How to Enable Restore Option When System Restore Not Working

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There have been complaints of system restore not working on Windows 10, and through this article, we wish to address the issue. System Restore is very critical to every user due to the flexibility it offers, and therefore, system restore not working can pose a serious problem to the functioning of your PC. We deal with the issue of system restore not working step by step in the following article.

Why should I be worried about System Restore not working?

To address this question, you first need to understand what System Restore actually is. To start with, System restore is useful when the computer files have to be restored to an earlier point in time. This is particularly useful because the features reverses the changes you made to your computer without impacting your personal and critical data like emails, medial files, or documents. Therefore, system restore not working should be a serious cause of concern.

What can cause the issue of System Restore not working?

system restore not working

System restore not working can be frustrating for any user. Also, it becomes more troubling if one is not aware of the issue. Here, we take a look at the instances when system restore comes in handy.

What is System Protection?

System Protection is a feature used by System Restore which enables it to save "˜restore points' on your computer. The points contain critical information like registry settings and other crucial information for the Windows to function. These points can also be created manually. This one of the reason that "˜system restore' not working can be a serious hindrance to your work.

What are System Image Backups?

System Image backups are critical to System restore and are stored on the hard disks. It is important to note that even though the System Image Backups contain both system files and personal data, System Restore doesn't cause any change in the data files. This is another aspect where system restore not working can be worrying as the System Image backups are important in the working sector. However, System Restore is different from System Image Backups due to the nature of data contained within them.

What are the first steps to take when System Restore not working?

Here are a few steps that you can start with in case you face the issue of system restore not working.

Enabling System Restore in Windows 10 when System Restore not working:

There can be instances when you have accidentally disabled the system restore option. In the following steps, we shall discuss how to enable the system restore option in Windows 10.

1. Right click on Start and open the WinX menu. This is done to check if the System Restore is enabled or not. You have to click on "˜System' to access the Control Panel's System applet.

system restore not working 01

2. System Protection would appear in the left pane. System Properties would open upon clicking it. Protection Settings would appear under the Protection tab.

3. The next step in solving the issue of "˜system restore' not working involves ensuring that the Protection is set to "˜On' for the System Drive.

4. If it is not set to on, select the System Drive or C Drive and click on the Configure button. This would lead to the following window to open.

system restore not working 02

5. You then need to "˜Turn on the system protection' and select "˜Apply'.

6. This should enable the System Restore option on Windows 10.

However, this doesn't complete the process of solving the issue of "˜system restore' not working. You are then required to a create system restore point.

How to Create a "˜System Restore' Point?

The following steps help you to create a system restore point. This is the final step in solving the issue of "˜System restore' not working.

1. In Windows 10, the OS creates the restore points automatically; therefore, you do not have to go through any hassles. Simply open the "˜Control Panel' and type "˜System Restore' in the search box.

create a system restore step 1

2. You are then required to click on "˜Create a restore point'. This will lead to the opening of "˜System Properties' box.

create a system restore step 2

3. You will be then asked to give a name after clicking on "˜Create', and the "˜System Protection box' will open.

create a system restore step 3

4. For instance, we choose to name the restore point, "˜TWC', and click on "˜Create'. In less than a minute, the process would be completed. In the meanwhile, the screen will display the message, "˜Creating a restore point'.

create a system restore step 4

5. Once the process is completely done, you shall see the message "˜The restore point was created successfully'.

create a system restore step 5

6. Finish by clicking on "˜Close'. You can now use this point for your System Restore.

As we see above, tackling the issue of "˜System Restore' not working. The system restore point that has been created can be used for the restoring your computer during an error.

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