and corruption can all render an SD card ineffective.

The worst part is not the damage to the SD card, though that’s still unsavory; rather the loss of the files on the card. You can buy new cards to replace the damaged ones but once certain files are lost, money can do very little to get then back.

Recoverit steps in to solve this problem. It discards complicated data recovery procedures for a simple 3-step solution that always gets the job done. You can wrong with many things, but never with Recoverit.

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