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What's the Best SD Card for DJI Camera Drone

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Jan 15, 2024 • Filed to: Photo/Video/Audio Solutions • Proven solutions

DJI drone

With the recent surge in interest for fly cams, quadcopters, or camera drones, people can now get a bird's eye view of their surroundings. There are several such devices to choose from, but the competition has thus far been dominated by the DJI Mavic Mini and Osmo.

To many users, the size of these devices is their winning factor. That may be true, but compactness and functionality won't mean anything if you don't have a place to store videos, don't you think? That's were SD cards come into play.

A wonderful memory card plays a very important role for any Drone camera users, in case of insufficient data storage, video corruption, file loss, or memory card errors. Both of these cameras are compatible with several SD cards, but you only want the best of the best, don't you?

Part 1: Best SD Cards for Mavic Mini and Osmo

The Mavic Mini and Osmo are powerful devices, so it only stands to reason that they utilize powerful storage media. And what exactly does that mean? Is there a benchmark you should be aiming for? Yes, there is.

For an SD card to work flawlessly with the aforementioned devices, you need to watch out for its storage space, quality, speed, class, and durability. Each is a criterion you should not ignore, but once you get an SD card that meets these requirements, you can slot it into your Mavic Mini or Osmo without worry something will go wrong.

The first and most important factor that should influence your decision when purchasing an SD card for your camera is its size or capacity. SD cards for the Mavic Mini and Osmo should ALWAYS be on the larger side (a maximum of 256GIG is recommended, but certain users have been able to use SD cards of about 400GIG with no issues whatsoever).

The 5 SD cards listed below are excellent and can easily meet the requirements; the slight differences between them don't hamper their efficiency or durability. Each was selected based on quality and patronage, so decide which of them suits your preference or needs the most and pick it.

1. SanDisk 128GB Extreme A2 V30 Micro SD - 160MB/s

SanDisk 128GB

This SD card has great write speeds clocking 160MB/s and 90MB/s. This SanDisk Extreme A2 V30SD is the favorite of many an Osmo or Mavic Mini users around the world. For one, it's highly recommended and it receives universal acclaim. All this means you can use your DJI Mavic Mini and Osmo to full potential because the SD card can handle whatever you throw at it.

2. Integral 64GB UltimaPRO Premium Micro SD - 100MB/s


Cheap doesn't always equal poor quality; this is certainly the case with the UltimaPRO Premium Micro SD card from Integral. It's more affordable than the other four on this list but it doesn't trade its speed and quality for the lower price; indeed, it can write at speeds that clock 100MB/s and 70MB/s.

3. MyMemory 256GB V30 PRO Micro SD - 100MB/s


True to its name, the PRO Endurance exhibits a remarkable resistance against wear that stems from perpetual writing and overwriting of data. The SD card's innovative NAND technology also makes it nearly impervious to cycles of recording. Samsung doesn't kid around when it comes to quality and durability, and this is evident in the PRO Endurance.

4. SanDisk 32GB Extreme Action Camera Micro SD - 100MB/s


If you're looking for an SD card that's pretty much everything-proof, look no further than here. The SanDisk Extreme V30 Action Camera Micro SD is water, temperature, x-ray, and shockproof (see what we mean?). With this SD card, you never have to worry about how safe your videos or pictures are regardless of how extreme the conditions of the place you're shooting in.

5. MyMemory 256GB V30 PRO Micro SD - 100MB/s


With this SD card snug inside your Mavic Mini or Osmo, you can take thousands of photos and record hours' worth of videos and still have the space to store more. The MyMemory V30 PRO negates the need for you to constantly switch out numerous memory cards because you already have one that can store all the content you could need. And don't forget its remarkable performance means it will streamline the process of writing data.

Part 2: How to Recover Photos and Videos from Mavic Mini and Osmo

Recovering lost data from SD cards is an issue that's perpetually troubling users of camera drones and action cameras; matter of fact, it plaques anyone who uses an SD card in any kind of device. The only good thing here is there are now powerful tools out there capable of recovering the data you lost. Ever heard of Recoverit Data Recovery? You should have because Recoverit has always been a household name in the realm of data recovery.

Recoverit Data Recovery is a cross-platform software developed to tackle the most demanding data recovery needs. If you've lost data on your hard drive, pen drive, SD card, or any storage media, Recoverit is your guaranteed solution to get that data back; your Mavic Mini and Osmo SD cards are not exceptions too. Did you lose all your pictures and videos due to a corrupt SD card or other technical woes? Recoverit can get all of them back for you.

1. Recoverit's Unique and Important Features

  • There are dozens of file types out there and major file systems utilized by a myriad of storage devices, and Recoverit was designed to support and accommodate all these major-and even minor-file types and file systems (NTFS, FAT, APFS, etc.). The fact this software also compatible with macOS is just one more feature that consolidates its credibility.
  • It matters little whether you want to recover data from a pen drive, flash drive, hard drive, SD card, microSD card, solid-state drive, and pretty much any other media device; Recoverit was built from the ground up to be compatible with all types of storage media.
  • Recoverit has, since inception, maintained a successful data recovery success rate which only keeps increasing at an exponential rate. There are currently over 5,000,000 active Recoverit users and satisfied customers; that's a very telling number. Reaching it was only possible because users were able to recover data regardless of how they lost it: Accidental formatting, virus attack, corrupt operating system, file deletion, etc.

2. 3 Simple Steps on SD Card Video Recovery

Okay, now that you know about Recoverit's main features, it's time you learned how to use it. Don't worry, it's the easiest thing ever.

Step 1: Select an SD Card

Launch Recoverit and look under "External Devices". Your SD card will be there. Select it and click "Start".

recover videos from sd card

Step 2: Scan Your SD Card

Recoverit will initiate a scan on the card. As it was hinted at earlier, you'll have great features you can use to streamline the scan and recovery process. For instance, you can simply tick the file types you want to recover instead of everything.

sd card video recovery

Step 3: Preview and Recover SD Card Data

The conclusion of the scan will reveal a long list of the files the software found. Recovering them is just a matter of you selecting all the files or specific ones and clicking "Recover". The files will all be retrieved and saved on any location of your choice. Just be cautious and don't save the files on the same SD card.

recover videos from DJI sd card

Step 4: Perform advanced video recovery

If you have lost your videos and can't find them with the standard recovery method, then you can try the Advanced Video Recovery feature of Recoverit. It will perform a deep scan on the system and will let you get back heavy or complex videos with its advanced splicing algorithm. You can find it at the bottom left corner of the program interface.

advanced video recovery

Step 5: Preview and recover

Simply wait for a while as the Deep Scan will take more time to merge and splice the video fragments to recover them.

The application will display the results of the Advanced Video Recovery and will let you preview them. You can look for specific videos and view them on the interface of Recoverit. Select the videos that you wish to save and click on the "Recover" button.

advanced video recovery success

See how simple using Recoverit is? You just launch it, make a few clicks and your lost files will be reunited with you once more!

3. Why Recoverit Can Recover Mavic Mini and Osmo Files

The data recovery process is no doubt a complex procedure but you don't have to worry about all that. Many complex elements within Recoverit work together to give you excellent data recovery but when you're the one to execute the action, the software harmonizes them for you so you only need to click a few buttons in no more than 3 steps to recover all your data.

Find your recovered videos corrupted or broken? It is because your deleted or lost videos are corrupted originally or become broken during the loss. But don't worry. It's an easy job. This guide must help you: How to Repair Recovered Video Files?

4. Complete Video Guide on DJI Video Recovery

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Purchasing a DJI Mavic Mini or Osmo is only the first step because you won't enjoy using either camera without an SD card that can guarantee the safety of your files. Knockoffs are everywhere (both in markets and online stores) so always be wary of the SD cards being advertised to you before you buy them.

Find your DJI camera video file goes corrupt? Don't worry. This guide must help you: How to Fix Common Video Errors?

If the worst does happen, Recoverit can pull you out of the mess you got yourself in. All you have to do is taking the 3 above-mentioned steps. Effortless and effective. That's all and you're done!

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